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PMG Chapter 556: Terrorize Qin Chuan

PMG Chapter 556: Terrorize Qin Chuan

“What a determined young man!” thought the crowd, when they saw Lin Feng’s pitch-black pupils. They were stupefied. Lin Feng was moving at the speed of lightning to the extent that Qin Chuan didn’t have any time to breathe. 

At that moment, Qin Chuan looked dispirited, pure Qi was rolling all around his body while he was heavily panting. 

“Get lost!” shouted Qin Chuan furiously. His pure Qi then transformed into a short sword which moved towards Lin Feng like a shooting star. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng, whose voice was as loud as his opponent. Lin Feng sounded extremely furious. Apart from the strength of his Herukas and his pure Qi, Lin Feng also condensed a deadly sword. 
Lin Feng’s hands contained the strength of the Herukas, he was moving forward as he intended to prevent Qin Chuan from escaping. 

“Boom boom boom!” Attacks from both of the fighters collided.
“Spirit!” shouted Qin Chuan, looking gravely pale. His voice was trembling. Then, behind him appeared a small golden spirit. 

He moved back and kept condensing some pure Qi. In front of Qin Chuan appeared dozens of small golden swords, they all contained deadly Qi and were extremely sharp. They surrounded Lin Feng. 

“He released his spirit!” the crowd was stupefied, they hadn’t thought that Qin Chuan would have to release his spirit when facing Lin Feng, at least, not that quickly. Lin Feng had been able to defeat Yuan Tong, so, as expected, he wasn’t a weakling. 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer but with the physical strength flowing in his body, he was able to put pressure on cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer to the extent that they couldn’t afford to get hit by Lin Feng. Therefore, Qin Chuan kept moving backwards and didn’t dare confront him. 

“Spirit?” Lin Feng looked cold and detached. He shook his body and his celestial fangs spirit appeared. Immediately after, it moved towards Qin Chuan at the speed of light. 

“Die!” shouted Qin Chuan, the pure energy in front of him condensed into a sword and moved towards Lin Feng’s celestial fangs spirit. 

“Boom boom boom!” 

A few heads of the celestial fangs spirit and the sword collided, creating a deafening noise. Huge waves of energies flowed around. However, those heads of the celestial fangs spirit immediately turned into a cloud of smoke and then disappeared as if nothing had appeared.

“Roaaarrr…..” Two remaining dragon heads arrived in front of Qin Chuan, immediately surrounding him. They, then, opened their gigantic mouths trying to swallow him. 

Those two heads were moving at full speed. Their teeth were as dazzling as swords. 

“Destroy!” shouted Qin Chuan furiously, when he saw those teeth trying to bite him. His spirit immediately moved towards those heads and made the dragon disappear. 

As expected, a spirit of the fourth Xuan Qi layer was weaker than a spirit of the sixth layer.

Despite that, Lin Feng wasn’t discouraged, he could rely on his physical strength to try and defeat Qin Chuan. Lin Feng had released his spirit just to make Qin Chuan waste time. Lin Feng began closing in on him. 

He was getting closer and closer while his Herukas’ physical strength made four thousand rotations turning his fist black, it was bombarding the atmosphere towards Qin Chuan. 

“Get lost!” shouted Qin Chuan, trying to avoid the incoming attack. Yet it was already too late, he was forced to collide his fist with Lin Feng’s. However, how could the skin and bones of his fist be stronger than that of Lin Feng’s? Crackling sounds spread in the atmosphere and Qin Chuan let out a cry of agony. Every bone in his hand broke. 

“Roaaaarrrr…..” At the same time another roar had spread in the atmosphere. Lin Feng had released his purple spirit which turned into a gigantic purple snake. While Lin Feng was punching Qin Chuan, the purple spirit had coiled around him. 



Lin Feng’s fist then landed onto Qin Chuan’s chest, he emitted a horrible shriek and blood splashed out of his mouth. 

