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PMG Chapter 567: Transforming Into A Demon!

PMG Chapter 567: Transforming Into A Demon! 

Lin Feng was running slower and slower, he could sense that his enemies were getting closer and closer behind him. 

Lin Feng suddenly stopped and moved down. Everybody was surprised, Lin Feng was definitely going to die in a few seconds, he didn’t even have the pure Qi to fly in the sky anymore. 

Everybody moved down after him but they heard a sound. Some ripples appeared on the water of a lake. This time, Lin Feng had gone into the lake!

They were all shocked.. They were all on the lake fixedly staring at the water, the water had become perfectly calm again. 

“That guy really knows how to hide…”

Their eyes were flashing with cold lights, a moment before, he had been hiding in a mountain and now he was hiding in a lake. Nobody chased after him into the water of the lake though.

“He doesn’t have anymore pure Qi, he will not recover in this short a time? Now, some of us can stay here and watch out while the others can go into the water of the lake and find him Lin Feng to kill him. I don’t think that he can do anything against us anymore.” said one of the assassins in a dignified way. That person seemed to have a power of authority on the others.

Immediately after, he didn’t stop, he went under the water of the lake and started looking for Lin Feng.

The others looked at each other and followed him into the water. They couldn’t give Lin Feng the time to recover, they had to kill him. 

The water of the lake was extremely clear and limpid, one could see the bottom from the top. At that moment, at the bottom of the lake, there was a silhouette sitting cross-legged and it was Lin Feng. 

“Go and kill him!” Around those people there was no water, only air, they could release pure Qi around them to protect themselves from water. 

Extremely strong cultivators had no problem in water at all, they were only a bit slower. 

The crowd was moving towards the bottom of the lake, they wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng opened his eyes, his ice-cold looking pupils were filled with deadly energy. Even though he had used up all his pure Qi, he still looked extremely vigorous and full of vitality. He had the strength of the Herukas in his body. Without pure Qi, he couldn’t use magical abilities but he still had physical strength. He wasn’t like other people, cultivators were usually dispirited and discouraged when they had no more pure Qi. 

Without hesitation, Lin Feng moved towards one of those people to attack him. Lin Feng’s facial expression was, as before, ice-cold. He was moving forwards with indomitable will, never flinching.

When that cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer saw Lin Feng come towards him, he was surprised, but he quickly turned cold. Lin Feng was so close, that cultivator had to kill Lin Feng. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrrr….!” Pure Qi made the water of the lake move aside and a sort of road appeared in the lake between Lin Feng and that cultivator. 

That person’s pure Qi was terrifying, he raised his fist, he wanted to punch Lin Feng. 

What surprised him the most was that Lin Feng looked fearless. He didn’t look like he was going to dodge. At the same time, In Lin Feng’s hand, there was a pitch-black light twinkling. Lin Feng raised his fist at the same time. 

“Boom!” that person’s fist crashed onto Lin Feng’s body which made his entire body shake violently, blood splashed out of his mouth. However, Lin Feng grabbed his opponent’s wrist with his left hand and held it firmly. Lin Feng was holding that person’s wrist so firmly that the pain made his muscles twitch, at the same time, Lin Feng used his right hand to attack that person.

“Get lost!” shouted that person with a hideous facial expression but Lin Feng was still holding him firmly. Lin Feng’s opponent couldn’t move away, he had no choice but to look at Lin Feng’s black fist. 

“Boom!” A groaning sound spread in the air and blood mixed with the water of the lake. Another cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer had died in Lin Feng’s hands. Lin Feng had punched him in the head to death.

Everything happened in a few seconds, after Lin Feng killed him, he immediately moved back up to the surface of the lake while the others were in close pursuit. 

“Splash!” Lin Feng moved out of the water and saw the others moving towards him.

“Wind.” Lin Feng tried to start moving with the wind. However, those people’s energies had enveloped his body and made him cough up more blood above the water of the lake.

