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PMG Chapter 557: Divine Water Pills

PMG Chapter 557: Divine Water Pills

Lin Feng and Cui Wu Ming were staring at each other with their fists raised. The black light on Cui Wu Ming’s hand was particularly bright. 

“Let’s fight.” said Cui Wu Ming. He took several steps forwards and in a flash arrived in front of Lin Feng. His black left hand was behind his back and it was emitting whistling sounds. It was particularly scary. 

“Let’s fight!” said Lin Feng at the same time as he threw himself at his opponent. His clothes fluttered in the wind as he flew. 

In a flash the two fighters were about to collide. Lin Feng’s left hand and Cui Wu Ming’s black hand were bombarding the atmosphere as they crashed into each other.

Lin Feng made the strength of the Herukas rotate four thousand times in his hand, the black light it diffused was astonishing. Opposingly, Cui Wu Ming’s black hand looked like it was composed of a myriad of hands capable of destroying anything. 

“Boom!” A terrifyingly loud sound spread in the atmosphere and the two hands finally collided with each other. Cui Wu Ming’s black hand seemed like it had swallowed Lin Feng’s hand. However, in Lin Feng’s hand, the strength of the Heruka kept flowing and was invading Cui Wu Ming’s left hand. 

“Boom boom boom!” The atmosphere was trembling, the hands of the two fighters were pressing against each other but it seemed like they kept bombarding each other. Their sounds kept spreading through the atmosphere making everything shake unceasingly. 

“They both have a terrifying strength in their hands.” thought the crowd stupefied. If Lin Feng or Cui Wu Ming had punched them, they could have killed them. Their two hands seemed like they had fused together. 

“Open!” shouted Cui Wu Ming extremely loudly. He concentrated a terrifying strength in the hand which began to shake violently, Cui Wu Ming moved back. Lin Feng moved back as well but between their two hands there was a violent airstream. 

Lin Feng and Cui Wu Ming were staring at each other as they moved back, their eyes filled with battle energy. 

“It seems like you and I are very similar.” said Cui Wu Ming coldly. His voice sounded emotionless. 

Lin Feng remained silent and said nothing. From Cui Wu Ming’s eyes, Lin Feng could see what kind of person he was, brutal, violent, wild and coarse. He was a determined cultivator whose only purpose in life was cultivation, he was terrifying. His willpower and determination enabled him to constantly improve his cultivation abilities. On the path of cultivation, he was fearless, nothing could affect him. 

In his heart, there was only cultivation. 

After remaining silent for a long time, Lin Feng shook his head and said “No, you and I are different.” 

Cui Wu Ming ignored Lin Feng’s words and smiled, “It doesn’t matter if you and I are not related, you are a genius from Xue Yue and you haven’t disappointed me. I’ll see you on the fighting stage of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Goodbye.” 

As Cui Wu Ming finished talking he turned around and began flying away, he was leaving. 

Cui Wu Ming had been impressed by three people from Xue Yue: Lin Feng, Wu Qing even though he hadn’t fought him directly, and Yue Tian Ming even though he hadn’t fought at all. Yue Tian Ming had given Cui Wu Ming the feeling that he wasn’t weak at all. 

Those three people could rival candidates chosen from Dragon Mountain, the others surely couldn’t. 

After Cui Wu Ming left, Lin Feng also turned around and left.

The people from Dragon Mountain glanced at each other looking sullen, especially Qin Chuan who had been injured by Lin Feng, and Hei Sha would had been defeated by Hei Sha. They both felt extremely humiliated.

They were geniuses from Dragon Mountain, they had wanted to teach those geniuses from Xue Yue a good lesson but they had been defeated and humiliated. 

Jian Chen didn’t care at all, he smiled and said: “Today we met, let’s say it was mainly for the purpose of meeting and getting to know each other. In the future, let’s fight more and learn from each other. Alright, I’m leaving now. See you!” 

Jian Chen’s sword then whistled in the air, he jumped on it and surfed away through the air without a care.
“Let’s go.” said the other geniuses from Dragon Mountain while glancing at the geniuses from Xue Yue. Then, all their silhouettes flickered one after the other as they left. After they left, the geniuses from Xue Yue returned to their courtyards.

