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PMG Chapter 569: The Old Man and the Young Girl

PMG Chapter 569: The Old Man and the Young Girl

“In love with life, the young hero is determined…”

“As a young… Man, detteeerrmiined to reach the… Clouuuds… Determined to fly above the mountains and rivers of the Nine Clouds…!”

“Everybody’s heart is filled with sorrow and grievance… The young man is gone, only alcohol can make you forget… Forget the past….” A sad song was resonating in the atmosphere of a piece of wilderness in Celestial Dragon. There was an old man and a young girl. They were carrying baskets full of medicine on their back. The old man looked extremely sad, he was singing that sad song and his voice was trembling with emotion.

The young girl was about fourteen years old, she had a ponytail and looked pure, as if she knew nothing about the world. From her eyes, one could see that she was also sad.

“Grandpa, here you go again!” said the young girl, her voice was melodious and clear. 

“Little Ya, do you miss your big brother?” asked the old man sounding sad. He was looking at the girl in a soft and tender way but he also looked sad.

“Grandpa can you stop talking about it?” asked the young girl sounding a bit angry. 

“Little Ya, alright, I will stop talking about…” said the old man while caressing the young girl’s head. He sighed, he looked sad and nostalgic. His head was filled with memories.

The wind was brushing their skin, the old man and the young girl remained silent. The young girl had a small basket on her back and the old man was carrying a big one. They kept walking forwards, remembering the past.

They arrived on a grassland by a lake. 

“Look grandpa, so many corpses…” The young girl noticed many corpses all around the lake, she was surprised.

The old man frowned and shook his head.

“There’s somebody else there!” The young girl noticed a silhouette in the lake. That person seemed dead.

“Little Ya, let’s leave.” The old man grabbed the young girl’s hand and started walking away, he didn’t want the young girl to see those corpses. 

But the young girl pulled him back, she didn’t want to leave. She was staring at the silhouette in the lake. 

“Grandpa, wait.” shouted the young girl. The old man still tried to pull her and said, “Let’s leave.” 

“Wait grandpa, he looks like my big brother.” said the young girl.

When the old man heard the girl, he looked at the silhouette in the lake. It was a young man with a handsome face, he looked outstanding, he really looked like his grandson. 

That young man was about the same age as his grandson, and his face looked like him too. He was wondering if that young man’s smile was as radiant as his grandson’s. 

The old man let go of the young girl’s hand and the girl immediately started running on the water of the lake. In order to do that, it meant that she had, at least, broken through to the Ling Qi layer. 

Very quickly, she arrived next to the young man’s body, grabbed his body and lifted him up. Then she brought him back to the lakeside.

“Grandpa, he’s still alive.” said the young girl while delicately putting him down. The young man was covered with blood, he looked like he had spent lots of time in the water. He was deathly pale and had wrinkles everywhere, his skill was very swollen. 

The old man nodded and said, “Indeed, he has one last mouthful of air left.” 

“Grandpa, you must save him.” said the young girl, she looked impatient.

The old man looked irresolute and hesitant. He nodded his head and said, “Since your brother died, I swore that I would never save anyone apart from you.”

“Grandpa, you just said that because you were furious. You are a doctor, it is your duty to save and cure people. You are a merciful and kind person, how could you let someone die? Don’t you think he really looks like my brother?” said the girl sounding anxious and tenacious. 

“Little Ya, he is not your brother.” said the old man while shaking his head and smiling wryly.

“I don’t care, save him.” said the young girl in a soft voice, she was stubborn. The old man was speechless. After his grandson’s death, the only person left in his life was that young girl, he had raised her like his daughter.

“Alright, this is an exception though.” said the old man when he saw how stubborn the young girl sounded.

The young girl then smiled in a resplendent way, she nodded and said, “Thank you, grandpa.”

The old man shook his head and crouched down, he then put his hand on the young man’s wrist.

In a flash, he started shaking from head to toe and abruptly stood up. He looked astonished.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong?” asked the young girl when she saw how surprised her grandfather looked.

“Little Ya, I can’t save him.” said the old man with sharp lights flashing in his eyes.

“Why?” asked the young girl, she didn’t understand.

“I just can’t. Let’s leave now, Little Ya!” demanded the old man while pulling the young girl. But the young girl didn’t understand and kept staring at the young man lying on the ground. 

“Cough cough!” The young man coughed and some blood mixed with the water of the lake which spilt out of his mouth, the girl was surprised.

“Grandpa, you must save him, he’s still alive! If you don’t, he will die!” said the girl, she was certainly not going to leave. 

“Little Ya, I really can’t.” 

“Why can’t you? Grandpa, you are an amazing doctor, you know all the remedies of the world, you can cure anyone. You said you wouldn’t save anyone else since my brother died but now it’s just like my brother. He’s about to die, and you can save him, why wouldn’t you?” asked the young girl, she was angry and glaring at the old man. The old man was fixedly staring at her.

He remained silent for a moment, sighed and saw that he wouldn’t manage to make the young girl change her mind. He gave his basket to the young girl, crouched down and took another small basket which he was carrying.

He opened the small basket and many twinkling and shiny golden syringes appeared. 

Those syringes could pierce through people’s veins, bones, muscles, and even Qi. Their content could spread everywhere in a person’s body.

The old man then opened the young man’s clothes and a fire appeared. He burnt the syringes and slowly injected them into the young man’s body, small subtle sounds were spreading in the atmosphere. 

The old man put the needles in a nine times nine formation, there were eighty-one syringes in total. The young man’s body was covered with them.

The girl was surprised, her grandpa was using so many needles, that was a lot.

After the old man performed all those injections, another fire appeared and nourished the fire of the syringes so it wouldn’t go out. The content of the syringes kept spreading in the young man’s body. His body slightly turned red.

Some small black stains appeared at the different places where the needles were on his skin, they were burning his skin. 

At the same time, water kept flowing out of his body, not out of his mouth but out his pores. The water was evaporating thanks to the fire. 

When the young girl saw that the young man’s face was turning red, and wasn’t as pale as before, she felt relief. Eighty-one needles had been enough to save his life.

The young man looked redder and redder as if he had been about to burn, his entire body was fire red.

“Cough, cough!” The young man choked, it seemed like he was coughing out all the bad things in his body. The young girl’s smile was getting more and more resplendent. 

“Up!” said the old man, he shook his heads and all the needles rose up in the air. The old man extinguished the fire and put everything back in his basket.

“Grandpa, why are you not waking him up?” asked the young girl. After the eighty-one injections, the best thing to do now was to wake him. 

“Not now.” said the old man. He picked up the young man’s body and put him on his back. He then said, “Little Ya, you take both baskets, let’s go back. His injuries are not light.” 
“Alright.” said the young girl while nodding. Even though she didn’t understand what the old man meant, she obeyed him. She was certain that her grandpa was going to save that young man.

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