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PMG Chapter 561: The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion

PMG Chapter 561: The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion

In the east of the Cosmic Market there was a gigantic sculpture, it had been there for a very long time. 

On both sides, there were many people trading things as it was extremely lively.

Lin Feng was on a small road at that moment, once in awhile, someone would ask him if he wanted to exchange things but they didn’t have sanguine soul grass.

He arrived before the huge statue and looked at it in detail. He realized that there was a hole in the middle of the statue, it was a cleft designed for purity stones. 

Lin Feng took out a purity stone of higher quality and put it inside. He waited there for a while and then the sound of a moving stone spread in the air. In the middle of the statue appeared a door. After the door, there was a flight of stairs.

“How strange.” Thought Lin Feng while going in. Then, rumbling sounds spread in the air as the door closed itself. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to it, he continued walking up the stairs. People were going down and up, and others were trading things there.

“As expected, this is the core of the Cosmic Market but to get in you need a purity stone of higher quality. How expensive!” Thought Lin Feng. According to what the person had told him, there were nine entrances to the internal Cosmic Market, but Lin Feng had only seen this one. Besides him, there were many people there. 

That palace was gigantic.

After the flight of stairs, Lin Feng looked around him, there were many things to see.

“Young hero, are you here to buy or exchange treasures?” asked someone at that moment. 

“I want to buy a treasure, of course. If I can’t find it, I can set up a stand and propose things to trade.” said Lin Feng.

“Young hero, there are eighty-one roads here, every road depends on the price of the goods. Can you tell me what you need? I can help and guide you.” said that person while smiling in a radiant way. 

Lin Feng glanced at the person and said, “Who are you?”

“It’s your first time here… I am the manager of the nine. I am at the service of the customers.” he said. 

Lin Feng admired the Cosmic Pavilion even more, there were many people at the service of the customers.

That palace had eighty-one roads each divided into nine areas. That manager was in charge of the ninth area, how surprising. 

“I need sanguine soul grass.” said Lin Feng hoping to find what he needed as soon as possible.

“Sanguine soul grass…” whispered that person looking pensive. Immediately after, they frowned and said, “Sanguine soul grass is in the same area as nine suns grass, they are spiritual herbs, they will be at least in the fourth area. There are high chances for you to find it there.” 

“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng and then asked, “How do I go there?”

“Follow the nine areas of the ninth area and then you will understand.” replied the person. Lin Feng remained silent for a second and said, “Alright, I will try to find it.”

“I hope you can find what you need, Young Hero.” said that person while slightly bowing at Lin Feng and then left.

Lin Feng understood that he just had to find a road and then he would find the intersection of those roads. But there were curves everywhere, just like a palace.

Lin Feng walked for awhile and noticed a gap. He was in the middle of those roads, the leftmost of them being the first one.

The ninth area had nine roads, Lin Feng saw a road which seemed to be the fourth one and walked on it. 

When he arrived at the end, he saw a door on which it was written: eighth area! 

“That palace is gigantic…” Thought Lin Feng. He was more and more surprised. After getting into the eighth area, Lin Feng stopped walking, he started running like the wind following the corridors of the eighth area. After that, he found the seventh area. 

Lin Feng continued at full speed, he arrived at the sixth area and surprisingly, he had to pay one purity stone of higher quality again… It was because areas were in groups of three, the ninth, eighth and seventh areas were together so he hadn’t had to pay, then the sixth, fifth and fourth areas were together. 

“The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion is as vast as the cosmos or what?!” Thought Lin Feng when he arrived in the fourth area. That palace was way too gigantic. Lin Feng was imagining what it would be like to create a nine dragon palace formation like that.

When he arrived in the fourth area, he stopped running at full speed. There were only precious goods there, there was nothing of low quality.

There were Xuan level weapons of average quality, after having crossed the fifth area, Lin Feng had found out that each area had exclusive goods, just like those weapons in front of him. 

Apart from weapons, there were also herbs, skills, and pills. Each area was divided into nine palaces with exclusive goods. Everything cultivators needed could be found there.

In Xue Yue, there was no place where cultivators could have so many treasures gathered in the same place. The Palace of the Cosmic Pavilion probably had been in Dragon Mountain for a thousand years to be this way. 

Lin Feng had never thought that the Cosmic Pavilion to which Lan Jiao belonged could have such power and influence. 

After having spent a short time in the weapon area, Lin Feng arrived in the area where he could find herbs, hoping to find what he needed.

There were a few hundred people there. The stands were equal distances from each other, it was probably a rule of the establishment. Things were all extremely expensive. 

Sellers were all relatively old, they were, for the great majority, elderly persons. They all had baskets with pills on their backs. Lin Feng knew, that even though they looked like old people, none of them were weak. 

After having walked for a while, Lin Feng still hadn’t found sanguine soul grass… He was disappointed.

He then walked to stand and said to the old man, “Mister, that fire lotus is a Ling level sort of grass?”

The old man had many lotuses, they were fire red and extremely beautiful. Besides that, they also contained fire energy. 

“Chi Xue fire lotuses, they can make people’s fire much stronger and improve the duration of one’s fire. It is perfect for your skills I see.” explained the old man while looking at Lin Feng in a very insisting way as if he was trying to see through Lin Feng’s body. 

“How much?” asked Lin Feng.

“A hundred purity stones of higher quality for one lotus.” offered the old man. Lin Feng was stupefied, what a terrifying price! But for such a cultivation treasure, cultivators didn’t mind paying the price. 

“Too expensive.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He was realizing that he was way too poor compared with people of the empire… If he became a famous alchemist, he would be able to sell his things there and would make monumental amounts of money. 

“For a cultivator who practices fire skills, it’s not expensive.” persuaded the old man while smiling and shaking his head.

“I don’t have that many purity stones with me right now.” said Lin Feng apologizing. He smiled at the old man and asked, “Mister, do you know where to find sanguine soul grass?” 

The old man was stupefied while looking at Lin Feng in a strange way. He smiled and said, “Sanguine soul grass is much more expensive than those Chi Xie fire lotuses! You should go to the third area, maybe you will find it there.” 

“Okay, thank you.” said Lin Feng and then headed to the third area.

Lin Feng walked out of that palace and continued on to the next one. Surprisingly, he needed five purity stones of higher quality to enter that area! However, for people who went there, that was nothing. 

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