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PMG Chapter 562: Stealing

PMG Chapter 562: Stealing

In the third area of the Palace of the Cosmic Market, Lin Feng could sense a rich and dense fragrance of herbs at the entrance. Some fragrances were pleasant while others were a bit too thick for him. 

Of course, pills and herbs which smelt better than others were not necessarily better than the others. There were endless varieties of pills and herbs, no doctor or alchemist pretended to know all the remedies of the world.

Lin Feng walked into the depths of the third area, the medicine department was much wider than that of the fourth area but it was also quieter and calmer. People were calmly walking around and exploring, looking for the herbs and remedies they needed. Some people were negotiating in a low voice.

“Sanguine soul grass is red and has the Qi of a soul, maybe.” Thought Lin Feng. He continued walking while looking at the different stands. Sellers were staring at Lin Feng as he passed by. Finally, Lin Feng suddenly looked surprised.

“I found it…” Lin Feng clenched his fists, in his field of vision appeared a red grass which looked like blood and seemed to have its own life, it contained some soul Qi. 

The seller was an old man, there was a small bamboo basket in front of him. The old man looked dispirited and tired. On his stand, there was only one speck of sanguine soul grass, nothing else, therefore, he was probably desperate because he hadn’t found a buyer until that moment, Lin Feng clearly understood that.

“Pfewww……” Lin Feng took a deep breath and tried to look calm and relaxed, if the seller noticed that Lin Feng was too interested, he would certainly propose a very high price directly at the beginning which Lin Feng wouldn’t accept.

Lin Feng had used almost all the purity stones from Mount Sword back then. However, he did not plan on acting more arrogant because of it, that would be impolite.

“Mister, what do you want in exchange for that sanguine soul grass?” asked Lin Feng politely. The old man glanced at Lin Feng, smiled and suddenly looked interested. 

“What do you want to do with it?” asked the old man without answering Lin Feng.

“My friend needs it and coincidentally you have it. I can give my friend a hand.” said Lin Feng naturally trying to show that he wasn’t that interested. Of course, he wasn’t going to tell the old man that he wanted to concoct some divine water pills, Lin Feng understood the laws of business.

“Oh.” giggled the old man while looking at Lin Feng. Then he said, “Well then, tell your friend to come in person, that sanguine soul grass is very expensive, it’s not worth for you to buy it for your friend. Your friend might not believe you when you tell them the price you paid for the grass and will refuse to pay you back for it.”

Lin Feng was stupefied, as expected, that old man was sagacious and was a good seller, how smart… 

“It doesn’t matter, it is a very good friend of mine. I can give them that grass. Tell me the price please.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“Oh.” Replied the old man in a low voice while looking at Lin Feng, he then showed him five fingers, he had a deep and meaningful expression in his eyes.

“Five hundred purity stones of higher quality?”

“Do you think that it’s possible?” asked the old man with a smile yet not a smile on his face. 

“Mister, even though sanguine soul grass is an incredible grass, five hundred purity stones of higher quality is way too expensive, it is not the real price.” said Lin Feng while frowning. 

“Sanguine soul grass makes your blood and muscles much stronger, it makes your soul much thicker, it is worth five hundred purity stones of higher quality.” explained the old man while smiling and shaking his head. 

Lin Feng frowned and remained silent, he was thinking. 

A moment later, Lin Feng raised his head and said to the old man, “Mister, I don’t have that much with me right now. However, I have some nine suns grass, would you like to exchange some against sanguine soul grass? What do you think?” 

“Nine suns grass…” Sharp lights twinkled in the old man’s eyes which made Lin Feng feel nervous. Then a radiant smile appeared on the old man’s face, it seemed like Lin Feng had managed to convince him. 

“Nine suns grass is as precious as sanguine soul grass indeed, however, it is useless to me. I need purity stones.” said the old man slowly, “But.. if you give me the nine suns grass and add a few purity stones, I will think about it.” 

“It seems like you’re not interested in nine suns grass.” said Lin Feng while smiling, he then started walking away without another thought, very calmly.

The old man stared at Lin Feng who was starting to walk away, his eyes twinkled as he said, “Wait, wait.” 

Lin Feng stopped and turned his head around, he then looked at the old man while frowning and said, “Is there anything else I can do for you, mister?”

“You are a smart young man!” said the old man while smiling and shaking his head. “Let’s exchange, it’s alright, none of us will lose anything and we’ll both be happy.” 

When Lin Feng heard the old man, he smiled and came back to him. 

Lin Feng had finally gathered all the ingredients to concoct the pills but he still needed to learn more about heat control, then he would be ready to concoct them. 

In front of Lin Feng appeared some nine suns grass which he handed over to the old man, “Don’t lose it.” 

The old man grabbed it and smiled.

Then Lin Feng bent over while smiling, he was about to pick up the grass. They were both happy about the transaction. 

“Wait wait.” Said a voice coldly at that moment. Lin Feng had the feeling an illusion had just passed next to him, that person was extremely fast. Someone appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. 

“Huh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. That person was also bending over to take the sanguine soul grass. 

The two hands grabbed it at the same time. 

Lin Feng looked at the other hand, it was a thin, delicate and white hand but Lin Feng looked upset.

Lin Feng turned his head and saw a beautiful and heroic-looking woman on his side, she looked cold and detached.

“I bought it already.” said Lin Feng coldly.

“Since it is not yet in your hand, it isn’t yours yet.” explained the woman coldly. Immediately after, she looked at the old man and said, “I want that sanguine soul grass. I can pay more than him.”

“Huh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. That woman was terribly rude. He had already given his nine suns grass so that sanguine soul grass already belonged to him! 

“Your Excellency, it already belongs to this young man, if you want it, ask him if he wants to sell it or not.” said the old man indifferently. Lin Feng was happy, the old man was very professional. 

The girl looked at Lin Feng and said, “Give it to me.”

Lin Feng smiled coldly, even if he hadn’t really needed that grass, considering the girl’s behavior, he would have never accepted such a deal. 

“Sorry, please move your hand away.” said Lin Feng coldly, but she didn’t, she was firmly holding the speck of grass too. 

“Give it to me, I will pay twice the initial price.” said the woman as coldly as before.

“No.” said Lin Feng who sounded more and more upset. There was a distance of a few centimeters between their two faces.

“If you don’t stop, don’t blame for being impolite!” shouted Lin Feng coldly.

That woman ignored Lin Feng, she looked unconcerned and wasn’t reacting at all. 

“Get lost!” shouted Lin Feng and out of his mouth emerged some scorching hot sun fire Qi which moved towards the woman. It was dangerous pure Qi sun fire. 

The woman was astonished and cried out in surprise. She finally let go of the grass and only Lin Feng’s hand was holding it at that moment. If she hadn’t moved, the sanguine soul grass would have been destroyed. 

The girl moved back while releasing some terrifying Qi which enveloped Lin Feng’s body. 

Lin Feng, who was crouching, put the sanguine soul grass away, and stood up. He looked at the woman coldly. Some oppressive Qi had invaded the atmosphere.

“Li Hen, you caused trouble again…” said someone at that moment while rushing over to that place. Everybody turned their heads and looked at that person. It was a young man, he didn’t look heroic at all, he was slim and he looked extremely elegant, like a noble. 

That young man wasn’t handsome but it was difficult to forget him after the first time.

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