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PMG Chapter 552: Geniuses’ Gathering

PMG Chapter 552: Geniuses’ Gathering

Lin Feng went back to his residence after he left the Huo Clan. 

He entered his room and sat down cross-legged. His eyes were twinkling. The scroll and the memory jade appeared in front of him. 

“I don’t know what she gave me.”

Lin Feng slowly unrolled the scroll, it smelt like an ancient scroll and appeared old-fashioned.

Opening it he saw some words, Lin Feng was stupefied.

From the top-right corner to the bottom-left corner, there were some characters incredibly written, “Divine Water Pill!” 

That scroll was the recipe of the divine water pills! How precious! It was invaluable. 

Lin Feng wouldn’t have believed that Huo Shi Yun would give him such a treasure. Those pills were Tian level! Lin Feng had come Dragon Mountain hoping to find the recipe to these pills. He hadn’t thought that he would obtain it that way. 

Lin Feng sighed while thinking about the beautiful Huo Shi Yun. He put the recipe away and took out the memory jade. Since the scroll contained an incredible recipe maybe the memory jade also contained something incredible.

Lin Feng looked into the jade and what appeared in his brain astonished him!

“Nine Suns skill.” 

That memory jade contained the nine suns skill. 

Lin Feng knew how to use it. He first had to make sun fire and then make nine suns. The hotter the fire, the more powerful the skill. 

Lin Feng had learnt the cosmos-burning sun skill which was a sun skill. So he would be able to learn the nine suns skills. In his hands it would have a monstrous explosive power. Huo Shi Yun must have thought about that when she gave it to Lin Feng. 

Besides, the divine water pill was a sun pill. It contained nine suns grass filled with sun Qi. Those who practiced the nine suns skill could take several divine water pills to improve the strength of their fire. Their sun fire would become even more terrifying. 

The Huo Clan must have had that recipe and the nine suns skill for a long time, passing them from generation to generation. 

It eventually ended up in Huo Jiu Yang’s hands. When Yuan Tong had come to kill them, Huo Jiu Yang had given them to his daughter. Nobody would have believed that she would give them to Lin Feng. 

“I practice the cosmos-burning sun skill so I should be able to make a sun that looks as real as the sun. Now that I have the nine suns skill, I will be able to carry out monstrously powerful attacks. I don’t even need to learn it from the beginning, I already know some of it.” Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. His cosmos-burning skill, coupled with the nine suns skill would be devastating… At least, it would be much stronger than that used by the second elder.

When Lin Feng thought about it he closed his eyes. Sunlight started flowing into his body and through his blood vessels as he absorbed natural sunlight. An extremely hot Qi began to flow through his body. 

Because Lin Feng didn’t need to learn the skill from the beginning, he wouldn’t have much difficulty mastering the nine suns skill.

A monstrous strength was flowing and rolling in Lin Feng’s body. Suddenly a fire ignited all around him as several suns appeared.

After half an hour, Lin Feng raised his head. There, in front of him, was the first sun, it was dazzling. 

“Go!” Shouted Lin Feng. The first sun bombarded the atmosphere, passed through the window and went outside. An explosion sounded out and spread through the air as scorching hot Qi spread about.

Lin Feng ignored the results, his eyes were closed as he continued practicing the nine suns skill. 


While Lin Feng was practicing cultivation, the news that Yuan Tong had been defeated was spreading quickly. The astonishing part of the story was that the one who had defeated him was participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu. But that person wasn’t from Dragon Mountain! He was from Xue Yue, a small country under its jurisdiction! 

Yuan Tong was a genius in Dragon Mountain. He was one of the ten best young cultivators and he had been defeated by a cultivator from Xue Yue, it was unbelievable!

In the palace of the Yuan Clan there was a silhouette in the sky. That person landed on one of the roofs of the buildings and sat down..

That person looked cold, like a blade. He had a very strong Qi. What surprised people was that that person was very young. He must have been less than thirty years old. 

He just sat there calmly.

Many of the Yuan Clan’s members noticed his presence.Various comments started spreading amongst them. Who was that? Surprisingly, that person dared come to the Yuan Clan and sit down on a roof! He was absolutely motionless, as if that place had been a place to rest! 

Several people were about to ask him to leave, but at that moment, someone else arrived in the sky. At full speed, and in a flash, landed on the roof as well. That person was wearing black clothes. He sat down, calmly and silently, without emitting any sound. 

They looked dangerous, the people of the Yuan Clan were hesitating now, not daring to ask them to leave. Those two people who were sitting, looked enigmatic. If asked to leave, maybe the situation would end badly. They were probably dangerous. The best thing would be to ignore them and inform the young master Yuan Tong that these people were there.

Those two people weren’t the only ones. After them, more people arrived and landed on roofs. Nobody said anything as they looked extremely scary.

At that moment, there were now five people. 

Some whistling sounds spread through the air. The five cloaked roof-sitters turned around and looked at the one coming. 

The one who was arriving looked cold as ice, and fierce as well as tough. Something caught people’s eyes, that person’s hand. His left hand was black. 

In Dragon Mountain, people would immediately recognize that hand, it was Cui Wu Ming. 

Cui Wu Ming’s left hand was monstrously powerful. He had killed countless people with it. He was amongst the five best cultivators of Dragon Mountain. Everyone knew that.

“It seems like Yuan Tong’s incident is leading to something unexpected. Surprisingly, Cui Wu Ming came in person. Maybe that other person will arrive…” 

At that moment, someone laughed.

“Impossible, Jun Mo Xi will not come to deal with this. Do you think that the two girls will come? What about Jian Chen? He won’t come either. What do you think?” 

The other person nodded while smiling. Indeed, Cui Wu Ming had come, it was already astonishing. Apart from those people, nobody else would come. 

Cui Wu Ming landed and glanced at those people, he was smiling in a strange way. 

“You also came! I’m surprised we came at the same time.” 

The one who had just talked was smiling. If anyone knew that those few young people had gathered on that roof, even bigger gossip would spread through Dragon Mountain. 

“Yuan Tong was surprisingly defeated by someone from Xue Yue. That someone is also going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, of course we came!” said someone else. 

Another person smiled and said, “I don’t know who defeated Yuan Tong though. He must be extremely strong. He must be the strongest from Xue Yue.”

“I don’t know. Probably so. Maybe the first one, or the second one, but no less than the third one.” speculated someone else. If somebody from Xue Yue had defeated Yuan Tong, it had to be one of the best cultivators of Xue Yue, otherwise Yuan Tong would have defeated him easily. 

“Why don’t you ask me?” said someone in the sky at that moment. Someone else had arrived. He was wearing white clothes and was surfing in the air, he was surfing on a sword carefree. 

When everyone saw him they were stupefied, especially the one with the black hand, Cui Wu Ming. He surprisingly released some battle energy.

“He came too.” thought people. They never thought he would come. That person was the fourth best disciple of Dragon Mountain, Jian Chen! 

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