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PMG Chapter 546: Bite The Hand That Feeds

PMG Chapter 546: Bite The Hand That Feeds

Yuan Lie’s body started burning under Lin Feng’s fire.

The crowd was gasping in amazement and their hearts were pounding, wasn’t Yuan Lie was a genius?

The young man who had appeared had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer but could easily oppress Yuan Lie, brutally and violently burning him. 

Yuan Lie was stunned. How was it possible? The Huo Clan surprisingly had a young man able to defeat him, Yuan Lie? This young man could even kill him. 

The people of the Huo Clan were gasping in astonishment. The young man who had just been saved by Lin Feng was moved and touched. He was also filled with regret for if he had been as strong as Lin Feng, he could have protected Huo Shi Yun. She would have never been humiliated by the Yuan clan. He was far too weak from being able to be in a relationship with her, but Lin Feng could. 

“He hid his real strength.” Huo Jiu Yang and Huo Yun were astonished. It seemed like Lin Feng had hidden his strength. He had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. How come they had only detected that he had broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer? Lin Feng had probably learnt some secret skill to hide his real strength and reduce it. 

“How come he is so strong…” thought Huo Yun as she pulled a long face. She had humiliated Lin Feng several times, she even tried to attack him. But at that moment, Lin Feng held a total advantage over Yuan Lie. Huo Yun was far from being able to fight against Lin Feng. Lin Feng could actually easily kill her with his real strength. 

“If you kill me, will you not be scared of Yuan Tong? He will definitely come to avenge my death.” shouted Yuan Lie whose body was burning painfully. If it continued, his entire body would burn and he would die. 

“I told you, I don’t know Yuan Tong, I’ve never heard of him.” said Lin Feng aggressively. He continued attacking Yuan Lie, the ground was caving in. Yuan Lie was buried up to his waist now. 

“Let Yuan Lie off!” threatened the people of the Yuan Clan while releasing some pure Qi. Yuan Lie was about to be killed. 

“Get lost!” said Lin Feng while spitting out some pure Qi from of his mouth. It crossed the atmosphere like a meteor and turned into several burning snakes that burnt everything in their path.

“Ahhhhh…..” In a flash, a few people were covered by flames, they felt the agonizing pain. 

“You don’t know how strong Yuan Tong is! He has broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer and is going to participate to Great Competition of Xue Yu, do you want to die? Stop now, you still have time.” said Yuan Lie whose suffering had become too much. He was really going to die, a terrifying pain kept spreading through his body. He hadn’t thought that the Huo Clan would be protected by Lin Feng, who was so strong and brutal. Lin Feng even dared to kill him and the people of the Yuan Clan. 

“I forgot to tell you something, I will also participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” whispered Lin Feng in Yuan Lie’s ears. Lin Feng had a murderous smile on his face. “Therefore, there is no need to show off and act proudly in front of me. You will die now.” 

Lin Feng released more sun fire which crashed onto Yuan Lie’s body. Loud crackling sounds spread through the air, Yuan Lie tried to concentrate some pure Qi to block but he couldn’t stop Lin Feng. 

“Ahhhh……” he gave a horrible shriek, he was going to burn to death. 

“Human lives don’t matter to you, so I must treat you as I would treat a dog.” explained Lin Feng in a low voice. He continuously bombarded Yuan Lie’s body, transforming his body into a huge fire. Yuan Lie disappeared into the ground, he was completely buried, only his shouts were still audible.

Moments later the atmosphere became calm again. Lin Feng was standing there with his fire qi still burning around his body. Sunlight continued to shine upon his body, it was dazzling. He looked like a king of suns, blessed with the love of the sun. 

“How terrifying.” thought the crowd, their hearts were pounding. Yuan Lie had talked in such a proud and arrogant way. He said he would kill all the young men of the Huo clan but in the end he had been killed by Lin Feng. He was too weak to block his attacks.

The Huo Clan were in disbelief that Lin Feng was so strong!

“Pfeww…” After what seemed to be a long time, some people took in a deep breath, they were all staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng having killed Yuan Lie would infuriate the Yuan Clan, Yuan Tong would surely kill everyone. 

The Huo Clan would never be able to stop him…

“You killed some people of my clan, you also killed Yuan Lie, Yuan Tong will never let you off. He will kill you and leave nothing behind.” said a member of the Yuan Clan whose entire arm had just been burnt by Lin Feng’s attack a moment before. He was staring at Lin Feng with murder in his heart.
Lin Feng had to die, thought the people of the Yuan Clan, they wished they could kill him!

“Maybe, but you won’t be there to see it!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His hand shook and in a flash a fireball shot out and covered that person’s entire body. He burnt to death. 

Lin Feng had killed that person, just like he had killed Yuan Lie. 

