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PMG Chapter 551: Karma May Reunite Us!

PMG Chapter 551: Karma May Reunite Us!

“Aaaaaaahhhhh………” Yuan Tong cried in agony. Several of his ribs were broken.. 

At that moment Lin Feng wasn’t feeling great either. Even though he protected himself with the strength of the Herukas, the cold Qi of Yuan Tong’s moon skill still penetrated into his body making him shiver. There were actual threads of ice flowing in his body. 

“Burn!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. A magnificent sunlight appeared and surrounded his body, expelling out the cold. 

Lin Feng dared to jump into his enemy’s attack only because he knew he could expel the cold out beforehand, considering he had done it for Huo Shi Yun, he wasn’t afraid. He knew that his cosmos-burning sun skill would make Yuan Tong’s ice Qi melt.

Yuan Tong was feeling differently. Lin Feng’s attack hadn’t killed him but he was badly injured. With his bones broken he couldn’t fight against Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng made a huge step forwards, still holding his deadly sword. His deadly energy enveloped Yuan Tong, making him shake from head to toe. 

“Aaahhh……!” Yuan Tong roared violently. His face looked gruesome, like he was in great pain. His hands abruptly started shaking, he wasn’t using them to attack Lin Feng with his moon and sun skills. Instead, he transformed into a beam of light and started escaping.

He had been defeated. He had come looking prestigious and dignified, extremely proud and arrogant. He had been defeated by Lin Feng from Xue Yue in the end. He was furious. 

Besides, the girl he wanted to kidnap had a crush on Lin Feng and she rejected him in front of everybody! 

This wasn’t even the Great Competition of Xue Yu! Having already been defeated by Lin Feng from Xue Yue, how would he be able to go to the Great Competition of Xue Yu with assurance and confidence, when he already lost face. He might have to face Lin Feng there after all!

At the Great Competition of Xue Yu he would still feel humiliated, he would remember this defeat. 

Lin Feng watched as Yuan Tong left. He didn’t chase him, he wasn’t sure if he could catch Yuan Tong because he was extremely fast.

The crowd looked at Lin Feng standing in the sky while Yuan Tong disappeared into the distance, they were speechless. 

Lin Feng had amazed them time after time, how could they ever forget him?

Originally Yuan Lie had humiliated Lin Feng causing Lin Feng to kill him. Then, the Huo Clan humiliated him and Lin Feng cut off the two arms of their second elder. 

Then Yuan Tong had come flying through the sky. He had acted very proud and arrogant until Lin Feng had defeated him with his swords. In front of everyone, he had amazed them. 
Lin Feng had won against Yuan Tong, a genius who was going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Yuan Tong had what it took to be one of the ten greatest geniuses of Dragon Mountain. 

How could they not be astonished by what had happened? They would never forget Lin Feng, Lin Feng would surely become a legend, a myth one day. 

“Pfewww…” everybody took a deep breath, looking at Lin Feng. They didn’t know what to think. A short time before, the second elder and Huo Yun had wanted to capture him and deliver him to the Yuan Clan. No one had ever thought that Lin Feng was such a powerful cultivator. The second elder and Huo Yun felt regret at that moment, sitting on the ground and looking at Lin Feng. 

They were realizing how ridiculous they had been. They had dared to despise such a genius and humiliate him, they had even wanted Lin Feng to die. In Lin Feng’s eyes, they were worthless, less than nothing. If Lin Feng felt like it he could kill them in the blink of an eye, just like Yuan Tong. 

Huo Jiu Yang was also astonished. He believed that Lin Feng was of the first Xuan Qi layer, he of course believed that his daughter deserved better than that. When Lin Feng had left he hadn’t tried to stop him, even though Lin Feng had cured his daughter! 

Even though Huo Jiu Yang was surprised when Lin Feng killed Yuan Lie, he wasn’t amazed. When Lin Feng had defeated the second elder, Lin Feng had proved that he was a genius. It was then that Huo Jiu Yang thought that Lin Feng only needed a few years to defeat Yuan Tong and he changed his mind.