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng’s strength of the Herukas kept rotating in his fist and he continued to bombard Qin Chuan’s body. Blood was splashing everywhere and Qin Chuan groaned in agony, it was extremely painful. 

The crowd was blankly staring at the scene. They couldn’t believe their eyes. He was being crushed by Lin Feng?

From the beginning to the end, Lin Feng had had the advantage. Throughout the whole confrontation Qin Chuan was forced to defend, without being able to retaliate.


“Get lost!” Finally, Lin Feng shouted those last words and recalled his spirits back into his body. Qin Chuan’s body was projected away just like an arrow, he was covered in blood from head to toe. He looked completely crushed. 

“How brutal and violent!” 

The crowd was stupefied. Qin Chuan, a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, one of the best geniuses of the Dragon Mountain, had come with pride and arrogance to face Lin Feng, thinking that he would easily defeat him. Qin Chuan had wanted to prove how strong he was, but at that moment, he had been crushed by Lin Feng without even an opportunity to react. He had been severely injured instead.

While still being in the sky, Lin Feng coldly glanced at the crowd, his sleeves were fluttering in the wind. He then turned around and started leaving. 

He had told everybody, he wasn’t interested in those small battles, if he fought, it was either to injure or kill his opponents.

“Wait!” said someone at that moment.

Lin Feng stopped and turned his head, he looked at that person and asked coldly, “Who are you?” 

“You have probably never heard of me before, I’m Cui Wu Ming,” said Cui Wu Ming indifferently. Lin Feng was surprised and said, “Cui Wu Ming… The one with a black hand?” 

When Cui Wu Ming heard Lin Feng, he was surprised. Lin Feng had just arrived in Celestial Dragon and already knew his name. It only proved how influential Cui Wu Ming was in the city. 

“Indeed, it’s me,” said Cui Wu Ming,while showing his black hand to Lin Feng. As expected, it was black and looked very strange. 

Lin Feng glanced at Cui Wu Ming in a cold and detached way. He had just injured Qin Chuan, the only two people that weren’t surprised were Jian Chen and Cui Wu Ming. 

Lan Jiao had told Lin Feng that in the Dragon Mountain, the first genius was Jun Mo Xi, then, the second and third were Tang You You of the Tang Clan and Qing Meng Xin of the Cosmic Pavilion, after that was Jian Chen who was ranked fourth. 

When Lin Feng was still in Xue Yue, he had a conversation with Jian Chen, he knew that he was extraordinary and practiced sword cultivation, besides, it was also very possible that Jian Chen already had sword intent. 

Next, after Jian Chen, there was Cui Wu Ming, ranked fifth. 

At that moment, Lin Feng was observing him. 

Lin Feng was going to participate in the Great Competition of Xue Yu so he needed to defeat many people. Even though Xue Yue was under the jurisdiction of the Dragon Mountain Empire, if their respective cultivators faced each other in battle they would still have to fight and Lin Feng would need to defeat them. He had to at least be ranked third out of all those cultivators, otherwise, he wouldn’t be to end up in the top nine of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. because the other empires and the countries under their jurisdictions would never give him a chance.

“You’re quite strong, let’s try and fight each other,” said Cui Wu Ming. Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling with sharp lights. Of course, Cui Wu Ming could see that Lin Feng’s origin of physical strength wasn’t pure Qi. Lin Feng’s strength was strange because pure Qi wasn’t able to block lin Feng’s punches.

While Cui Wu Ming was talking, his left hand started twinkling strangely. 

Lin Feng looked at him, made a step forward and rose higher up in the air while saying, “Alright.”

If any of the others wanted to fight him, he would have refused. However, Cui Wu Ming was different, Lin Feng was curious to see how strong he was.

Cui Wu Ming raised his left hand and the black light intensified. It was incredible. Anyone could see how strong the power contained in that hand was with a glance. 

Lin Feng didn’t dare lose his vigilance. The strength of the Herukas started rotating in his hand. He wasn’t going to use any skills, he was going to use the strength of the Herukas. He wanted to see if Cui Wu Ming’s left hand would be able to stop it!

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