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PMG Chapter 571: Recovering

PMG Chapter 571: Recovering

The evil swords had a strong intent, so it had been a battle between Lin Feng’s and the swords intent. They wanted to control him and invade his body. 

Lin Feng didn’t want to become possessed by those evil swords, he had tried to make them go back into his body through his back but blood had flowed. He had decided that if they didn’t go back into his body, he would prefer dying with them. 

In the end, his intent had won over the intent of the swords and he had managed to recall them back into his body. He then used his soul to surround them inside him, thus imprisoning them. However, he had lost all his pure Qi and his intent was profoundly affected. His soul had also lost some of its strength. His entire body was empty, all his energies and different sorts of strength had been drained out. He was badly injured and had almost died.

But at that moment, he was lying in a bed, still alive.

After a moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes again, they were twinkling. The old man and the young girl were standing in front of him. They were calmly observing him, especially the old man, he was staring at him vigilantly. 

“Why did you constrict my strength?” asked Lin Feng coldly. He could sense that his physical strength had undergone something unusual, it seemed like something or someone had sealed his strength and pure Qi. 

“I didn’t do it, are you not the one who did it?” asked the old man indifferently. Lin Feng was confused. He didn’t look cold anymore, he looked calm again. 

“It’s my fault, I’m sorry, thank you for having saving me.” said Lin Feng, he was regaining consciousness, slowly starting to remember what had happened. It almost felt like his cultivation had been sealed. Lin Feng felt ashamed and guilty, they had saved his life and he was blaming them.

But Lin Feng’s tone of speech was still very cold and gloomy.

“Are you different from before? Do you have a dark feeling?” asked the old man. Lin Feng was shocked, he looked at the old man for a long time and then nodded. He could indeed, feel that he was different, he had changed. His personality had become ice-cold. He couldn’t help it.

“Next time you shouldn’t use a strength which is not yours, you were lucky this time but maybe that next time you will not be as lucky.” said the old man while shaking his head. Indeed, Lin Feng had used three swords and their intent was monstrously powerful, he hadn’t been able to control them entirely. If he had used nine swords, he would have become a monster.

He needed a monstrously powerful strength to control those swords, otherwise he couldn’t use them. He would end up possessed by that demonic force.

Lin Feng moved and tried to sit down but he couldn’t, his entire body felt extremely painful. He slightly raised his body and fell back down. 

“Do you think that your injuries are that light? Now, you need to rest, don’t think too much. It takes time for the medicine to cure you, the medicine is preventing you from using your strength right now but the effects will dissipate slowly as you recover. You will recover  but you need to rest to do so.” explained the old man glancing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised, the medicine was preventing him from using his strength, nobody had done that to him before. 

The old man had used extremely strong medicine on Lin Feng, if he had used that on any other regular person, their cultivation could have been crippled. 

The old man then turned around and left the hut slowly.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s silhouette and used his celestial eyes to look at him. He was dumbfounded.

The old man didn’t seem strong at all! He was an ordinary old man. 

“Don’t be surprised. I am an ordinary doctor, but I am different from other doctors, I am a real doctor.” said the old man slowly. He didn’t misunderstand Lin Feng, he knew that Lin Feng was only curious. 

“A real doctor…” whispered Lin Feng when he heard the old man, other doctors weren’t real doctors?

But the old man had really used extremely powerful medicine on Lin Feng. Surprisingly, he had saved him. Besides, he had managed to constrict the strength of the evil swords as well as Lin Feng’s own physical strength. Thanks to the old man, the evil swords weren’t controlling Lin Feng. 

“Doctors, it seems like I underestimated them… There are some real ones…” Thought Lin Feng. He then looked at the young girl, she was fourteen. She looked clean and smart, she was also looking at him in a strange way. 

She didn’t understand what her father and Lin Feng had been talking about. Was there something in Lin Feng’s body?

“Are you feeling better?” asked the girl. 

Lin Feng nodded and said, “Apart from the fact that I can’t move, I feel normal.” 

“Oh.” Said the young girl while smiling and then tried to cheer him up, “Don’t worry, as long as my grandpa is here, you will be alright. You just need to rest.”

Lin Feng remained silent and nodded.

“You can rest, I will ask my grandpa to give you more medicine.” said the young girl while running away and leaving Lin Feng alone in the hut, he was just blankly staring at her. 


One day later, in the small hut, Lin Feng was sitting on the bed and drinking the same potion. His face had regained some color already and his body felt a lot less painful. 

“I have almost recovered.” 

Lin Feng shook his head while looking at the bowl, the potion was too bitter. Lin Feng had never drunk such a bitter potion, it made him feel nauseous. 

“No, you must drink it all!” insisted the young girl firmly and continued pouring the potion into Lin Feng’s mouth. Lin Feng had no choice, he finished everything. 

Finally, Lin Feng took a deep breath as he finished the potion.

He then moved and said to the girl, “I want to stand up and walk.”

Lin Feng knew the young girl’s name already, obviously, he had been there for one day already. Her name was Xiao Ya. She was an extremely pure and innocent young girl, her heart was free from evil. 

She looked at him hesitantly but nodded and said, “Okay, I will help and support you.”

She grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and tried to help him stand. Lin Feng smiled wryly, since he had landed in the world of cultivation, he had never thought that such a thing would ever happen to him. 

He stood up, made a few steps and said, “It’s alright, I can walk by myself.”

“Oh.” The young girl stopped holding him and looked at Lin Feng walk forwards. Lin Feng still looked cold, he was walking slowly, there was no problem. He just had the sensation that his muscles were a bit paralyzed. 

Lin Feng walked a few steps and left the hut. 

“Tap tap tap….” Lin Feng was walking step by step and discovered the wonderful scenery in front of him. He continued to walk for a while and then stopped and took in a deep breath. 

“How beautiful.” There was an emerald green mountain chain outside of the hut, it was a wonderful landscape. 

In such an environment, Lin Feng felt like he was filled with vitality and vigor again. He wanted to walk and explore the area, it was so beautiful. It made him want to run around and see nature.

He was at the top of a mountain in the middle of that mountain chain. 

“Walk a lot, observe a lot, regain some vitality, try to understand various things, and then the coldness will leave your heart.” explained the old man who was behind Lin Feng. He was talking in a slow and reassuring way. Lin Feng had to talk a lot, observe a lot, regain his vitality, understand things…

When he was still weak, Yan Yu Ping Sheng had told him to meditate and understand things to improve his cultivation a lot.

Afterwards, he had become a better cultivator. Then Yan Yu Ping Sheng told him how to use deadly energy with his zither. It was then that Lin Feng had become a real murderer.

However, his deadly energy had changed since he had used the evil swords. His soul and deadly energy had become much colder. The old man was actually telling him to meditate. 

Everything was a cycle, it was a new start.

Xiao Ya was calmly standing on Lin Feng’s side and was observing the emerald mountain chain as well, she looked so innocent.

“You know, I had one brother, he was as young as you. He had extremely high natural abilities, and a high cultivation level. He used to say he liked my face and my name. He was such a good brother to me and his smile was heartwarming.” said the young girl in a low voice. She was smiling in a resplendent way while remembering her brother.

Lin Feng understood how much that young girl used to love her brother.
“But suddenly, one day, he left us and died. He will never come back. I am alone with my grandpa now.” She was still smiling but her heart was filled with sadness which made Lin Feng shiver… He had died…

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