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PMG Chapter 545: Lin Feng Attacks!

PMG Chapter 545: Lin Feng Attacks!

Lin Feng’s harsh words were directed at the second elder, not the Huo Clan. Lin Feng was saving them. 

The second elder was shameless. When his clansmen were dying in front of him all he could think about was how to get Lin Feng killed!

“You humiliate me and my uncle!” said Huo Shi Yun in an ice-cold way. 

When the second elder realized everybody was staring at him, he pulled a long face.

“I’m right though! That guy just met Huo Shi Yun and then she brought him into her bedroom, who knows what they did there? Then she put on extremely provocative clothing, letting everyone see her body. He is the one causing problems here!” explained the second elder.

“Alright, I understand.” said Yuan Lie, he wanted to kill Lin Feng even more.

“You are audacious, you stole Yuan Tong’s girlfriend. You’re just a crappy cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer, seems like you’re sick and tired of living.” said Yuan Lie while using his celestial eyes to look at Lin Feng’s cultivation level. He had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, he was begging to die. Yuan Lie burst into laughter.

“Who is Yuan Tong? I’ve never heard of him. It seems like your brother Yuan Tong is just a little dog for sale, right?” said Lin Feng sarcastically. He was calling Yuan Tong a dog, an animal, and joking about it!

Lin Feng dared ask who Yuan Tong was, who hasn’t heard of him? 

“Lin Feng, this is between the Huo Clan and the Yuan Clan, it has nothing to do with you. You should leave!” said Huo Shi Yun, when she saw how aggressive Lin Feng was. She feared that Lin Feng provoking Yuan Lie would get him killed.

“Leave and go where?” asked Yuan Lie while smiling coldly. “I want to see how strong Miss Huo’s sweetheart is, how could he make you forget about Yuan Tong?” said Yuan Lie while releasing some ice-cold, oppressive Qi which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. 

“I will show Miss Huo how blind and foolish she is, that she would favor this piece of trash over my brother. You are a tiny insect in front of me, no need to say how weak you are compared to my brother.” said Yuan Lie. Then he released some ice-energy that started revolving around his fist. A cold, white ice appeared on his fist. 

“Yuan Lie, you misunderstand, we’ve only met today! How could I like him?” said Huo Shi Yun whose silhouette flickered and appeared in front of Lin Feng. Defending Lin Feng proved even more that she liked him. She was protecting him because she cared so much about him. Nobody doubted her affections towards Lin Feng anymore. 

Unfortunately, Huo Shi Yun couldn’t save Lin Feng. She could only regret that the one she liked was too weak to protect her. Lin Feng couldn’t protect her against the geniuses of the Yuan Clan. 

“I misunderstood?” asked Yuan Lie while smiling coldly, “Even if I did, I will not let him off.”

Huo Shi Yun was extremely nervous. She gnashed her teeth and said, “Stop hurting my people, I’m leaving with you now! Let’s go to the Yuan Clan immediately.” 

“Huo Shi Yun, we will leave soon enough but first I will kill him.” said Yuan Lie in an evil way. Huo Shi Yun cared so much about Lin Feng that Yuan Lie wanted to kill him even more.

Huo Shi Yun was still obstructing the way, she didn’t move. 

At that moment a hand touched her shoulder.

“I will prove to you that you are not blind. Leave him to me.” said Lin Feng jokingly. Huo Shi Yun shivered, leave it to him? Could Lin Feng really compete with Yuan Lie? Indeed, Lin Feng had cured her, maybe he could really rival with Yuan Lie. 

“I’m going to fight now.” said Lin Feng while throwing Huo Shi Yun behind him. 

Huo Shi Yun landed behind Lin Feng and looked up at him as he slowly walked towards Yuan Lie. 

“For Shi Yun I will fight the Yuan Clan. The rest of the Huo clan are despicable and detestable.” said Lin Feng while walking towards Yuan Lie. “What’s going on between your two clans has nothing to do with me, but since you wanted to fight me then I’ll fight. I will show you how good Huo Shi Yun’s eyes are.” 

Lin Feng walked towards Yuan Lie looking self-confident, natural and unrestrained.

Yuan Lie did not understand how a cultivator of the first Xuan Qi layer could talk to him like that, or how he could be so fearless.

“Of course, when I kill you I will show everyone that Miss Shi Yun has picked the wrong person.” said Yuan Lie while raising his hand. White ice rolled around his fist, he was using his nine moons skills.The sound of the freezing ice was spreading in the atmosphere. Snowflakes even started falling on the ground. 

“As expected, a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer using the nine moons skill is terrifying.” thought the crowd. When they saw Lin Feng walk towards Yuan Lie, they only felt pity for him. How sad, Lin Feng had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, how could he block Yuan Lie’s nine moons attack? He would surely die. 

“Die!” Shouted Yuan Lie as he threw himself at Lin Feng. His nine moons skill was bombarding the atmosphere towards Lin Feng. 

“Disappear.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Lin Feng stomped on the ground causing a fissure to appear. Suddenly a huge fire appeared around Lin Feng’s fist. 


“Crrrr… Crrrr…” The two fists collided. Yuan Lie was astonished, his nine moons skill was destroyed by the fire Qi that continued moving up his arm. It was burning his blood vessels! 

