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PMG Chapter 550: Risking One’s Life

PMG Chapter 550: Risking One’s Life

A moon and a sun pattern appeared on Yuan Tong’s body and began to rotate.

He raised his hands, in his right hand appeared a scorching hot fire and in his left hand appeared an ice-cold energy. 

“Lin Feng, you have to be careful, his moon and sun skills are extremely powerful. His moon skill is ice-cold and his sun skill is has an explosive power.” said Huo Jiu Yang from the ground. Lin Feng slightly nodded. He didn’t need Huo Jiu Yang to remind him of that, Lin Feng understood that attacks which used two different elements were out of the ordinary. 

“Even if he knows, what can he do? He can’t block my attacks.” said Yuan Tong coldly.

“Do I even need to block your attacks?” asked Lin Feng. He started making pure Qi roll around his body and a terrifying Qi started burning. The sun was shining upon his body, it was dazzling. In Lin Feng’s right hand, a sun sword was appearing and it was diffusing its dazzling light all around. 

Besides, apart from that terrifying sun energy, Lin Feng was also releasing some terrifying deadly Qi and it was becoming more and more intense as it invaded the atmosphere.

A black light started twinkling in Lin Feng’s left hand, he was condensing a sword. That sword was filled with murderous intentions, it was a deadly sword.

Yuan Tong was using both his hands, one for his moon skill and the other for his sun skill. 

Lin Feng was using both his hands. In in his left hand he had his deadly sword which was filled with murderous intent. In his right hand, there was a sun sword which could burn the cosmos. 

“In this world there are many geniuses. You shouldn’t think that you are the best in the world, there are others that can do what you can do as well.” said Lin Feng. He had two swords, he looked like a death good. His pupils had turned pitch-black, the people were shocked.

Lin Feng started stepping forwards. Yuan Tong had said that he could only block but Lin Feng didn’t intend to block, he intended to attack. 

Lin Feng’s dazzling sun sword, in his right hand, started moving towards Yuan Tong. It was emitting whistling sounds in the air. It seemed like it could burn through anything. 

Yuan Tong was surprised when he sensed that sword intent, he started attacking with his right hand. His terrifying sun Qi turned into a gigantic flame which bombarded the atmosphere towards Lin Feng’s sword. 

“Boom boom boom!” When Lin Feng’s sword lacerated Yuan Tong’s flames rumbling sounds formed making the atmosphere shake. After the collision Lin Feng continued to fearlessly move towards Yuan Tong. Lin Feng’s deadly Qi began to surround Yuan Tong’s body. 

“Die.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His deadly Qi penetrated into Yuan Tong’s body, immediately affecting his resolution and determination. That deadly Qi had its own life, its own intent. 

“Moon and Sun Level Two!” Yuan Tong joined his hands and in front of him. A huge pattern appeared, it looked like a mixture of the moon and the sun and it was moving towards Lin Feng’s sword.

“Lacerate.” shouted Lin Feng. He didn’t move back, his sword could lacerate the ten thousand things of creation. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr….” Ripping sounds spread in the air and the moon sun level two skill got lacerated by Lin Feng’s deadly sword. At that moment, nothing could stop Lin Feng’s sword. 

“Get lost!” shouted Yuan Tong while releasing some pure Qi that bombarded Lin Feng’s sword. And then he started moving back at full speed, in a flash, he had moved back of a few meters. He looked depressed while staring at Lin Feng. 

“Are you trying to cheer yourself up by shouting ‘get lost’ and moving back at the same time?” asked Lin Feng still holding his two swords. He remained at his original place, motionless, he was just coldly staring at Yuan Tong. 

Yuan Tong looked furious. 

Everybody was fixedly staring at them, they were astonished. 

Lin Feng had surprised them, he was truly amazing. He was much stronger than anything they could have expected. He looked like a death god with his two swords. He had immediately attacked Yuan Tong who continued to retreat in their fight.. 

Lin Feng surprisingly had the advantage against Yuan Tong, that young man was amazing, their souls were shaking. 

