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PMG Chapter 553: Lin Feng, Come Out!

PMG Chapter 553: Lin Feng, Come Out!

Jian Chen’s sword was emitting whistling sounds in the air. 

Jian Chen smiled, “Gentlemen, what a coincidence.” He sounded calm and carefree. He glanced at the cloaked people, they were impressive geniuses of Dragon Mountain. They were all ranked amongst the best. When they had heard that Lin Feng had defeated Yuan Tong they immediately came. Jian Chen hadn’t thought that they would come, but instead thinking that they would stay calm. Especially in this critical period which was right before the beginning of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

The most concerning part of the gossip was that the one who had defeated Yuan Tong was from Xue Yue who was also participating in the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

In such circumstances, those few geniuses from Dragon Mountain, who were extremely proud and had high opinions of themselves, felt somewhat neglected.

“Jian Chen, you came too. You and Ruo Lan Shan came with those people from Xue Yue so you should know what the ranking of the one who defeated Yuan Tong is?” asked someone. They were all interested in those geniuses from Xue Yue, they wanted to compare their strength with them. Of course, they wanted to know if they were stronger than them. 

“The most outstanding geniuses of Xue Yue are the eight high-officials, Lin Feng isn’t among them. He arrived later and had killed several of the eight high-officials. He also killed people from Tian Feng. Apart from the first envoy, six of the people from Tian Feng went to Xue Yue and Lin Feng had humiliated all of them, killing most of them. Then, he killed the prince of Tian Feng, Feng Chen. However, I don’t know Lin Feng’s ranking in Xue Yue.” explained Jian Chen smiling. Everybody was astonished. Lin Feng seemed too complex to understand. He was outstanding and had been rising for such a short time. Now he had come to Dragon Mountain, had fought once, and everyone already knew his name already. 

“What is Lin Feng’s cultivation level?” asked Cui Wu Ming. Everybody was suddenly interested. They all wanted to know what Lin Feng’s cultivation level was.

“Last time I saw him, he had broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer. But I heard that when he fought against Yuan Tong he had already broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer.” said Jian Chen while inspecting everyone else’s cultivation level. As expected, everybody was stupefied and their eyes twinkling. 

Fourth Xuan Qi layer? How was that possible? Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and had defeated Yuan Tong who had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer?

Yuan Tong was a genius of Dragon Mountain. He was much stronger than an ordinary cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. Besides his moon and sun skills were incredible, monstrously strong. How could Lin Feng defeat him when there was a difference of two cultivation layers between them?

“No way, right?” said someone surprised.

“You can ask Yuan Tong.” said Jian Chen smiling. 

When that person heard Jian Chen sounding so self-confident, he looked at the Yuan Clan and shouted, “Yuan Tong, your friends are here! Why come you’re not coming out?!” 

His voice rolled everywhere so that everyone in the Yuan Clan could hear him. They all looked glum, they knew that it was better not to annoy the people on the roof. 

After a moment of silence, a silhouette finally appeared in the sky. He looked cold as ice, Yuan Tong. 

He had been defeated by Lin Feng and everybody knew about it. He had become the talk of the town. Those people had rushed to the Yuan Clan to make fun of him, he was of course depressed.

“Did you guys come here to make fun of me?” asked Yuan Tong glaring at them. Lin Feng had seriously injured his chest when he punched him When they arrived a moment before, he was healing his injury, and now they had interrupted him. 

“Yuan Tong, don’t misunderstand us, we came here to ask you what Lin Feng’s cultivation level is.” asked the one who had just asked Jian Chen the same question. Even though he was telling Yuan Tong not to misunderstand them, he had insisted on that word, he was obviously making fun of him. They despised him, he was one of the ten best cultivators of the region and had been defeated by someone from Xue Yue, how humiliating for Dragon Empire! 

 “Qin Chuan, if you have anything to tell me, no need to talk in such a mystifying way!” said Yuan Tong coldly. He then added, “Lin Feng has broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. If you think that you are strong enough, go compare yourself with him! Prove that you’re stronger than me.” 

“Fourth Xuan Qi layer…” repeated Qin Chuan, smirking. He smiled coldly when he declared “I will. If I, Qin Chuan, get beaten by a cultivator who is weaker than me by two cultivation layers, I will not have face to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. I will not have the right to represent my country after such humiliation.” 

“I’m not showing you where the exit is.” said Yuan Tong coldy. He was ordering them to leave.

When Qin Chuan heard Yuan Tong, he smiled darkly. 

“Yuan Tong, wait and you’ll see.” then Qin Chuan jumped into the sky and left. 

“Let’s go and see some geniuses from Xue Yue too!” said Cui Wu Ming while stomping on the roof and breaking it. He then glanced at Yuan Tong, turned into a light beam, and left.

“Boom boom boom!” The roof was breaking apart. Yuan Tong clenched his fists and looked at the people leaving. He felt furious and humiliated. He understood that those people despised him now. 

Being furious was useless though, he had been defeated by Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, I will defeat you. You better not run into me.” said Yuan Tong while clenching his fists so hard that crackling sound spread in the air. Blue veins appeared on his fists.


In the residence where the people from Xue Yue were staying, some silhouettes appeared in the sky and landed on the roof of the highest building.

Those people were the geniuses of Dragon Mountain. They all had sharp lights flashing in their eyes. They looked aggressive.

“I hope that we will see those geniuses from Xue Yue.” said one of them loudly, his voice spread through all of the buildings.

A short moment after, a few silhouettes appeared and landed on the roofs. They looked at the people on the highest roof.

Those people looked outstanding and full of vitality. One glance at them and one could see that they were extraordinarily strong. 

“Who are you?” asked Wu Qing of the Wan Shou Sect in an coldly. He was aggressively staring at those people. 

“Who is Lin Feng?”

Nobody paid attention to Wu Qing, Qin Chuan glared at the people of Xue Yue in a fierce way. 

“Lin Feng?” all the people from Xue Yue were surprised. They glanced at each other looking perplexed, why were those people looking for Lin Feng? 

Nobody replied. Qin Chuan glanced at Jian Chen who smiled and said, “Lin Feng is not there.”

“He isn’t?” Qin Chuan was stupefied. He glanced at the buildings and shouted, “Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng, Lin Feng, Lin Feng…..” his voice resonated everywhere for a while.

The atmosphere then became silent for a while. After that moment a silhouette appeared in the horizon. He was wearing white clothes and was slowly rising up in the air. He looked particularly young, he was younger than all of them. He looked clean and smart but cold. He glanced at those people at the top of the roof. 

Eventually he landed on a roof and asked, “What do you all want?”

Lin Feng was staring at Qin Chuan coldly. A moment before, Lin Feng was practicing and Qin Chuan had disturbed him. Of course Lin Feng wasn’t happy. 

Besides, Qin Chuan had shouted so loud that no matter what, Lin Feng would have been bothered. Even if he had been sleeping he would have been woken up. How rude!

“You are Lin Feng?” asked Qin Chuan in an ice-cold way. 

“Indeed.” said Lin Feng while nodding. 

When Qin Chuan heard Lin Feng’s reply, he used his celestial eyes skill to inspect Lin Feng’s cultivation level and frowned. At the same time, Lin Feng also looked at him with his celestial eyes. Qin Chuan had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer, just like Yuan Tong! 

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