Every member of the Huo Clan was clenching their fist, especially the few young men. Their blood was boiling. This is exactly what they wanted to see but Lin Feng wasn’t a member of their clan. If he had been one of them, they would have killed those animals of the Yuan Clan together. 

The second elder and Huo Yun were looking at Lin Feng with discontent. 

“That’s enough.” said the second elder, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

Lin Feng slowly turned around and said to the second elder in a cold and detached way: “Are you talking to me?”

“The problem is you killed those people of the Yuan Clan but we will bear the consequences when Yuan Tong comes.” explained second elder who was furious at Lin Feng. Who would be able to face Yuan Tong when he came?

“I killed these people of the Yuan clan, not you.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. “You are a disgrace to the Huo Clan, you watched as your people got killed and did nothing. Now that I helped you kill them you ask me to stop? You’re ridiculous.” 

The members of the Huo Clan were stupefied, their second elder was telling Lin Feng to stop. Lin Feng had prevented the people of the Yuan Clan from killing them! 

“You understand nothing! Yuan Tong is extremely strong, nobody can stop him, not even you. You’re leading our clan to extinction with your stupidities. You decided to die by picking a fight with the Yuan Clan, and you decided to drag us along with you.” said Huo Yun while pointing at Lin Feng. She looked like an evil snake. 

Lin Feng laughed and smiled coldly saying, “I should learn from you and do the same. I should let my friends die and watch them without doing anything. You like seeing your companions get humiliated and killed.” 

Lin Feng’s joke stupefied everybody. Huo Yun’s words precisely came down to the same thing, Yuan Lie had been humiliating and killing them but she was saying that they should have let them kill their younger clansmen. 

“So what? What does that have to do with you?” asked Huo Yun. When she saw that many people were staring at her she felt tregret.

“It doesn’t have anything to do with me, but when I kill people, it has nothing to do with you. I killed Yuan Lie for Shi Yun, that’s all. Do you think that I was protecting you or the Huo Clan? Do you think I would ever do that for you?” said Lin Feng while laughing mockingly. 

Huo Yun looked glum and said, “Since it’s that way, get lost! Go and beg the Yuan Clan for mercy alone!” 

“Beg for mercy because of such people?” Lin Feng thought she was hilarious. 

Huo Yun turned around and said to Huo Jiu Yang, “Uncle, I think we should capture him and deliver him to the Yuan Clan, at the same time, we also bring Shi Yun there. That’s the only way for us to avoid the catastrophe that is Yuan Tong. It is the only way to save the clan.” 

“Huo Yun.” Said Huo Shi Yun looking glum. Every member of the Huo Clan was embarrassed. Huo Yun had no principles, Lin Feng had helped them and she wanted to capture him and deliver him to the Yuan Clan… 

“For the Huo Clan, we must do that.” said Huo Yun who didn’t care about them. Huo Jiu Yang looked at her infuriated.

“Brother, Huo Yun is right. We need to avoid making the Yuan Clan furious, you know how strong Yuan Tong is… Besides, he’s going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, we cannot provoke him now.” said the second elder. 

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  1. Drgnblu January 22, 2017 at 2:46 pm - Reply

    thanks for the chapter

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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  3. C0mmnt January 22, 2017 at 3:18 pm - Reply

    Thx for the chapter 🙂
    Wow…Just wow. I must say, that the second elder of the Huo Clan is one of the dummest character i have read in this novel. Who would be dumb enough to attack his own savior, who is by the way far stronger than the guy from the Yuan Clan.

  4. NaoSou January 22, 2017 at 3:37 pm - Reply

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  5. DMR January 22, 2017 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Thanks for the chapter XD
    This is really forced and stupid…
    There really is a limit to how people can be in such situations….
    I mean, this is a genre where everyone acts overly bad and sh*t and even by that standards, this is forced…
    I mean, there doesn’t seem to be a single good clan… like nobody….
    Even when at the start the author seemed to be making some more complex character, he then removes the tiny bit of complexity it had and turns them into cookie cutter villains…
    In fact, we seem to be getting the overall same few people just repeated and put under different names… and all the same clans also put in different names…
    I know, I know, we all know this. It’s true…
    But I really just needed to get it off my chest…

    • Khis January 22, 2017 at 5:11 pm - Reply

      There is no limit to the number of stupid people in the world. 😛
      Another thing to keep in mind is that Lin Feng does not fit the world’s norm. His cultivation level is higher than most at his age. People of the world focus on raising their cultivation level as fast as possible but Lin Feng seems more interested in increasing the variety of his skills. Lin Feng has a lot more horizontal skill progression than most.

    • Jerfesson Pedro da Silva May 31, 2019 at 1:14 am - Reply

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    Thanks for the chapter!.
    I was wondering, will the 6th elder of Lin Clan and his son, Han Man, Po Jun, and Fei Fei come out again?
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    Can it be fixed?

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    some series don’t act so shameless when the mc is bad too they say it

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