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PMG Chapter 559: Qing Meng Xin

PMG Chapter 559: Qing Meng Xin

More and more people were coming to Lin Feng’s stand, after all, it was very rare to see nine suns grass.

But the cross-legged Lin Feng remained calm and unperturbed as his eyes were still closed. It seemed that for him, the outside world had nothing to do with him. Even if people were uninterruptedly looking at him with their celestial eyes, he just ignored them. Crooks were mixed in with the honest folk in this market, that was unavoidable.

However, Lin Feng had written something on a small sign and had put it in front of him on his stand, “Nine suns grass will be exchanged for sanguine soul grass or celestial magic fungus.” 

“Hello!” said someone at that moment. It was a middle-aged man, he looked dignified. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes and said, “Talk.” 

“Can you exchange that nine suns grass for purity stones? I can give you a lot.” said the middle-aged man. Lin Feng immediately slowly closed his eyes again and said coldly, “Do you know how to read? Do I need to teach you how to read?” 

The middle-aged man was not the first to ask Lin Feng this. Precisely, because so many people kept asking him over and over again, Lin Feng had put that small sign on his stand. Otherwise, people would have kept asking him over and over again. Lin Feng didn’t feel like answering people’s questions all the time. 

“Huh?” The middle-aged man frowned and said, “Young man, you are impolite, do you understand what I asked you?”

Lin Feng ignored him and kept his eyes closed, he remained as immobile as a mountain. 

“I’m talking to you!” said the man loudly. Lin Feng’s eyelids shook and he said coldly, “Get lost!”

Lin Feng didn’t feel like being polite to such people, people who willfully made trouble were numerous. 

The middle-aged man looked upset, he then groaned coldly,”You went too far little boy, I will teach you a lesson and teach you politeness!” The middle-aged man made a step forwards and his hands launched towards Lin Feng’s direction as it created strong winds all around. 

“Piss off!” 

“Piss off, piss off, piss off…..” 

Lin Feng shouted those words which echoed all around in the atmosphere. A scorching hot pure Qi emerged out of his mouth and moved towards the middle-aged man. 

The middle-aged man hand was bombarded by Lin Feng’s pure Qi and was projected backwards to where he was standing a moment before. 

At the same time, Lin Feng moved his hands, he was as fast as an illusion. At the same time as a hand was about to grab the nine suns grass Lin Feng blocked it.

“What a fast reaction! Incredible, wow!” The crowd was astonished. Their eyes couldn’t follow Lin Feng’s moves, however, they had heard Lin Feng shout “piss off”. At the same time, another man had tried to catch the nine suns grass but Lin Feng had blocked him. 

“I told you, next time, I will not be indulgent.” said Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, a crackling sound emerged in the air, Lin Feng was holding the man’s hand and crushing the bones of his hand. 

“Ahhh…..” that man whose face was black gave a horrible shriek and his facial muscles were twitching with pain. 

“Ka, kacha, boom!” His bones kept breaking and immediately after they saw the man fly away in the air. His entire arm was hanging loosely though, Lin Feng had crushed his entire arm. 

When the dignified-looking man saw that move he immediately started moving backwards, he wanted to hide in the crowd and escape.

Lin Feng picked up the nine suns grass and abruptly stood up. A strong wind brushed away the crowd making their clothes move.


“Ahhhh….” Two sounds spread in the air at the same time. Lin Feng bombarded the middle-aged man’s chest with his fist aiming at the energy circulatory system, his cultivation was crippled. 

The middle-aged man had caused Lin Feng trouble when he had tried to steal the nine suns grass by attacking Lin Feng, but now he had been punished severely. There were always people who wanted to cause trouble, but after seeing Lin Feng’s strength, maybe they would think twice before trying to steal the nine suns grass again and perhaps they would carefully consider their own strength before trying.

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and in a flash he moved back to his initial positions. Crippling the middle-aged man’s cultivation had only been a matter of a few seconds.

The extremely pure sun Qi kept twinkling, Lin Feng had taken it out again. He put it in front of him and closed his eyes again, as if nothing had ever happened to him. 

But at that moment, many around the stand were giving up. That young man was mysterious and one thing was sure, he was extremely strong. Besides, he was cruel and merciless. If they tried to steal the nine suns grass, he might cripple their cultivation, that wasn’t worth trying. 

At dusk, the multicolored sunset became redder and redder. People coming to Lin Feng’s stand were fewer and fewer. However, many people remained, it seemed like obtaining celestial magic fungus or sanguine soul grass wasn’t as easy as it seemed… Very few people had such treasures. Even if someone did have them, they would keep them safe and were unwilling to exchange them. 

At that moment, the atmosphere became restless and people were chaotically running around. 

“Hurry up, open the way, open the way!” said a voice firmly. People continued to move aside, acting like they were in a panic. 

“Qing Meng Xin, it’s Qing Meng Xin!” said several people sounding excited. Qing Meng Xin was a famous beautiful woman in Dragon Mountain, she was outstanding. It was said that people who saw her once craved to see her again, a second time, a third time… 

“Why is Qing Meng Xin here? What does she want?” Various comments were spreading in the crowd. 

Lin Feng frowned when he heard those comments.

Qing Meng Xin was from the Cosmic Pavilion and was a beautiful woman of the empire. Besides, she had extremely high natural abilities, she was as strong as Tang You You. Such people caused commotion amongst crowds when they came out. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes and looked into the distance but he couldn’t see anything, there were too many people in front of him. After a moment, between two people, he managed to see a woman. She was sitting on a palanquin carried by porters who were walking slowly. 

Lin Feng saw two small feet which looked delicate, any man glancing at those feet would want to caress them gently. 

The crowd was looking at Qing Meng Xin’s palanquin, Lin Feng could barely see her. Gradually as people were moving away, he saw a woman in a simple and elegant orange cheongsam (a very tight chinese, one-piece, dress). Her cheongsam was so short that it was barely covering her thighs, her skin was beautiful and white, she looked exquisite. One wanted to caress her skin… 

Those legs could drive men insane, they made men want to gently stroke and caress them, they were perfect.

“Such women are truly a source of trouble…” Thought Lin Feng. She had perfect legs as well as a perfect face, she could make any man go crazy. Tang You You couldn’t compare to her in terms of beauty.

Lan Jiao had told Lin Feng about her, Tang You You looked cold and elegant, nobody dared have dirty thoughts about her. But Qing Meng Xin looked extremely seductive, she made men drool, a single glanced sufficed to turn on any man. 

Finally, Lin Feng saw her entirely, his eyes followed her beautiful neck down to her cleavage… Her white breasts were snowy white and looked so incredibly soft. Her cleavage was so deep that all men felt like they would go insane. 

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes and stopped looking at her. Qing Meng Xin’s face, however, didn’t leave his brain with any other thoughts. Just as Lan Jiao had said, after the first glance it was impossible to get her off your mind. 

That was the nature of men seeing seductive women, who could forget them? 

The palanquin was still moving forwards. Qing Meng Xin was smiling in a seductive way. Her smile, just like her legs sufficed to arouse men. 

“Huh?” At that moment, Qing Meng Xin’s beautiful eyes twinkled and she emitted a gasp of surprise. In her field of vision appeared a young man who was closing his eyes. It seemed like he knew nothing about what was happening around him. 

Under Qing Meng Xin, there was Lan Jiao. Lan Jiao was another extremely beautiful woman, but because she was next to Qing Meng Xin, nobody noticed her. 
“Lin Feng!!” When Lan Jiao saw Lin Feng, she gasped with surprise, it was Lin Feng!

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