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PMG Chapter 568: The Counterattack of the Evil Swords

PMG Chapter 568: The Counterattack of the Evil Swords

Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with evil, there were three evil swords in his back. With the black clouds rolling in the air, the landscape suddenly looked apocalyptic. It was a shocking change. 

Lin Feng’s pupils looked more and more evil, they were filled with murder, bloodthirstiness and violence. They looked piercingly cold. Nobody dared look into his eyes.

Those swords were making him turn evil.

“Those three swords have an evil intent, they are malevolent swords. They can influence his soul, he’s turning into a demon.” 

Those people were looking at Lin Feng and shaking uncontrollably, it was really like that. Lin Feng couldn’t fight anymore, he was exhausted, but at that moment he was releasing some terrifying evil Qi and force. It didn’t belong to his own body, it belonged to those swords. Those swords had already surpassed unconventional mysterious weapons, also known as Xuan level weapons. Maybe those swords were celestial weapons, also known as Tian level weapons. 

Those evil swords had their own lives, their own intent. If people used them they could influence and make them change intrinsically. They were much more powerful than Xuan level weapons. 

That evil weapon was terrifying. Even though Lin Feng could control it, it wasn’t necessarily a good thing. He might end up being controlled by those swords and became their slave! 

Of course, that was why Lin Feng didn’t dare use those evil swords, especially in the past when he wasn’t strong enough. Last time he had tried to use them, he had had the feeling that he was going to lose his soul and control of himself. That sword had tried to absorb his own intent and had tried to invade his body, it almost gained control over him. 

The intent of those evil swords was terrifying! 

Lin Feng looked just like a death god at that moment, a murderer without limits.

“You all want to kill me?” asked Lin Feng, that voice didn’t even sound like his real voice anymore. It was an ice-cold evil voice, it sounded extremely strange and terrifying, those people had the impression that their hearts were going to burst out. 

They wanted to kill Lin Feng?

Could they still kill Lin Feng?

“You will all die.” said an evil voice as the evil swords rolled in the air, the dark clouds rolled even more brutally in the atmosphere.

The evil swords were lacerating the atmosphere towards those people leaving black marks behind them. They were falling down from the sky. In front of Lin Feng, the people who were in the front turned deathly pale and they suddenly looked hopeless. They released some energies to try and resist those evil swords. 

However, their energies just slowed down the evil swords a little bit, they then continued moving down towards them. In a flash, the light of the swords surrounded their bodies and they disappeared.

Those people didn’t want to fight anymore, they only wanted to escape. Their silhouettes started flickering. Lin Feng had seemingly turned into a demon, nobody could kill him anymore!

Lin Feng’s face looked ice-cold. He inclined his head on the side and in a flash the three swords moved down in three directions.

“Boom boom boom!”

Everywhere, there were those swords, they looked like they were going to destroy the planet.

Horrible shrieks spread in the air, people were dying. Those swords kept moving towards fleeing people and in a flash a dozen people died.

Lin Feng was surrounded by evil lights, in a flash, the evil swords moved back to him and were shaking violently. Two swords were emitting extremely loud whistling sounds, those two swords then shot towards other escaping people in the other direction. Those swords contained intense deadly energy, it was astonishing. No one dared look at those swords.

At that moment, Lin Feng had only thought: murder.

He wanted to annihilate everyone, he wanted to exterminate mankind.

“Ahhhh……” People were shouting, those swords hadn’t arrived but the intent of those swords had surrounded their bodies. It was extremely painful. They were agonizing, then, death fell upon them. 

The two swords kept killing, Lin Feng was chasing the last of them. 

With those mysterious evil swords, Lin Feng had to kill them, none of them would live on. 

There was only one person left at that moment, he was shaking violently, he was terrified. Everybody else had died under those evil swords and now it was his turn. 

He was regretting everything, why had they ran after Lin Feng? Now, he was about to die, everything he had done was worthless.

No matter what, regretting was useless, he was doomed. Lin Feng’s pupils were emotionless and filled with murder. The sword then arrived behind that person.

“Ahhhhh…. No……” That sword hadn’t even reached him and he was already shouting extremely loudly, he was terrified as the energy around his body was painful. 

Finally, the black light fell down and lacerated him.

He had died. Those people had all died under Lin Feng’s evil swords. In a flash, they had all died, none of them were left.

Those evil swords were terrifying.

Back then, those terrifying evil swords had made the Tian level ferocious wild beast run away injured, so one can well imagine that three evil swords were enough to kill all those cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. 

Lin Feng was standing in the air. His pupils kept twinkling and the evil lights in his eyes were more and more intense.

“Pfeww…” Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he started moving at full speed. He began picking up all the rings those people were wearing. They were cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, they probably had incredible treasures in their rings. How could Lin Feng not take them?

Lin Feng, under the influence of those swords, was filled with murder and bloodthirstiness. 

Lin Feng looked ferocious at that moment but there was a problem. He had to recall those swords back into his body otherwise he would lose control and they would start controlling him. 

“Come back!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. There was a gigantic pressure on his body, those three swords were shaking violently. They were resisting Lin Feng, they weren’t coming back. They were already trying to absorb Lin Feng’s intent and trying to control his soul.

The evil lights in Lin Feng’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. He looked like a sanguinary demon. His eyes held onto the evil lights, but occasionally, for a second, they would go back to looking normal.

Lin Feng was gnashing his teeth extremely hard as blood splashed out of his mouth. His soul came out, it was shaking violently. Those three swords enveloped were starting to control his soul but Lin Feng’s intent was extremely strong and resilient.

Those swords kept shaking, those dark lights surrounded Lin Feng’s body, they were trying to swallow him. 

When Lin Feng was killing those people, the murderous intent of these swords had already started taking control over him. At the time it had helped him to kill them. 

But after having killed them all, they didn’t want to move back into his body. They just wanted to make Lin Feng turn into a demon, they wanted to annihilate mankind. 

Lin Feng kept shaking while shouting violently, “Go!” In a flash, his intent flew towards those swords and buzzing sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng then moved into the water of the lake. 

The fresh water of the lake made Lin Feng regain his consciousness a little, he couldn’t submit to those swords! 

Lin Feng was willing to use those extremely efficient swords as weapons but he didn’t want to become their subject, he couldn’t let his intent get destroyed by them. 

As long as he resisted, as long as he had intent and a strong soul, he wouldn’t submit himself, no matter what.

At the bottom of the lake, bubbles and whirlpools appeared all around Lin Feng.

Lin Feng violently shook his hands, and with his hands, forced the swords to move into his back. Blood dyed the water of the lake, the swords didn’t want to move back into his body so they started cutting him and injuring him.

“The intent of those swords is much stronger than before…” Thought Lin Feng. It seemed like as he broke through to higher cultivation levels, the swords also recovered their initial intent from the past, before they had been sealed in the mountain. They were using Lin Feng’s cultivation to recover their own. 

Those swords had only recovered a little bit of intent though, not everything. They were trying to destroy Lin Feng’s intent and recover their own, then use his body as a host.

How could Lin Feng accept?

“Go back!” The swords were moving back into his body from the back and blood kept spreading in the water. It was extremely painful, as if they had been cutting his bones.

Those swords were unwilling to go back into his body, and he was unwilling to submit. Lin Feng would prefer dying with them than giving up.
At that moment, Lin Feng’s intent was indestructible, he didn’t want to become a slave to those swords.

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