Now Lin Feng had defeated Yuan Tong. Not only had he defeated Yuan Tong but he had scared him to death. Yuan Tong had ran away! 

Lin Feng was so much younger than Yuan Tong and had come in the name of Xue Yue. He was going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu and will have a brilliant future ahead of him. Huo Jiu Yang was now convinced that Lin Feng was a perfect match for his daughter. However, he was worried that Lin Feng wasn’t interested in his daughter. 

Huo Jiu Yang looked at his daughter, her beautiful eyes were twinkling. She was looking at Lin Feng in the sky while smiling in a resplendent way. 

Lin Feng was safe now that he had defeated Yuan Tong. Even the Huo Clan was safe. Huo Shi Yun wouldn’t need to become Yuan Tong’s wife! She would have never believed that someone would save her, not even in her dreams. This was even better than a dream. 

Lin Feng was still standing in the sky. He had closed his eyes with his cosmos-burning sun skill revolving around him. The sunlight was shining upon his body. 

In Lin Feng’s body the ice Qi was flowing out. Lin Feng’s cosmos-burning skill was completely expelling the ice out of his body. He couldn’t let it affect his future cultivation.

“Lin Feng must have been injured when he collided with Yuan Tong’s moon skill… Maybe he’s not feeling well…” whispered Huo Jiu Yuan to Huo Shi Yun. She clenched her fists, shook her head, and said, “He’s fine, he managed to expel the ice out of my body, so he will be able to expel it from his own body.”

“Alright.” Nodded Huo Jiu Yang. “I hope so.” 

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng.

After a while, Lin Feng moved and some ice fell out from his body. His sunlight surrounded the ice making it melt.

Because Lin Feng was using the strength of the Herukas, he didn’t need to release his spirit. He could rely on his cosmos-burning sun skill to destroy the ice.

He opened his eyes and glared at the people of the Yuan Clan in a cold way. The Yuan Clan was surrounded by the people of the Huo Clan. They no longer looked aggressive, they had lost their arrogance after Yuan Tong ran away. 

“Get lost! And tell Yuan Tong that if he dares touch the Huo Clan ever again, I will annihilate the Yuan Clan!” declared Lin Feng. The members of the Yuan Clan were shaking when he yelled.

The Huo Clan moved away to  let the Yuan Clan leave.

Lin Feng was giving them a chance, they were happy to run away with their lives. The Yuan Clan left after a short moment, none of them stayed behind.

“With that threat, unless Yuan Tong goes insane, he will not attack the Huo Clan again. If he does, I will make sure to kill them all.” 

Lin Feng continued to condense pure Qi under his feet, he didn’t move down. He looked at Huo Shi Yun on the ground. 

“Shi Yun, I cured you and made sure Yuan Tong will not dare come back. I am leaving now. If it is our fate, we shall meet again.” said Lin Feng to Huo Shi Yun while smiling. He jumped forwards and started flying away. He had no reason to stay any longer.

Huo Shi Yun was stupefied and Huo Jiu Yang was astonished. At that moment, everybody remained speechless! 

Lin Feng had left… If it was their fate, they would meet again! 

Lin Feng had left in such a matter?

Huo Shi Yu’s heart was pounding, she was extremely sad. She smiled wryly… That’s what everybody had thought. 

“Lin Feng, wait!” shouted Huo Shi Yun suddenly. Lin Feng had already disappeared though. Huo Shi Yun’s eyes dilated as she looked into the distance.

“Shi Yun, is there anything else?” asked Lin Feng as he immediately came back from the horizon. 

She smiled when she saw Lin Feng. She took out a scroll and a memory jade which she threw at Lin Feng. 

“Keep them as thanks!” said Huo Shi Yun while smiling. 

Lin Feng caught them, smiled, and said, “See you again.”

Again he left. Huo Jiu Yang was staring at Huo Shi Yun, she had given their clan’s treasures to Lin Feng?

Huo Jiu Yang looked at his daughter as some tears flowed down her cheeks.

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