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PMG Chapter 55: Sword of Nirvana

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“Forget it.” Lin Feng didn’t want to think too much about it. It looked like her status was much higher amongst those soldiers than he had thought. Their power was above his right now.

“I am not extremely strong and I do not have any troops to support me.” thought Lin Feng while looking at the group from behind. Lin Feng was determined to do his best once he got back to the Yun Hai Sect and join the elite disciples.

Lin Feng rode his horse towards the mountain. Two guards were standing there, their heads dropped to the ground and they did not look at him as he passed. These were the same guards he had met the first time, they had now learnt their lesson and had been humbled.

As before, the Yun Hai Sect’s atmosphere was filled with the feeling of power borrowed from heaven and earth. It was very inspiring and motivated Lin Feng even more to increase his strength. Especially since every year, there was the exam to become an elite disciple. The strongest ordinary disciples could join and possibly enter the Elite Disciples, which meant they could become real Yun Hai Sect disciples.

Besides, it was also said that the top elite disciples could directly sit an exam and if they passed they would be able to join the Core Disciples of the Yun Hai Sect which made them the foundation of the sect’s power.

The Yun Hai Sect had a formidable influence in the Xue Yue Country. While they were not the strongest sect, they were still could not be easily trifled with. Those core disciples were considered the pride and glory of the sect. Even in cities outside of their territory, a Core Disciple of the Yun Hai Sect would be treated with respect and wherever he went. They were supported by the sect itself.

It was also the case within clans. For example in the Lin Clan, the Honorable Elder or Lin Ba Dao also regarded Core Disciples of a Sect with respect. In the Lin Clan, they wanted Lin Ba Dao to be the Head of the Clan because they had hoped that Lin Qian could become a Core Disciple of the Hao Yue Sect. This would bring them great honor and  greatly rise their status within the country. If Lin Qian progressed, she could even become a Elder in the Hao Yue Sect which would make the Lin Clan extremely influential.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng who everyone was sure would become an outstanding figure in the future, wasn’t a member of the Lin Clan anymore and there was still regret remaining over the events.

When he arrived in the Yun Hai Sect, Lin Feng first decided to wash the dirt from his body as he had travelled for 10 days. He then put on a clean set of Yun Hai Sect disciple robes. It was now time for him to head to the Xing Chen Pavilion.

He had now broken through to the Ling Qi layer. He needed a more advanced agility technique and a higher level martial skill. Only then, he would be to fully unleash his power during a battle.

“Protector Bei.” Lin Feng saw the old man who had the same expression as he always had at the entrance of the Xing Chen Pavilion. He looked like he was staring blankly into the horizon.

But Lin Feng was extremely happy to know that old man was a protector of the sect and when needed he would become extremely energetic and powerful. Lin Feng knew that the old man sitting in front of the Xing Chen Pavilion could look sluggish but that it was only one aspect of his personality. However, if Lin Feng hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would hardly believe that the old man could actually be so powerful.

Protector Bei’s expression suddenly changed, he raised his head and looked at Lin Feng with sparkling eyes. He then smiled, which was extremely rare, and said: “Oh, you have finally come back.”

“Yes, I came to find a new Agility Technique to practice.” said Lin Feng while smiling and nodding.

“Go to the first floor. Take your time.” replied Protector Bei.

“Thank you, Protector Bei, thank you for your help and sorry to bother you.” Lin Feng’s goal was to go to the first floor and gain advanced skills. According to the rules of the Yun Hai Sect, only those who had reached the Ling Qi layer or those who were Elite Disciples could go to the first floor. The disciples who had reached the Ling Qi layer but not yet joined the Elite Disciples would have a limited time when selecting skills, they could not take their time. They would also not have access to the second floor without becoming an elite disciple. There was an oil lamp which was lit when they entered the room and when that oil lamp went out, they would have to leave. During that short timeframe, they had to find suitable agility techniques and martial skills for themselves.

The time these oil lamps stayed on was normally not enough time to find suitable agility techniques and martial skills. There were a myriad of martial skills and agility techniques in the Xing Chen Pavilion. It was very hard to find something suitable for one’s self in a limited time as there was just such a large number. But rules are rules. Nobody dared violate the rules of the sect. Many Yun Hai Sect disciples wanted to become Elite Disciples to be able to fully access the skills and agility techniques on this floor and the second floor of the Xing Chen Pavilion. That way, they would be able to greatly improve their abilities and find the best techniques for their fighting styles.

“No need to thank me or be sorry for bothering me. Just don’t go to the second floor. You can stay as long as you wish on the ground floor and first floor.” said the old man indifferently.

Lin Feng was astonished, stupefied, stunned. Right after, he had a huge smile on his face. Lin Feng definitely was very lucky to have the protector watching over him.