Amongst the geniuses from Xue Yue, people had different impressions and thoughts. After having seen how strong the geniuses from Dragon Mountain were, Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing felt they understood what they were up against better, but they also felt that the pressure was big. It wasn’t that easy to defeat the geniuses from Dragon Mountain. 

Cui Wu Ming and Jian Chen seemed particularly strong. Their cultivation style was complex but even they weren’t the strongest cultivators of Dragon Mountain… 

The other cultivators from Xue Yue had the feeling that their pride and arrogance had been destroyed. They had left their country and were now realizing that there were many geniuses who were terrifyingly strong. In Dragon Mountain, seeing a few cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer almost seemed normal. When fighting against those people, ending up with one’s body full of scars and bruises almost seemed normal. 

They were also realizing that they had high natural abilities, indeed, but they weren’t that extraordinary. Back then, Lin Feng used to be a weak cultivator but now he is already able to defeat cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. He had, step by step, become strong and they hadn’t even noticed it happening. If they offended Lin Feng now, they might not be able to resist him anymore.

Yu Qin and Yu Jian felt even more pressured than the others. Lin Feng had become so strong already, in the future, he might be unbeatable. The Yu Clan and Lin Feng hated each other, would any of them want to destroy the other? 

Now, they were actually scared of Lin Feng, would he try to kill them? They were far away from their country, Lin Feng had the opportunity to! 

Lin Feng didn’t know what other people were thinking, he had no time to pay attention to them. At that moment, he had returned to the place he had chosen earlier to cultivate and was immersed in the world of cultivation. What Lin Feng needed the most at the moment was to become stronger and raise his cultivation level. Too many strong opponents were awaiting him, Lin Feng couldn’t afford being lazy. 


In Celestial Dragon, at the market, there were still many people walking around selling and buying things, sellers were shouting to draw people’s attentions, it was lively and bustling. 

At that moment, Lin Feng was in the crowd of the market.

Huo Shi Yun had given him two things, one of those things was the recipe of the Divine Water pills. In the recipe, it explained how to concoct the pills as well as the required ingredients. 

The divine water pills were sun pills, one of the ingredients required to concoct them was the nine suns grass, an extremely valuable treasure which could help people gain or regain vigor and vitality, it was filled with sun Qi. It made the passages through which vital energies circulated much stronger as well as the blood vessels, at the same time, it could also improve the awareness of one’s soul.

If ordinary people used those pills, their vitality and Qi could drastically increase in strength. Their mortal bodies would also become more solid, their natural abilities possibly increasing. 

For those who practiced fire skills, it had even greater advantages. Apart from increasing people’s vitality, vigor and natural abilities, it also made their fire skills stronger! Those who practiced sun skills could then carry out even more so terrifying sun attacks. 

Besides, people who were injured could recover from their injuries at an incredible speed. The Qi of the sun would revitalize their entire body and make their blood thicker. Yun Xi, who was almost dead at the time when Meng Qing had frozen her, needed these divine water pills. It would make her awake from her coma and cure her usual fatal injuries. Even if someone had only one last breath of life left, they could be saved with those divine water pills. They couldn’t take lives but they could save lives. 

Divine water pills were invaluable treasures. People would go insane in order to get these pills. Of course, since those pills were at least Xuan level pills of higher quality, good divine water pills had to be made by someone of the Tian level, they were extremely difficult to concoct. 

Lin Feng had obtained the recipe to concoct those pills and knew what ingredients he needed, now he wanted to gather all those things as soon as possible. 

That tender and gentle girl was frozen in Yangzhou, so she wasn’t dead…  

“Apart from nine suns grass, I also need two things which are extremely hard to find… I need some celestial magic fungus and sanguine soul grass, even though celestial magic fungus is precious, I can find it for huge amounts of purity stones maybe, but that sanguine soul grass is so rare that it will be very difficult to find…” thought Lin Feng. He looked around him wondering what he could do. 

(Translator’s note: magic fungus is also known as reishi mushroom, it is used in Chinese medicine, people used to think it had miraculous powers and it is also still a symbol of luck.) 

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