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PMG Chapter 544: Killing People from the Huo Clan

PMG Chapter 544: Killing People from the Huo Clan

Yuan Lie suddenly looked glum, he stared at Huo Shi Yun and said, “I really wonder who you like. He dares try to steal my brother’s woman? He will die!” 

“You asked if I liked someone else, I said I do, so he will die?” shouted Huo Shi Yun while pulling a long face.

“Of course, how could he rival with Yuan Tong? Say who he is and I will kill him! I will show you that you are blind,” said Yuan Lie in an evil way.

Huo Shi Yun felt furious, because Yuan Tong wanted her, she wasn’t allowed to like someone else? The one she liked would have to die?

“Who is it! Say it!” shouted Yuan Lie furiously while glancing at the young men of the Huo Clan. 

The young men looked scared. That Yuan Lie was extremely aggressive and rude. They understood that Yuan Lie had come to intimidate and terrify the Huo Clan. 

“You are all cowards!” said Yuan Lie when he saw that nobody was replying. He then shouted coldly, “Don’t think that not showing yourself will save you, I will kill all of the young men if he doesn’t come out!” 

The crowd was stupefied, kill all of them? Yuan Lie wanted to kill all of them if the one Shi Yun liked didn’t come out? How cruel, how violent! 

All the people of the Huo Clan were filled with indignation, they were furious, but couldn’t do anything. The young men were staring at Yuan Lie, they hated him. They wished they could kill Yuan Lie. 

“You want to kill the people of my clan?” said Huo Jiu Yang in an ice-cold way. Yuan Lie had already gone too far. 

“Indeed,” said Yuan Lie while staring at Huo Jiu Yang, he looked fearless. He then said in a cold and detached way, “Yuan Tong is my big brother and Shi Yun is his girlfriend, she cannot like anyone else. I am curious to see who could rival him, but if he doesn’t come out himself, I will kill all of the young men of your clan. Otherwise, Miss Huo could say who she likes too.” 

“Of course, the Huo Clan can also try to stop me, but you have to understand that I came here for my brother, Yuan Tong. If you try to stop me, you will have to bear the consequences later,” threatened Yuan Lie. If Huo Jiu Yang attacked him, Yuan Tong would take his revenge. The Yuan Clan was there already, they wanted to teach the Huo Clan a good lesson. 

Huo Shi Yun tried to find a reason to stop him, but at that moment she was pulling a long face. Of course, what she had just said had infuriated him. She hadn’t thought that because of one sentence, Yuan Lie would want to kill all the young men of the Huo Clan. If she said who she liked, Yuan Lie would kill him, so how could she say it? 

“Miss Shi Yun, who is it?” asked Yuan Lie while making a step towards the Huo Clan. He looked ice-cold and gave the people of the Huo Clan a cold look. 

Huo Shi Yun remained silent as well as all the others of the clan. The silence was oppressive. Yuan Lie was also releasing a terrifying evil Qi. 

“If you don’t tell me, don’t blame me for being impolite,” said Yuan Lie as he started moving at full speed.

“Ahhh….” A horrible shriek spread in the air. Yuan Lie’s hand bombarded somebody’s body and in a flash that person’s body flew away. He was dead.

Everybody suddenly felt tense and nervous. Yuan Lie wasn’t joking, he had really killed someone. He was merciless.

Huo Shi Yun opened her mouth but was terrified. 

“Yuan Lie, you…..” Huo Shi Yun looked extremely pale. Words wouldn’t come out of her mouth.

“I what?” said Yuan Lie while smiling coldly. “Miss Huo, if you don’t tell me whom you like I will continue killing everybody. The Huo Clan will not have a single young man left.” 

Huo Shi Yun’s face looked more and more pale. If she didn’t tell him he would kill everyone, how cruel. For him, a human life didn’t mean anything. 

The people of the Huo Clan were all pulling a long face while looking at Huo Jiu Yang, they could attack only if he gave them the order. However, Huo Jiu Yang didn’t tell them to fight back, if he did, that would give Yuan Lie another excuse to kill even more people. 

Yuan Lie clearly wanted to kill the young men of the Huo Clan, he wanted to destroy them. 

“Miss Huo, if you don’t talk, then pardon me,” said Yuan Lie, and attacked again. He released some moon ice Qi out of his hand and punched a young man in the chest. That young man died too. 

“Pfew…” People were astonished. He really was too cruel. He was going to kill all the young men of the clan. 

Another person collapsed and Huo Shi Yun felt extremely sad. Her chest was pounding, it was painful. 

“Miss Huo, will you talk now?” asked Yuan Lie again. Huo Shi Yun’s lips moved, was she going to tell him?

“It’s me,” said a voice at that moment. A young man was running towards them and looked at Yuan Lie in an ice-cold way while saying, “Shi Yun likes me.” 

Shi Yun was surprised. When the people of the Huo Clan saw him, they were surprised too. It was the young man that Huo Shi Yun had just brought to the clan. 

“You?” Yuan Lie said indifferently while glancing at Lin Feng. He smiled coldly and said, “Miss Shi Yun couldn’t be that blind, I wouldn’t believe she likes you.” 

Huo Shi Yun’s lips moved, but it was Lin Feng who said, “Stop talking shit, I told you it’s me, now attack me if you want a fight.” 

“Since you want to die, I will help you. Then I will ask Miss Shi Yun who she really likes,” said Yuan Lie while laughing. He intended to kill Lin Feng and then all of the other young men because he didn’t believe that Huo Shi Yun liked Lin Feng. He planned to kill all of the young men anyway!

In a surprise attack he threw himself at another young man of the Huo Clan. Lin Feng didn’t try to intercept, people thought he was probably getting ready to die. 

That young man closed his eyes and could sense the ice-cold Qi of Yuan Lie’s fist.

“Back!” shouted a cold voice at that moment. Yuan Lie slightly stopped moving and saw some fire Qi collide with the ice Qi. 

Yuan Lie was shaking. He moved back like the wind to his original position. There was fire Qi in his hand. He was astonished. Lin Feng was looking at him in a cold and detached way. 

The young man opened his eyes and saw Yuan Lie, he hadn’t died because Lin Feng saved him

Huo Shi Yun was astonished as well. She was charmed, but at the same time the situation was critical. 

Lin Feng saved the young man. 

Huo Jiu Yang, the second elder, and Huo Yun were looking at Lin Feng. They were stupefied. Lin Feng really wanted to die.

Lin Feng hadn’t been able to control himself, he had to save the young man. 

The people of the Huo Clan were all cowards. They were watching as their comrades got killed, so Lin Feng was filled with indignation. 

Huo Jiu Yang and his brother were head and vice-head of the clan, but they hadn’t said anything. 

“Who are you really?” asked Yuan Lie in an ice-cold way while looking at Lin Feng. His face was filled with murder. 

“He’s the one you want to kill. He seduced Huo Shi Yun! Yuan Lie, kill him and you won’t need to kill the rest of us.” said the second elder at that moment.

Huo Shi Yun turned her head and looked at him in an ice-cold way, “Uncle, you’re so shameless!”

Lin Feng turned his head and said indifferently, “It’s the first time I see someone return kindness with enmity. Besides, you are extremely shameless. Your companions die in front of you, and you’re just standing there talking shit. Now, here I am saving your clan and you’re still trying to think of a way to get me killed. Can you be more shameless than that?” 

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