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PMG Chapter 542: Unreasonable and Impertinent Behavior

PMG Chapter 542: Unreasonable and Impertinent Behavior

Huo Shi Yun was still in her room and it was still very hot, however, it was gradually getting less and less intense. Huo Shi Yun grabbed a blanket on the couch and covered her body with it, but her shoulders were still exposed and her skin shone in a particular way. She looked extremely attractive at first glance, especially since she also looked a bit shy, that made her look even more bewitching. Lin Feng was particularly aroused.

“Lin Feng, thank you.” said Huo Shi Yun while holding the blanket with both her hands and looking at Lin Feng. Her cheeks were red and she was blushing. Lin Feng’s body felt tense and rigid, his heart was pounding.

No problem, I also did it for the jades.” Thought Lin Feng, but he didn’t say it. He then stood up and left the room while saying: “I’ll be outside waiting for you.” 

Outside, he took a deep breath of air and smiled wryly, it was so difficult for him to control himself when facing such a beautiful woman. 

Huo Shi Yun looked at Lin Feng leave and smiled in a magnificent way. She then put the blanket away and looked for clothes she liked. 

Lin Feng waited outside for a terribly long time but finally saw Huo Shi Yun come out of her room, she was walking slowly.

At that moment, she hadn’t put makeup on but she had washed herself. She was wearing her hair in a bun and her face looked delicate and beautiful. She also looked a bit shy, her cheeks were red.

Besides, she was wearing a purple cheong sam and smelled very good. Lin Feng looked at her neck and then his eyes followed it downwards, looking at her cleavage. He wanted to see more, so he continued looking down and looked at her long skirt. He wanted to see what was under, he was aroused.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Huo Shi Yun when she saw that Lin Feng was staring at her. She lowered her head too, she felt embarrassed and her cheeks became even redder. 

“Ehhh….” Lin Feng was stunned and smiled wryly. Huo Shi Yun was way too attractive at that moment. She was already very beautiful before, but now she looked seductive as well, especially with that skirt and that cleavage. Lin Feng had the feeling he was drowning in that cleavage, and he wished he could hide in it. She was definitely what could be called a femme fatale. 

“I’m sorry for my lack of manners.” apologized Lin Feng while shaking his head and smiling wryly. He had seen many beautiful women in his life and surprisingly he was still losing his concentration in front of her. She just looked too captivating. 

“No problem.” said Huo Shi Yun while shaking her head. She then took out a sachet and handed it over to Lin Feng while saying: “Those are the jades, they are for you, I don’t need them anymore. I hope you will be able to cure your friend.” 

Lin Feng accepted the sachet and said to Huo Shi Yun, while smiling: “Thank you, Miss Huo.” 

When she heard Lin Feng call her “Miss Huo”, she suddenly looked extremely sad and said: “Call me Shi Yun, alright Lin Feng? I’m not used to hearing “Miss Huo””. 

Lin Feng said: “Shi Yun!” 

When she heard that, Huo Shi Yun smile in a warm and gentle way and said: “Let’s go tell my father the good news. He’s been waiting for a while now.”

“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. Then he followed her to the big hall. 

At that moment, in the hall, Huo Jiu Yang was sitting and knocking frantically on a table out of nervousness. 

“Brother, let Huo Yun go and see.” said the second elder. Huo Jiu Yang looked pensive for a few seconds and said: “Alright, but don’t disturb them.”  

“Don’t worry, uncle.” said Huo Yun while nodding. She turned around and left the hall but at the moment when she arrived outside, she saw Lin Feng and Huo Shi Yun walk towards her, they were walking slowly.

At that moment, Huo Shi Yun had changed her clothes and looked extremely beautiful. 

“Shi Yun!” Huo Jiu Yang’s silhouette flickered and he appeared outside. When he saw his daughter, he was stupefied, he looked at her and frowned discontentedly. Why was she wearing such provocative clothes? 

Hadn’t she asked Lin Feng to cure her?