“Ahhhhhh…….!” Yuan Lie gave a horrible shriek and was projected backwards. His entire arm was red and burning. His nine moons skill had completely disappeared. 

“How’s that possible?” Yuan Lie didn’t understand. Lin Feng had destroyed his nine moons skill in one fist!  

The nine moons skill of the Yuan Clan was stronger than the nine sun skills of the Huo Clan, how could Lin Feng destroy it so easily? Besides, Lin Feng’s energy wasn’t that of the first Xuan Qi layer, it was definitely the fourth Xuan Qi layer! 

Lin Feng had used his cosmos-burning sun skill, it was like the sun. He could easily destroy the nine moons skill.

Everybody was astonished. How was that possible? Lin Feng sent Yuan Lie flying with one fist. It was the exact opposite of what they had anticipated. 

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t look like he was going to let him off.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and released a gigantic fire that enveloped his entire body. Lin Feng became a wall of flames.

Sunlight was shining upon his body, his fire was becoming more and more dazzling as he shot straight at Yuan Lie.

As Yuan Lie raised his head he saw Lin Feng above him, or more precisely, he only saw a dazzling light. Lin Feng’s energies were oppressive and sharp. 

“How dare you!” Yuan Lie raised his head and tried to start his nine moons skill again, but couldn’t because he was injured by Ling Feng’s fire qi.

“Boom boom boom!” The two hands collided and a terrifying fire spread from Yuan Lie’s arm through his body. The ground under his feet broke apart and a fissure appeared, both his legs were sent into the ground. 

“You want to show Huo Shi Yun that she is blind?” said Lin Feng sounding cold and detached. He looked like a god, Yuan Lie was still being crushed between Lin Feng’s fist and the ground. His face was deathly pale.

“Since you wanted to kill me, you will have to pay the price.” said Lin Feng as a terrifying fire ignited on Lin Feng’s body again. 

“Try if you dare!” said Yuan Lie. He looked furious when he sensed that terrifying energy. 

However, Lin Feng just smiled coldly, why wouldn’t he dare?
His terrifying fire moved down in a flash, moments later Yuan Lie was engulfed by a terrifying fire. 

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  1. Bo January 22, 2017 at 7:44 am - Reply

    I feel like the author gave him the “hide your cultivation technique” so that more of these would happen

    • DMR January 22, 2017 at 11:27 am - Reply

      Pretty much… and then showing how almost everyone but the girl who falls for MC and the MC are the only good people….
      Everyone else is a shameless vile piece of trash that has no morals….
      And then… forget this “good girl”

  2. Drgnblu January 22, 2017 at 7:56 am - Reply

    thanks for the chapter

  3. agila0212 January 22, 2017 at 7:58 am - Reply

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂 too bad about the cliffer though…

  4. Kenken January 22, 2017 at 8:17 am - Reply

    thnx for the chap

  5. Exa January 22, 2017 at 8:26 am - Reply

    thanks for the chapter

  6. chinoyed January 22, 2017 at 9:36 am - Reply

    thanks for the update

  7. DMR January 22, 2017 at 11:20 am - Reply

    Castrate him 1st dammit!!!!
    Thanks for the chapter XD

  8. Crayray January 22, 2017 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Thanks to the translators, editors, donators, to the community, to everyone who made everything possible. And ofcourse to the author.
    You made my 3days worth of vacation worthit. I didnt even notice it that i’m ady at the latest chapter which made me sad for a bit coz i really want MOOAAAARRR! (Im being shameless and impatient) 😀
    Well i cant donate really coz in my country, $40-60 is extravagant which makes me feel sad coz i really want to help. Anyway i’ll just write down a few things to summarize how i see the novel (in my newbie eyes). Pls dont be offended if i might make some remarks that might sound rude. I want to be honest though as to how i see it.
    Here it goes:
    Over all, if i am to rate it in a 1-10 scale, i’d give it a 7. Why 7? Firstly, the story can come up to 9.5 at most but there are just these minor issues that contributed to the subtraction in rating. Mainly, the redundancy of “be offended, retaliate” flow. The story is really interesting regarding on how creative the authors idea is in providing spices in every chapter but he puts a little effort on those spices which makes the flow in every chapter sometimes bland and short lived. Like that “Tian level beast and the beast forest” that coud provide a bit more chapters of an exiting adventure. The ancient temple(rest house) in his sect, and many others. The MC’spath of “total annihilation” was justified when he spent time playing chess with “Yan Yu Ping Sheng” but, the could use some side stories that will not be more focuse on the “redundant flow” to make it more interesting. The name choice is also a bit confusing. And, there’s a little bit of an issue regarding the side character’s background. Their status, roles and goals are sometimes repititive, jumbled, replaced, or vaguely introduced. (I know that can be eddited). Lastly, the grammar. Well, im not that good in english but i sometimes see “grammatical errors” and redundancy regarding the choice of words. Collectively, that’s all the necessary pieces in the story that if given more attention, will power up the story towards another cultivation level.
    Thank you again everyone!

    • Khis January 22, 2017 at 4:52 pm - Reply

      I’ve always thought that this could be a much better story if they cut down on a lot of the more repetitive bits. Instead of 2500 chapters it would be maybe 500. On the other hand I think the author was being paid by the word so …

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