Were the geniuses from Xue Yue really weaker than the geniuses from Dragon Mountain? Didn’t it depend on the individual? 

“Now, don’t you think those words you were denouncing me with a moment ago feel like a slap to the face?” asked Lin Feng indifferently. Yuan Tong looked defeated. Lin Feng had told him to use strength to justify his pride and arrogance but he couldn’t prove anything. 

Now, Lin Feng was showing that he was stronger than him. He was showing everyone that he could have acted in an arrogant way like Yuan Tong but he didn’t. Yuan Tong wasn’t proving anything, Lin Feng was humiliating him.

Yuan Tong didn’t say anything, he didn’t try to humiliate Lin Feng again. Lin Feng was extremely strong, he could be proud of himself. If Yuan Tong didn’t show what he was capable of he would lose face and would never regain it. 

His body moved and his spirit appeared in his back. His spirit was composed of two eyes, one was a moon and the other was a sun. They were so dazzling that people’s eyes were hurting.

“You made me release my spirit, don’t you disappoint me.” said Yuan Tong coldly. He didn’t wait for Lin Feng to attack, immediately throwing himself at him. 

His right hand was moving towards Lin Feng at full speed, it was filled with a terrifying sun energy. The atmosphere was filled with small embers that looked like stars. It seemed like everything was going to ignite. 

His spirit was shining upon his sun Qi, adding a strange light to it. 

Lin Feng, without hesitating, brandished his sword. But it seemed like his sword was only lacerating the air. The sun Qi kept moving towards Lin Feng and Lin Feng’s sword didn’t seem like it could lacerate it. 

Lin Feng, surprised, rose up into the air like the wind. 

Yuan Tong saw that Lin Feng couldn’t move well. It seemed like his moon and sun skill could oppress Lin Feng. Yuan Tong’s trajectory followed Lin Feng’s, like a curve.

The crowd could clearly see that Yuan Tong’s spirit was diffusing some strange lights.

“Destroy.” shouted Yuan Tong at that moment. He moved his left hand and in a flash, an ice-cold moon energy appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. It was extremely fast, it was catching up to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was stupefied and smiled coldly. The crowd was astonished, Lin Feng wasn’t moving back. 

A strange light kept flowing in Lin Feng’s veins, it was the strength of the Herukas.

Lin Feng made a step forwards and was surprisingly engulfed by the moon energy! 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr……!” The cold moon Qi bombarded Lin Feng’s body. A dazzling pitch-black light started shining, it seemed like it was blocking that cold Qi from penetrating into his body. 

Even though Lin Feng’s Heruka strength was monstrous, in the light of that moon and sun skill Lin Feng could feel some ice-cold energy penetrating into his body, it was piercingly cold. Lin Feng was shaking. 

But Lin Feng continued determined and resolute, he was moving at an incredible speed.

The sword in his right hand abruptly moved and attacked Yuan Tong’s spirit. 

“Crrrr… Crrrr….” The sun sword immediately penetrated into the moon sun spirit causing Yuan Tong’s body to start shaking violently.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” His soul felt extremely painful, he gave a horrible shriek that astonished the crowd. 

Lin Feng was insane. 

“Die.” Yuan Tong joined his hands, and his moon and sun Qi moved towards Lin Feng bombarding the atmosphere. Lin Feng still looked tenacious, he released some deadly energy. The killer sword in his left hand lacerated the moon and sun Qi. At the same time, Lin Feng kept the strength of the Herukas rotating. He was very close to Yuan Tong. 

“Die.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. All the strength of the Herukas was in his hand and he was punching at Yuan Tong’s head.

Yuan Tong moved his hands back and started retreating. 

“Boom, kacha!”

Lin Feng’s Heruka strength could rotate four thousand times, it bombarded Yuan Tong’s bones. After Yuan Tong retreated, Lin Feng didn’t aim at the head anymore, he aimed at the chest. Yuan Tong’s body was blown away.

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