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PMG Chapter 570: Waking Up

PMG Chapter 570: Waking Up

After the young girl and the old man left the lakeside, two people appeared in the sky, they kept glancing around.

“There.” said one of them while looking at the corpses. They were both speechless as they immediately moved down and landed on the ground.  

All they could see was a sea of corpses, it seemed that they had all been lacerated by a sword. 

They had all died.

Those two people pulled a long face, how was that possible? So many strong cultivators had been killed, even a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer. How come they hadn’t killed Lin Feng? In front of them, many people were dead but Lin Feng’s corpse wasn’t there.

“Nie Yun, what do you think?” asked one of them while pulling a long face to the young man next to him. 

“Maybe some people helped him.” said Nie Yun in a cold and detached way. The middle-aged man nodded, there was only one solution, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to kill so many strong cultivators without any help. 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer. Even though he was very strong and could defeat one cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, how could he resist dozens of cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer and one cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer? How come they hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng?

“Who could have helped him though?” asked the middle-aged man. 

Nie Yun shook his head. The only solution was that people from Dragon Mountain had helped him, or maybe the strongest cultivators of Xue Yue. 

Besides, people from Dragon Mountain would have never handled the situation in such a way. They wouldn’t have annihilated all these people from Tian Feng and left them here. 

“The problem now is that Lin Feng hasn’t died. After all of them died, Lin Feng has disappeared, someone helped him or saved him.” said Nie Yun slowly. The middle-aged man looked irresolute. That was a disaster for them. 

Lin Feng had just broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, it was terrifying to think that he had killed all those people by himself. It would mean he would be even more terrifying in the future. If Lin Feng became stronger, killing cultivators of the seventh or even of the eighth Xuan Qi layer wouldn’t be a problem anymore, that would be a catastrophe for Tian Feng. 

They clearly understood that Lin Feng didn’t hesitate to annihilate his enemies, he had exterminated a few big sects in Xue Yue already. 

“Let’s go back. Maybe we will find him. We must kill him. Dragon Mountain, is not the easiest place to kill him, but letting Lin Feng live is too dangerous.” expressed the middle-aged man coldly. If they came across Lin Feng, they would definitely kill him. 

But Nie Yun looked hesitant, he didn’t know what to think.

He was was the first envoy of Tian Feng, what he wanted was to kill Lin Feng at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

However, the venerable imperial tutor of Tian Feng wanted to kill Lin Feng as soon as possible in order to avoid future troubles.

All in all, it was useless for them to stay there so they rose up in the air and left. The lake and its surroundings were invaded by an eerie silence once again. 

The people from Xue Yue were still in their residence, having a rest. Some people looked anxious, especially the two brothers of the Yu Clan. They were pacing about in a courtyard, they didn’t feel like practicing cultivation. 

They were wondering if Lin Feng was dead or not. 

If Lin Feng hadn’t died, he might already know that they had sent those people to kill him. 

In short, Yu Qin and Yu Jian weren’t feeling safe in Celestial Dragon. 

They were realizing that some cultivators in the Continent of the Nine Clouds were much stronger than what they had imagined. They were realizing that most people they came across outside there were of the Xuan Qi layer, and seeing people much stronger than them wasn’t rare.

They were geniuses from Xue Yue, they were considered as extremely strong cultivators in Xue Yue. But in Dragon Mountain, they were realizing that they weren’t exceptional at all. They were feeling a bit dispirited because of all those things. Besides, Lin Feng was becoming stronger,  faster than them. They felt like they were carrying a mountain of pressure on their shoulders and it was making them suffocate. Therefore, they wanted Lin Feng to die as soon as possible. 


However, Lin Feng knew nothing of all those things. At that moment, he was lying in a small wooden bed in a hut and his eyes were tightly closed, he hadn’t woken up. 

Outside of the hut, the old man was sorting some medicinal herbs. The young girl was in front of a fire, she was ventilating the fire to keep it strong. On the fire, there was a cauldron out of which pleasant fragrances kept emerging. The young girl’s face was turning red because of the heat and her hair was messy.

“Little Ya, the fire needs to be pure and hot. Doctors and alchemists are different. Alchemists need recipes, doctors need patience.” said the old man slowly. The young girl nodded and said, “Grandpa, you already told me that a million times.” 

“If I don’t tell you these things many times, you will never remember.” said the old man smiling.

“Grandpa, why don’t you help him wake up?” asked the girl sounding surprised.

“I can’t, there are a few things in his body which need to be kept under control, otherwise, it will influence him and hurt him.” explained the old man as if the girl couldn’t understand. She only nodded, she trusted her grandfather.

“The fire is good now, we can stop it. Go and give him the potion.” said the old man while smelling the fragrance of the alcohol. He wanted to make sure that the potion was ready. 

“Alright.” said the young girl while turning off the fire. She took a spoon and put the potion in a bowl, she then covered it with a towel and brought it inside.

The old man looked at the young girl walk away while shaking his head and smiling wryly. He continued making other potions as if nothing else mattered in the world.

In the hut, the girl was blowing on the potion to make it cool down. 

Lin Feng’s eyes were still closed. She put one third of the potion into his mouth allowing it to spread in his body, it was useless to give him more.

Even though the girl knew it was a waste, she really wanted to save him she she continued to give him everything. 

Very quickly, the bowl was empty. The girl even gave Lin Feng another bowl, she kept giving him the potion, she only had one last bowl left in her hand. 

“My brother was as young as you when he died, I wonder if you will be as handsome as him when you wake up.” whispered the young girl. She blew on the bowl once again and poured the content into Lin Feng’s mouth. 

However, at that moment, Lin Feng spat out some of the potion. The young girl wiped off some of the liquid around Lin Feng’s mouth, but at that moment, a sharp sound spread in the air which scared her. She raised her head and saw Lin Feng’s eyes, he had just opened them. 

“Ahhhh…….” The girl cried out in surprise. Immediately after, she heard a sound, the bowl fell down and broke. 

Lin Feng’s eyes looked terrifyingly ice-cold, sanguinary, and aggressive… The girl started shaking violently.

She had the impression that it was an illusion, those eyes didn’t match his face. He didn’t look as handsome as her brother because of them, he looked evil. She was scared.

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly sensed an acute pain in his body which made him groan in a gloomy way. He had the feeling that an evil force was controlling his body.

“Ahhhh…….” Lin Feng shouted in a low voice, in a flash, the old man appeared.

When the old man saw Lin Feng’s evil expression in his eyes, his hand flew and he attacked Lin Feng’s body. He started slapping him over and over again.

At the same time, his eyes twinkled and a needle appeared as he stuck it into Lin Feng’s shoulder, it was filled with sun energy. He injected these needles into both of Lin Feng’s shoulders.

Afterward, Lin Feng calmed down. In a flash, his muscles stopped twitching. 

He closed his eyes and then immediately opened them again, Lin Feng looked like he was suffering a lot as he was frowning intensely. 

He was still alive! He hadn’t died! 

He could barely remember what happened with the evil swords! 

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