“Thank you very much, thank you, thank you esteemed protector.”

Lin Feng became a bit more familiar at that moment when talking to the old man. He then entered the Xing Chen Pavilion and immediately after moved towards the stairs leading to the first floor.

“Little fellow, I’m just worried that your current level of cultivation wouldn’t match those skills and techniques on the higher floors, otherwise I would have told you to go to the third floor.” thought Protector Bei while looking at Lin Feng’s silhouette and then shaking his head and smiling. He then whispered: “The Precipice of Zhangu… eight drums… You have changed the history of the Yun Hai Sect. You will always be able to enter my humble Xing Chen Pavilion as you please.”

Protector Bei had a great impression of Lin Feng but the other disciples of the Yun Hai Sect didn’t think that way. When they saw Lin Feng, who was wearing the robes of the ordinary disciples and immediately went up to the first floor of the Xing Chen Pavilion, many people were stupefied.

“Who’s that guy? How can he go past the ground floor of the pavilion?”

“I don’t know but he’s clearly an ordinary disciple… and he is not one of the disciple known for breaking into the Ling Qi layer.”

Many people were envious and jealous. Not only could higher level agility techniques enable cultivators to greatly increase their speed and benefit cultivation but it also enabled them to greatly increase their overall fighting strength. It enabled them to use movements of a higher difficulty. In a battle, it could enable them to have a clear advantage in speed over their opponent. Who wouldn’t want that?

All the Agility Techniques and martial skills were divided into different levels: Sky level, Earth level, Xuan level, Yellow level… These skills and agility techniques were spread over four levels in the Xing Chen Pavilion. On the ground floor of the pavilion were yellow level skills and agility techniques, on the first floor were skills and agility techniques of the Xuan level and were extremely powerful.

The first floor of the Xing Chen Pavilion was much more quiet than the ground floor. There were very few people on the first floor. They were all quietly looking for amazing skills and techniques suitable for themselves.

At that moment, many people saw Lin Feng go upstairs and looked at him with disdain.

“There are less martial skills and agility techniques than on the ground floor.” Lin Feng thought while looking at all the skills on the first floor. No matter what, these skills and agility techniques were extremely valuable. They were obviously very hard to find, therefore there were less skills on the first floor than on the ground floor.

“Let’s find an agility technique.” thought Lin Feng while looking at all the books and then immediately started to read them and analyze the skills.

“Purity Technique, Xuan level, absorbs the energy of the power of heaven and earth to purify the body, regulates body functions and provides greater control over the body, practice to the highest level and your body will be faster, stronger and controlled with ease.”

“Please note that this skill is suitable for any spirit. It cannot be practiced very quickly as the muscles and vessels must first become used to the change within the body. Improving too quickly would have the opposite effects and the body would become exhausted and possibly damaged.”

That was one of the techniques. There was a small note written on that book enabling those of the younger generations to understand it in more detail.

“I guess I will take this one…” said Lin Feng in a low voice. As if he hadn’t seen the warning written by hand in the book, Lin Feng immediately chose that technique.

Lin Feng didn’t even look at the other techniques. He knew what he was doing.

Everything about that Purity Agility Technique looked useless but Lin Feng thought it was great.

“Let’s find some martial skills now.” thought Lin Feng while moving towards to the skill shelves.

“Dead Forest.”

“Scorching Apocalypse.”

“Deadly Frost.”

Lin Feng was looking at all these skills but found none of them satisfying.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation. Xuan level. Eight extremely powerful strikes which cover the heavens and are almost impossible to dodge.

This skill drew Lin Feng’s attention.

“I will also take this one” Lin Feng took that book but didn’t leave, he needed another martial skill, it had been too long since he had practiced any new martial skills. So he needed to increase his battle power quickly.

After a while, Lin Feng found a sword skill which was extremely powerful and of the Xuan level but it required a sword spirit to perfectly comprehend. It also required a perfect understanding of sword force. If someone did not understand the world and the elemental forces within, it would be impossible to comprehend this skill. It was called Sword of Nirvana.

Many disciples had avoided this skill as the conditions to learn it were incredibly harsh. They would not only need to understand sword force, but the world around them and other elemental forces. They would need a great deal of comprehension.

“Lucky, I have found another.” Lin Feng was excited. It seemed like the Sword of Nirvana had been prepared especially for him. Requiring understanding of sword force and also requiring a perfect understanding of the world and the forces contained within. He could gain a perfect understanding of the world and forces within by using his spirit. It was a perfect skill for him.

This skill was made for him.

The requirement of having a sword spirit in order to learn the skill was a joke. Was someone who had a sword spirit more knowledgeable about swords than Lin Feng?

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