He really had no pure Qi left, a moment before, he had used a drop of pure Qi to resist to that punch. If his body hadn’t been extremely strong, that would have been enough and he would have died.

Lin Feng sat down on the grass on the lakeside. His mouth was covered with blood and he was breathing heavily, he looked completely worn out.

“Splash splash splash!” The sound of the enemies stepping on the water was spreading in the air. They were coming to kill him. When they saw Lin Feng on the grass, sitting down and breathing heavily, they stopped and smiled in a particularly resplendent way. 

Lin Feng was finally exhausted, he couldn’t do anything anymore.

That was too scary, he had only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and had killed so many of them. He had even killed a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer!  

If he didn’t die, there would be no end of trouble for their futures. 

It was great for them that he was finally exhausted, he couldn’t even run anymore. How could he resist now?

Those people looked at Lin Feng and looked at his Qi, then one of them said coldly, “You’re incredible, you killed so many of us.” 

Lin Feng raised his head and asked, “Are you from Tian Feng?” 

“Indeed, some of us belong to the Imperial City Clan of Tian Feng while several others belong to the Wan Xian Sect. You have killed so many of our strong cultivators, we must kill you.” explained that person. He didn’t mind telling Lin Feng, he had no secrets for someone who was about to die.

“When did you come to Celestial Dragon? How did you follow me?” asked Lin Feng.

“Hmph, you offended too many people. Some people from Xue Yue told us everything and asked us to kill you.” said that person with a cruel smile on his face. Lin Feng froze… People from Xue Yue had asked them to come and kill him?…

“Who? asked Lin Feng coldly, a mouthful of deadly Qi emerged out of his mouth. 

“Even if I told you, what could you do? You’re about to die, but I will tell you anyway so that you can die content.” said that person in an ice-cold way. He continued to tell Lin Feng, “It’s someone from the Wan Shou Sect, he looked like a wild beast.”

“Wu Qing!” Thought Lin Feng stupefied. He would have never thought that Wu Qing could do that.

Wu Qing had always remained silent just like a real animal. Lin Feng wouldn’t have thought that he would resort to such means to kill him, and that he would surprisingly ask people from Tien Feng to help him… 

“Don’t worry, there are several others who want you dead as well.” said that person coldly, “There are two guys, they are brothers, then there are two guys in black clothes, they also want to kill you. You offended so many people.” 

Lin Feng was stupefied, there were four others… 

Eight people from Xue Yue had come to Celestial Dragon, Yue Tian Ming, Wu Qing, Yu Jin, Yu Jian, Yun Fei Yang and two guys in black clothes. 

The enemy was obviously talking about the Yu brothers, Yu Jian and Yu Qin, and then the two mysterious cultivators in black. 

Apart from him, there were seven people from Xue Yue and five of them wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“I’ll remember that.” said Lin Feng coldly. That person smiled coldly replied, “You’ll remember? So what? You’re going to die now.”

“Die?” Lin Feng raised his head and looked at his enemy. Evil lights were flashing in Lin Feng’s eyes.

“You will all die, none of you will survive.”

After he said that, a terrifying evil energy surrounded Lin Feng’s body and invaded the atmosphere. The face of the leader of their group suddenly drastically changed.

“Evil swords, COME OUT!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His body from a sitting position, suddenly rose up in the air and a terrifying sword energy dashed to the skies. A black evil-looking cloud surrounded his body and spread through the air. Those dark clouds rolled in the air, everything turned even darker than before.

“Kacha kacha kacha…..!” 

Three sounds emerged out of Lin Feng’s body. He was in the air in the middle of the black cloud. His clothes were fluttering. From his back, three black swords appeared. 

When everyone saw Lin Feng, their hearts started pounding violently. Their legs began shaking.

“What the hell is going on?”

“How’s that possible?” Those people were shaking from head to toe, what was was happening to Lin Feng?! He looked like an extremely evil demon! 
Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at those people, he despised them. Evil lights were flashing in his eyes making their souls tremble.

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