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PMG Chapter 548: Yuan Tong

PMG Chapter 548: Yuan Tong

Initially, the second elder had inspected Lin Feng’s cultivation level and then Lin Feng had done the same to him, which is why he had been furious. 

Maybe that the second elder thought too highly of himself. He had never thought that the young man who had inspected his cultivation level would end up humiliating him by standing on him after he knocked him onto the ground. 

How aggressive, how violent. That was astonishing. 

The members of the Huo Clan were astonished. Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer but he had been able to kill Yuan Lie and defeat the second elder. He was even stepping on his chest.

Huo Yun was blankly staring at the scene, she had been slapped and injured by Lin Feng. Now her father was being humiliated by Lin Feng, her father’s arms had been cut off. He had become a piece of trash. 

Huo Jiu Yang was staring at Lin Feng with her mouth wide open. He didn’t know what to say, Lin Feng was scary. He was so young, he was much younger than Yuan Lie. Besides, Huo Jiu Yang’s brother had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and had mastered the nine suns skill to perfection. Surprisingly, he had been defeated by Lin Feng who cut off his arms as well. 

Lin Feng was a real genius, couldn’t he rival with Yuan Tong?

“In a few years he should be extremely strong…” thought Huo Jiu Yang while sighing. Lin Feng was a perfect match for his daughter. His daughter was right, she had seen the genius in Lin Feng. He was a real genius, extremely talented.

Huo Shi Yun was also staring at Lin Feng with her mouth wide open. She was astonished and pleasantly surprised. Even though she knew that Lin Feng had been hiding his strength, she never thought that he would be so strong to the extent that he would defeat her uncle. He even cut off her uncle’s arms with his sword. He was merciful. If Lin Feng had been merciless, he would have killed the second elder. 

The second elder was lying on the ground and groaning in pain. When he heard Lin Feng, he didn’t know what to think. 

That young man was actually terrifying. His nine suns skill had been ineffective against Lin Feng’s sword. 

“Who else wants to capture me and deliver me to the Yuan Clan?” asked Lin Feng coldly. 

“Kill me!” begged the second elder who was agonizing. He had no arms, he had become a piece of trash. Living like that in such a world, he would get humiliated everyday by everybody. He preferred dying. 

“Kill you? I could, of course. If I killed people of the Yuan Clan, I could also kill the people of the Huo Clan except for Shi Yun. You and a few others make me want to puke, but now I will let you leave as a piece of trash.” said Lin Feng while taking his foot off the second elder’s chest who cried in agony again. Then Lin Feng kicked his body and watched as it fly away. 

Huo Jiu Yang sighed when he saw how much the second elder was suffering. 

The Huo Clan was in a dead end?

Yuan Tong would come to kill them, who would take care of him? 

“Brother, avenge me!” Said the second elder while looking at Huo Jiu Yang. Huo Jiu Yang looked expressionless though. He sighed and said, “You’re still sticking to your stupid ideas? Our clan is already in a tight spot. Yuan Tong will come and he will never let us off. Apart from Shi Yun, he also wants our two treasures. After, he will destroy our clan. He will never let us off.” said Huo Jiu Yang looking sad and desperate. Since Yuan Lie had attacked them, Huo Jiu Yang had guessed that they had only been looking for an excuse to destroy their clan.

At that moment, Yuan Tong had even more excuses to destroy them. 

“Shi Yun.” said Huo Jiu Yang while walking towards her. He took out an ancient scroll made of sheepskin, gave it to her. “Keep it safe, Shi Yun.” 

Shi Yun was shivering and fixedly staring at her father.

“Hurry and hide it!” demanded Huo Jiu Yang looking serious and solemn. 

“Shi Yun, you already know the nine suns skill so I don’t need to teach that to you. Now, leave with Lin Feng. Leave Celestial Dragon and go far away.” said Huo Jiu Yang which stupefied Huo Shi Yun. He was giving her to Lin Feng, Huo Jiu Yang was getting ready to face Yuan Tong. 

“Lin Feng.” said Huo Jiu Yang. Lin Feng looked at him in a calm way.

“Lin Feng, my daughter is warm, gentle and tender. Besides, she is beautiful. Marry her and she will never betray you. I can see that she likes you a lot. Now, leave with her, go far away. Leave Celestial Dragon and even Dragon Mountain. Hurry up, my daughter is yours.” said Huo Jiu Yang. 

Lin Feng was stupefied, he wouldn’t have thought that Huo Jiu Yang would want things to happen that way. Lin Feng didn’t know what to do. 

“Lin Feng, what are you thinking? Do you think that my daughter is not good enough for you?” asked Huo Jiu Yang, while frowning, when he saw that Lin Feng remained silent. 

“Of course not!” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He was about to add something else when Huo Jiu Yang interrupted him again, “That’s good then, now hurry up and leave. If you don’t leave now, it will be too late. Yuan Tong will arrive, he is much stronger than Yuan Lie.” 

Lin Feng remained immobile, he looked at Huo Shi Yun’s beautiful face. 

“Leave, where?” said a voice at that moment. It came from the distance, what a catastrophe, Huo Jiu Yang started shaking. 

“We’re done.” Huo Jiu Yang looked deathly pale. That was Yuan Tong’s voice.

Yuan Tong had arrived and Lin Feng and Shi Yun hadn’t had the time to escape. 

The members of the Huo Clan were shaking as well, it was their judgement day. 

Everybody was glancing around looking for Yuan Tong but couldn’t see him. 

Nobody was appearing but they had heard his voice so distinctly, it was like an illusion. 

Huo Jiu Yang pulled a long face and sighed, they couldn’t escape anymore…

“Since you’re here, show yourself.” said Huo Jiu Yang indifferently. He was talking to the air, it seemed.

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time, Huo Jiu Yang. I hope you’re doing well!” said Yuan Tong and then he appeared in the sky in the distance. He was flying through the sky. His chang pao was fluttering in the wind, he looked natural and unrestrained.

“Yuan Tong.” When the crowd saw him, many people’s hearts started pounding. 

Yuan Tong was a genius of Dragon Mountain, he was extremely famous in Celestial Dragon. Many people knew him, everybody knew that he was going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. He had a brilliant future ahead of him if he continued becoming stronger. He would break through to the Tian Qi layer sooner or later as well, how majestic. 

Lin Feng glanced at him, he didn’t find him so handsome because his Qi felt evil. But he still looked extraordinary. One could see that he was extremely strong at first glance. 

“How could I be fine? You’re here…” said Huo Jiu Yang.

Yuan Tong laughed and said in a calm way, “Haha, I like your sense of humor.” 

He then turned and looked at Lin Feng and Huo Shi Yun. When he saw how stunning she looked, he smiled.

“Shi Yun, you’re even more beautiful. I’m happy that you’re going to become my wife.”

“Who will become your wife?!” said Huo Shi Yun while looking at Yuan Tong in a furious way. Because of him their clan was in a horrible situation. They had been living in a horrible state of anxiety these days because of him. 

“You have no choice.” said Yuan Tong while smiling in a gentle way. “I wouldn’t have thought that the ice in your body would disappear. You’re lucky. The Huo Clan surprisingly wants you to leave and go to a far place, they really care about you.” 

Yuan Tong looked at Lin Feng said slowly, “You killed Yuan Lie, right?”
Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Yuan Tong in a calm way. Yuan Tong looked extremely proud which annoyed Lin Feng, he looked too arrogant. He must have thought he was the best cultivator in the world. 

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