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PMG Chapter 566: An Arrow At the End of Its Flight!

PMG Chapter 566: An Arrow At the End of Its Flight!

“Alright, let’s attack.” said everybody agreeing. They all looked cold while releasing some terrifying physical strength and then began bombarding the mountain. 

In a flash, explosion sounds spread in the air, stones and rocks were splashing everywhere. Several dozens of cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer were attacking the mountain, a first layer of the mountain had already been peeled off. 

“Come out!” shouted one of them and they continued bombarding the mountain with their fists. A crevice appeared in the mountain. 

“Boom boom boom!” They kept crushing and destroying that mountain creating a gigantic hole. Explosion sounds were unceasingly spreading in the air, they were, step by step, destroying the mountain. 

“Boom boom boom!” 

All those people were uninterruptedly crushing the mountain. Finally, the mountain was destroyed

The strong cultivators’ silhouette kept flickering, they encircled the destroyed mountain which had become a flat area. Their eyes kept twinkling. 

They couldn’t see Lin Feng, even though they had destroyed the mountain, Lin Feng didn’t appear in their field of vision which made them pull a long face.

“Pay attention, he might be underground.” shouted one of them. They then stared at the ground but there was nobody. Lin Feng had maybe dug a hole towards the depths of the planet and was maybe hiding there. But if Lin Feng had dug a hole towards the depths of the earth, they would have heard him. Besides, Lin Feng couldn’t see anything down there. 

“It seems like he must be exhausted, he’s just hiding and doesn’t dare come out. He’s scared of us. Just pay attention and we will manage to kill him.” said one of them. His silhouette flickered and he moved towards the mountain bombarding some stones with his fist. A huge crater appeared but he didn’t find Lin Feng. 

There was only one possibility, while they were destroyed the mountain, Lin Feng had hidden deeper in the ground which was why they couldn’t find him…

“Destroy the ground, be careful and pay attention.” said another one. Immediately after, they condensed pure Qi in their hands and paid attention to the ground.


“Boom boom boom!” 

The dozens of strong cultivators were bombarding the ground, in a flash, a gigantic open crater appeared. 

But there was nobody… They still couldn’t see Lin Feng.

“Start from the middle and then try the surroundings. He must be there!” said the same person coldly. The others nodded and condensed more pure Qi, they were getting ready to bombard the ground once again, Lin Feng had to be there.

“Boom boom boom!” But at that moment, some rumbling sounds emerged from the ground. In the distance, the ground was undulating at full speed.

“There, kill him!” said everybody loudly at the same time. They then moved towards that place at full speed. They all condensed pure QI in their hands and were all smiling coldly. This time, Lin Feng was doomed.


A terrifying sound spread in the air and a sword emerged out of the ground, everybody was stupefied.

“Ahhhhh….” A horrible shriek spread in the air. They turned around and saw one of their companions getting lacerated by a sword, at the same time, a silhouette appeared out of the ground.

Lin Feng didn’t stop at that moment, he turned into a light beam and flew towards the horizon. 

“He fooled us!” They were astonished and all pulled a long face. Lin Feng had fooled them. 

A moment before, they had needed one more attack to make Lin Feng come out but Lin Feng had used his sword to distract them. He had made the ground move with his sword and they had thought that it was him. They hadn’t anticipated that Lin Feng would trick them like that. In a flash, he had killed another one of their companions.

Lin Feng was a great fighter.

“Chase him!” All of them looked glum as they continued chasing Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s pupils still looked ice-cold. He was releasing some deadly energy, he had just recovered some pure Qi a moment before and had been able to kill that person, but now he had very little pure Qi left again. 

“Chase him, chase him! We will kill him! He has no pure Qi left! He just used a purity stone to recover some!” said one of them paying attention to Lin Feng’s pure Qi. He was excited. They all increased their speed and continued chasing him. Those who were in the front were still a bit scared though and didn’t dare use all their strength. Maybe that Lin Feng had other ways to kill them. 

“Roaaarrr!” Lin Feng’s purple spirit appeared again, immediately, the purple lake moved towards those people.

“Hmph!” Some people smiled coldly, that was Lin Feng’s last resort before dying? 

Someone bombarded the purple lake with the palm of his hand and at the same time crossed it, he didn’t care.

However, at that moment, he hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng had an evil smile on his face.

His soul was controlling the purple lake. Those snakes then imprisoned that person following them. 


At that moment, many people were stupefied, they were realizing that in that purpleness, there were palace-like shapes.

“Nine Palace Dragon Formation.” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly. In a flash, the purple lake hid the sky. All the people who had followed the first one into the purple lake were imprisoned. 

Those who were behind avoided the purpleness. They could see that their companions were imprisoned and running around chaotically. They couldn’t come out. 

“Slash slash!” A terrifying sword was whistling in the air. Lin Feng was surrounded by thirty-six dazzling swords, it looked like they could annihilate everything which made people’s pupils shrank. 

“Thirty-six Sword Formation, Kill!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His thirty-six swords turned into a gigantic sword which moved into the illusion.

“It doesn’t look good.” Thought those outside of the illusion, they were stupefied. The ones in the illusion were frowning, the sword was emitting whistling sounds and immediately after they were lacerated. Theiry eyes were wide open, they were dead and wouldn’t close their eyes.

“Ahhh… Ahhhh….!” The sword kept moving in the illusion. Three more people had died! 

Lin Feng looked ice-cold, after having killed those people, he didn’t need the swords anymore. They left the illusion emitting whistling sounds. He then glanced at his pursuers coldly. 

When those people saw Lin Feng’s pupils, they were astonished, they forgot to continue chasing him.

Three people had died, five cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer had died already as well as a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, as if those cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer had been worthless…

“Kill him, we must kill him, we only need one more attack!” shouted one of them furiously. Lin Feng was like an arrow at the end of its flight but there were still so many strong cultivators… 

“Indeed, he’s almost dead now!” Thought those people while narrowing their eyes. They were all cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer and had a monstrous willpower and determination. They were fearless. Lin Feng’s determination and strength couldn’t influence their indomitable spirit.

When they thought about it, their silhouettes flickered and they threw themselves at Lin Feng. 

They couldn’t believe that Lin Feng might kill them, he couldn’t possibly resist.

Even though Lin Feng had moved away, they were realizing that they weren’t that far from him.

At that moment, they all realized that Lin Feng was exhausted. His speed had already decreased so much. 

Lin Feng looked deathly pale, his eyes were still ice-cold but he wasn’t moving as fast as before. He had used all of his pure Qi, the pure Qi he was using to run in the air was all he had left. 
“I still have my demonic evil power!” Thought Lin Feng, his eyes suddenly looked even colder!

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