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PMG Chapter 541: The Beautiful Scenery

PMG Chapter 541: The Beautiful Scenery

“Is there a cultivation room we could use?” asked Lin Feng while shaking his head. He couldn’t do it in the courtyard.

“We don’t have a cultivation room here. If you need one, we can go to my bedroom,” said Huo Shi Yun looking extremely shy. After all, inviting a boy in her room was an embarrassing thing. 

“Alright,” replied Lin Feng without thinking too much, he just nodded.

The two of them entered the room, it smelt nice, the smell wasn’t strong but it was delicate and subtle. It was different from Duan Xin Ye’s room though, in any case, it was pleasant too. 

“In this world, women’s bedroom smell so good…” thought Lin Feng. In this world, women didn’t put on a lot of makeup or use cosmetics, they didn’t even buy things to decorate their rooms, which were usually plain and simple, however, their smell was pure and pleasant while their rooms were calm and relaxing. 

“Lin Feng, what should I do now?” asked Huo Shi Yun.

“Sit down. I practice a fire skill, I will see if I can use it to make the ice Qi in your body come out,” said Lin Feng.

Huo Shi Yun looked at Lin Feng while smiling wryly and shook her head, “Lin Feng, it’s useless… My clan also practices fire skills, including the nine suns skill…. The ice energy in my body was caused by the nine moons skill of the Yuan Clan, besides, that ice technique is stronger than my father’s nine suns skill, much stronger, he cannot make it come out either.” 

“Nine suns… Nine moons…” whispered Lin Feng, those attacks sounded similar.

“Yes, nine suns, nine moons,” said Huo Shi Yun, she understood what Lin Feng was thinking about and immediately explained, “Before, my clan was extremely powerful thanks to its nine suns skill. In Celestial Dragon, we were considered as cultivation masters. However, there is another clan, they are also doctors and they also used to practice similar skills. Before my clan managed to keep them under control and suppress them, they were called the Yuan Clan.”

“My clan, however, recently started to decline and the Yuan Clan obtained something incredible, their spirit started changing and they started mixing moon and sun skills, they could thus practice fire and ice skills at the same time. They have become extremely powerful. Besides, they named their ice technique ‘nine moons’ as a way to humiliate us and our nine suns skills.” 

“Mixing moon and sun skills…!” Lin Feng was stupefied. Those had totally antagonistic properties… It resembled Lin Qian’s universal fire and ice spirit, that kind of ability was indeed terrifying. 

“The Yuan Clan wants to fight against your Huo Clan, but why don’t you attack first? And why do you have that ice in your body?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng felt sad for her. 

“They don’t simply want to remove us, they want to replace us. The Yuan Clan wants to swallow the Huo Clan but that’s not the main reason, what they really want is to steal two of our treasures.” 

Huo Shi Yun looked sad and desperate, she was talking slowly, “Besides, the Yuan Clan has a young genius, he’s monstrously strong, he’s even considered as such in the entire empire. That genius is respected by everybody and will even be participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He’s the one who put that ice Qi in my body, and my father can’t cure me.” 

“What a cruel person. He’s really abominable,” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Shi Yun smiled wryly but didn’t say much apart from, “Lin Feng, I’m telling you, there is a small chance of you being able to cure me.”

Lin Feng smiled. In her eyes, if her father couldn’t cure her, then no one could, especially a little cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer like Lin Feng. She was being tactful by telling him that there was almost no hope, how could Lin Feng’s fire help her?

“If we don’t try, how can we know?” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. If he couldn’t cure her with his fire, then he would try to help her with his celestial fangs spirit. 

“Alright then,” said Huo Shi Yun while nodding. Even though she thought Lin Feng couldn’t help her, she still thought that she should let Lin Feng try. She couldn’t refuse, it would mean that she didn’t trust him and that wouldn’t be too courteous, it would probably make him sad.

“Sit down,” said Lin Feng. Huo Shi Yun nodded and sat down cross-legged on the couch. Lin Feng went behind her and said, “Use your nine suns skill as well, we will mix both of our fire skills.” 

“Alright,” Huo Shi Yun nodded and Lin Feng started using his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill behind her. A terrifying fire appeared. 

Huo Shi Yun’s eyes were closed. Even though the window was closed, it still seemed as if rays of sunlight were coming through and moving towards her body, it looked dangerous and strange. 

“Ehhh!” Huo Shi Yun cried out in surprise, Lin Feng’s palms were on her back, in a flash, a terrifying fire Qi penetrated her body and started flowing inside. Lin Feng’s fire Qi suddenly caused the Qi of her nine suns skill to flow chaotically. Lin Feng’s fire and her fire weren’t of the same level!

“Huh??” Huo Shi Yun was surprised. Lin Feng’s fire was monstrously strong and scorching hot. The fire Qi from her nine suns skill should have merged with the other one properly and should have made her feel very comfortable. However, what was happening at that moment was entirely different, she wasn’t feeling that great, it was extremely hot and she had the impression she was going to burn, it was scary. It was exceeding what she could endure.

“Bzzz…” Suddenly a flame appeared on her body, it looked like she was burning! 

The astonished Huo Shi Yun touched her face. Her face was turning red, it was burning. She was in the middle of a fire, she had the impression that she was going to turn into ashes.

Huo Shi Yun looked lithe and graceful, she was beautiful, the flames which surrounded her body made her even more alluring. Lin Feng’s hands were still on her back which made her face even redder. It almost made her forget that she actually was in the middle of a fire. 

“Keep focused, don’t worry, let the fire eliminate the ice,” said Lin Feng in Huo Shi Yun’s ear, which made her shiver. Her facial expression kept changing over and over again. At that moment, her clothes had completely burnt, they had turned into ashes. Her beautiful body was completely exposed. How could she remain focused?

“Crrr.. Crrr…” The sound of the fire kept spreading in the atmosphere, Huo Shi Yun was surprised. Lin Feng’s hands kept releasing some fire Qi which penetrated into her body and collided with the ice Qi, which was continuously expelled out of her body. 

Huo Shi Yun nibbled on her lip and kept her eyes closed. She tried to concentrate to fully absorb Lin Feng’s fire.

The room was filled with fire Qi and there was a beautiful light in the middle, the scenery looked incredible.

After a while, some ice Qi appeared in the room, besides, that ice Qi kept increasing in the atmosphere, it had all been expelled out of Shi Yun’s body 

Lin Feng’s cosmos-burning sun skill was able to use the strength of the sun to control the ice Qi, even though Lin Feng’s cultivation level wasn’t high, he had still managed to do it. 

“Pfeww…. How hot!” Huo Shi Yun’s face was very red, even her beautiful white skin was red, she also looked very shy but particularly bewitching and captivating at that moment. 

“Hold on, wait a little bit more! We need to take it out entirely, otherwise it will continue corroding your body!” said Lin Feng. At that moment, his eyes were open and he could see her beautiful naked body, he felt strange. 

“Alright,” said Huo Shi Yun while nodding. She let Lin Feng continue, fire Qi kept entering her body. 


In the main hall, Huo Jiu Yang was sitting, while the others felt anxious. Lin Feng and Huo Shi Yun had been away for a while now so they couldn’t calm down anymore, they were wondering what was going on. 

“Brother, how can you trust a little boy of the first Xuan Qi layer?” said the second elder in an ice-cold way. 
“Don’t worry, since he wanted to try, I let him try and not get involved,” said Huo Jiu Yang. He then shook his head and added, “I am not certain he can do it, he has only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, it will definitely not be easy for him to succeed. However, we have no choice but to hope for a miracle to happen, otherwise, we will have to submit to the Yuan Clan. 

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