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PMG Chapter 543: Humiliation at the Gate

PMG Chapter 543: Humiliation at the Gate

“Lin Feng!” shouted Huo Shi Yun, but Lin Feng was running extremely quickly, she couldn’t catch up with him. 

Lin Feng also knew that she was behind him, but he didn’t feel like staying there. Apart from that beautiful and gentle girl, the others were all rude. Especially Huo Yun and her father, they were utterly detestable.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, he was running like the wind. He crossed the cultivation field of the Huo Clan and left through their gate.

A moment later, Huo Shi Yun also arrived. Everybody saw how beautiful she looked, but she ignored them and continued running after Lin Feng. 

“Huo Shi Yun is following him?” thought the crowd. They were surprised. Who was the young man with whom she had come? Astonishingly, Huo Shi Yun looked distressed. 

She passed through the gate of the clan, but Lin Feng had already disappeared. Huo Shi Yun just stood there and looked extremely depressed, as if she had just lost someone. 

She still wanted to go out and walk, but at that moment, somebody arrived.

“Shi Yun, it’s okay.”

Huo Shi Yun turned her head and saw her father running towards her.

“Shi Yun, that’s enough, why are you running after him?” asked Huo Jiu Yang.

Huo Shi Yun replied, “It’s because of you that he’s leaving! He came here and cured me, but none of you thanked him even once! You kept acting aggressive and humiliating him! Father, don’t you think you all went too far?!”

Huo Jiu Yang remained silent. When he got closer to her he saw that she had tears in her eyes. She was sad because they had been aggressive and rude to Lin Feng, causing him to leave. 

Huo Jiu Yang caressed his daughter’s head and also looked sad. It was the first time that he had seen his daughter cry. Even when she was sick, she was always smiling.

“You’re being too emotional, my little girl.” said Huo Jiu Yang while sighing. Normally she wouldn’t act so depressed.

“But Shi Yun, you must understand that even if he stayed you would only end up being hurt. Even though he is a little bit strong, he is still very weak. He would never be able to stop Yuan Tong.” explained Huo Jiu Yang slowly. He added, “You need a man who is stronger than Yuan Tong, only a strong man will be able to protect you. I don’t think Lin Feng is the right person.” 

Huo Shi Yun opened her mouth, she wanted to say something but didn’t. Even though Lin Feng had hidden how strong he was, it was impossible for him to rival Yuan Tong. Yuan Tong was a genius of Dragon Mountain, he was famous. He even defeated her father. Even if Lin Feng was there, what could he do? Nothing, he would be killed.

“Shi Yun, now that you are cured, if you don’t want Yuan Tong to hurt you again you only have one choice, you must leave Celestial Dragon, maybe even Celestial Mountain. Otherwise, he will come back and hurt us again.” said Huo Jiu Yang. 

Huo Shi Yun looked depressed and shook her head. What would the Huo Clan do if she left?

“Let’s go back.” said Huo Jiu Yang disheartened. After they left, in a distant street, a silhouette was flickering. It was Lin Feng. 

“Yuan Tong..” whispered Lin Feng. Huo Shi Yun had told him about a a genius of the Yuan Clan, it was Yuan Tong. He was the one who put the ice Qi in her body. 

Yuan Tong wanted to rape Huo Shi Yun or force her to become his wife. That explained everything. 

“The Yuan Clan is back.” At that moment, while Lin Feng looked pensive, he was interrupted by a voice. In the distance there were many silhouettes running very fast, what caught people’s eyes was the palanquin the group of people were carrying. They had come to pick up someone. 

“It seemed like they came to pick up Miss Huo and bring her back to the Yuan Clan. How aggressive!” said some people in the crowd. Everybody knew what was going on between the Yuan Clan and the Huo Clan. 

“So what? Yuan Tong is very strong and has high natural abilities, he is famous everywhere in Dragon Mountain, he is one of the ten best young disciples who have been chosen for the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Miss Huo is extremely beautiful and Yuan Tong is outstanding, they are a perfect match. It would be her honor to have Yuan Tong.” said someone else. The Yuan Clan was getting closer to the Huo Clan, finally arriving after some time. 

“Let’s go and see! Maybe we will see Yuan Tong.” said many people looking excited. 

Lin Feng thought about it for a while and decided to go back to the Huo Clan, mixing into the crowd.

The Yuan Clan hadn’t arrived yet, but the Huo Clan was already panicking. Everybody was gathered together looking afraid of the Yuan Clan. 

A young man walked out from the Yuan Clan and glanced at the crowd with a cold smile on his face.

“I am Yuan Lie of the Yuan Clan. I have come to take Miss Huo, she will be coming to our clan.” said that young man. Everybody was astonished. Yuan Lie had come, but Yuan Tong hadn’t. 

The Huo Clan opened the way and Huo Jiu Yang, Hui Shi Yun, and Huo Yun appeared. 

“Yuan Lie!” Huo Jiu Yang shouted at Yuan Lie in an ice-cold way. He obviously knew Yuan Lie, his Nine Moons skill was extremely powerful. In the Yuan Clan, apart from Yuan Tong, Yuan Lie was the second most talented disciple. He had already broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. He was stronger than all the others, and even stronger than some elders. 

“Huo Jiu Yang.” said Yuan Lie while looking at him and smiling in an enigmatic way. “My big brother sent me here to pick up Huo Shi Yun, we’re taking her to our clan. Our clans will become one!”

“Yuan Tong asked you to come here with a palanquin to pick up my daughter and bring her back to your Yuan Clan…?” asked Huo Jiu Yang in a cold and detached way. The people of the Yuan Clan really had no manners.

“Hehe, don’t be angry. My brother is going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu soon, he is focused on cultivating..  He misses Miss Huo, but he cannot afford to waste his time so he had me come. I hope you can understand.” 

Yuan Lie was talking in a normal way, neither too quick nor too slow. 

“The Great Competition of Xue Yu…” Many people gasped in amazement at that moment. Being able to participate to the great competition was incredible, Yuan Lie was showing off his brother..

Since he doesn’t have time, he should come back when he has time,” said Huo Jiu Yang coldly. They shouldn’t have come. 

“No, it doesn’t work like that, imagine if we wait, something could happen to Miss Huo. She has ice in her body and it could harm her.” 

“I don’t need you to care about that,” replied Huo Jiu Yang. 

Yuan Lie looked colder and colder.

“Mister Huo, I came because my brother sent me here to pick her up. If you refuse, it means she deserves better than Yuan Tong, right?” 

“No, Yuan Tong is talented and strong, my daughter can, of course, marry him.” said Huo Jiu Yang. 

“My brother is impatient, why do you keep refusing since you’re happy about the union? Could it be that Miss Huo likes someone else?” said Yuan Lie as if that was impossible. He thought that Yuan Tong was the best, being interested in Huo Shi Yun was an honor for her. 

“Yuan Lie, young master, she just needs some more time, that’s all.” said the second elder at that moment in an ice-cold way. 
“No, you’re right, I like someone else!” shouted Huo Shi Yun. Everybody was stupefied. She likes someone else? Was there someone better than Yuan Tong?

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