When Huo Shi Yun saw those eyes stare at her, she lowered her head in a timid way, making her look even more suspicious! 

Huo Jiu Yang looked at Lin Feng in an angry way, had he slept with his daughter?? 

“Shi Yun, what is going on?!” asked Huo Jiu Yang. Huo Shi Yun raised her head and said: “Father, Lin Feng managed to cure me. I have no more ice Qi in my body.” 

“Oh?” Huo Jiu Yang, the second elder and Huo Yun were all astonished, even Huo Jiu Yang had been unable to cure her, but Lin Feng had managed to do it?

Huo Jiu Yang’s silhouette flickered and he landed next to Huo Shi Yun, he then touched her arm and his pupils shrank. 

Indeed, there was no more ice Qi in her body, it even seemed like her Nine Suns skill had become stronger. 

Huo Jiu Yang was surprised and stared at Lin Feng. In fact, he couldn’t imagine how Lin Feng had done it. Initially, he had absolutely no hope, he thought he could let Lin Feng try but that nothing would happen. 

It disappeared…” thought Huo Jiu Yang, then he looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Are you an alchemist?” 

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng nodding. Huo Jiu Yang remained silent, he didn’t ask too much, Lin Feng had cured his daughter, that was enough. 

Huo Shi Yun looked at Lin Feng but said nothing, words wouldn’t come out. 

Even though Lin Feng was an alchemist, he hadn’t used a pill to cure her. He could have only used a skill. In the end he had to use his Celestial Fangs spirit to swallow the ice Qi lingering in the room. 

Huo Shi Yun was still astonished. Lin Feng’s spirit was so powerful but he had only broken through to the first Xuan Q layer. 

Lin Feng was probably hiding his cultivation level.

“You are so weak, how can you concoct such powerful pills to cure her? It’s impossible! Especially in such a short time! You wouldn’t have been able to concoct anything, unless you already had something on you to cure her when you arrived?” asked the second elder while making a step forward. The ice Qi had definitely disappeared from Huo Shi Yun’s body, there was no doubt.Huo Jiu Yang couldn’t have been wrong when he checked. 

“Think whatever you want.” said Lin Feng indifferently while smiling coldly. He had come to the Huo Clan because of the spring moon jade Now that he had them, he didn’t have to stay there and justify himself. He didn’t care about what they thought. 

“Hmph, I guessed right then, so what are your intentions for having come here? Why did you come? Speak!” demanded the second elder while staring at Lin Feng. 

Huo Jiu Ding looked puzzled but remained silent. Even though the second elder’s words were harsh, he also wanted to know the truth. 

Lin Feng glanced at them in a cold way, those people were ridiculous. No wonder the Huo Clan was becoming weaker and weaker and was bullied by the Yuan Clan. 

Lin Feng ignored the second elder and Huo Jiu Yang, instead he looked at Huo Shi Yun. 

“Lin Feng, don’t listen to my uncle.” said Huo Shi Yun while shaking her head. She wanted to apologize to Lin Feng but she didn’t know what to say. 

“Shi Yun, I cured you, now I’m leaving.” said Lin Feng. He had nothing more to do there and he didn’t feel like seeing those idiots.

“Lin Feng.” said Huo Shi Yun looking anxious, but Lin Feng said nothing and left. 

“Hmph, you think you can leave without telling us your purpose?” shouted the second elder in an ice-cold way, he wanted to chase after Lin Feng. 

But at that moment, Shi Yun moved in front of him and shouted: “Uncle, Lin Feng saved me and you haven’t shown him any gratitude! Instead you’ve been bullying him! He only looked at your cultivation level, that’s all, how can you be suspicious even though nothing happened? No wonder our clan is declining! We don’t have any geniuses here, otherwise, Yuan Tong wouldn’t be able to bully us!” said Huo Shi Yun. She was usually calm and friendly, but at that moment she had gotten angry at the second elder. She turned around and ran after Lin Feng. 

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