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PMG Chapter 572: Little Sister

PMG Chapter 572: Little Sister

The wind was brushing Lin Feng’s skin and he could feel the young girl’s sorrow. Her brother, an extremely talented and strong cultivator, had died when he was as young as Lin Feng. He used to compliment her all the time and smile in a radiant way. 

That was such a beautiful and happy time but then he had suddenly died. How sad… 

However, the young girl was still smiling in a pure and unadulterated way. 

“After my brother died, my grandpa and I have been traveling around, we like to stay in some wild and remote places. We have some breaks, observe nature and rest… Now we’re in this mountain chain of Celestial Dragon, we’ve been here for a while.” said the young girl. The old man was bringing her to various places to watch beautiful nature, they were looking for the meaning of life, for places where they could feel alive.

“My brother died when he was your age and you’re still alive, you’re also extremely talented and strong, why are you still not happy? Why are you so cold? Just relax.” said the young girl when she saw how cold Lin Feng looked. She was smiling in a radiant way, she looked like a little sunshine. Lin Feng suddenly felt guilty, he was still alive, he was going to recover promptly, he had parents who loved him and he even had two girlfriends who were waiting for him. Why was he so cold?

“Pfewww….” Lin Feng took a deep breath and continued to walk slowly towards a piece of emerald green field. 

The young girl was following him too, she wanted to stay with him. 

“Little Ya!” shouted the old man, which made her stop. She turned her head and saw the old man nodding at her, “Leave him alone.” 

The young girl looked at Lin Feng and then nodded. She stopped following him. 

Lin Feng was walking alone on the hillside towards some more emerald green places. 

He was walking slowly, moving up the hill. He then arrived at the top of a mountain. 

In front of him, there was a precipice, it was emerald green too. 

Lin Feng observed the landscape and sat down slowly. He then lied down again and looked at the azure blue sky. He was lying between an azure blue sky and an emerald green grass.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and started breathing deeply, trying to feel alive.

Lin Feng stayed there for an entire day. The young girl and the old man didn’t bother him at all, as if they had forgotten about him. 

Lin Feng was still lying on the ground, he was starting to forget the hardships he had gone through. Lin Feng was just breathing calmly, as if he had never breathed before. 

Since he had come to this world, Lin Feng had the feeling that he had always been under pressure, doing millions of things. He had never really taken the time to breathe, at least not like this.

“Time to eat!” shouted a voice at that moment. Lin Feng then heard some steps.

He turned around and crawled on the ground. He saw a silhouette in the distance, it was the young girl. She was carrying a bowl of food, she immediately crouched down in front of him. 

“You haven’t eaten anything for a whole day, are you not hungry? Look, I have some delicious food for you.” said the young girl, while taking the lid covering the bowl away. The food smelt great as it immediately began invading Lin Feng’s nostrils.

“It’s grilled wild rhinoceros meat, it will give you strength.” said the girl, while putting the bowl in front of Lin Feng and smiling in a resplendent way. 

Lin Feng sat down, he looked impatient to eat.

“Here, take it.” said the young girl, while putting it in Lin Feng’s hands. He raised his head and a magnificent smile appeared on his face, the young girl was astonished. 

At that moment, Lin Feng didn’t look cold anymore, he didn’t look expressionless, aggressive and violent either. He was just smiling in a resplendent way, he looked alive. In his eyes, there was nothing but the food though.

“Bro…” whispered the young girl, in a voice which sounded illusional. Lin Feng was speechless.

But he smiled and put his hand on the girl’s head, caressing her hair firmly and making it a bit messy. 

“Stop that!” said Xiao Ya sounding angry, but that anger was the kind of anger a young girl would feel when being teased by an older brother. 

“If I had such a little sister, I would be so happy.” thought Lin Feng. He then grabbed the bowl, separated the food into two, one part for him and one part for Xiao Ya. 

“We’re like one.”

“Yes, just like one person.” Xiao Ya grabbed some grilled rhinoceros meat and wolfed down her food. Lin Feng smiled and shook his head, she didn’t look like an elegant young lady at that moment. Lin Feng kept eating. 

After finishing their meal, they both lied down on the grass and looked at the sky, they seemed full and extremely happy.

“I’m so full.” said Xiao Ya, while looking at Lin Feng. There was oil all over her mouth, she looked extremely cute.

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled in a warm and tender way. 

The girl was realizing that Lin Feng’s smile looked like that of her brother, like a sunshine.

“Can I always call you brother?” asked the young girl.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised, remained silent for a moment and then smiled and said, “I always wanted a little sister.” 

“Promise.” said the young girl, while stretching her little finger to Lin Feng. Lin Feng did the same, caught her little finger with his own and then said, “I promise.” 

“Hehehe, I have a new brother.” said Xiao Ya. She looked at the sky and asked, “Bro, you still need to tell me your name.” 

“Lin Feng.” 

“Lin Feng…” whispered the young girl, while smiling. “Grandpa will be so happy when he knows that I have a new brother.” 

“Will he not think that I’m a liar?” Lin Feng smiled. 

“He won’t. You don’t understand him. He looks cold but he has a soft heart, he is generous and warm. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be such a capable doctor.” said Xiao Ya, while smiling. 

Lin Feng slightly nodded, a doctor’s purpose was to save people, heal them If they were not kind hearted, they couldn’t become good doctors, they would never become skilled enough.

If their true purpose was to save lives, they could become great doctors. That was true even for alchemists, they would then be even more respected by people. 

Of course, Lin Feng knew that the old man was kind, otherwise he wouldn’t have saved his life. 

“Let’s go and see grandpa.” said the young girl, while pulling on Lin Feng’s hand. They then both ran towards the hut. Lin Feng had recovered a lot, he could run again. 

The old man was still picking up some herbs and was a bit surprised when he saw Lin Feng and the young girl run towards him, especially due to the change in Lin Feng’s expression, he had a resplendent smile on his face. The old man looked at Lin Feng from head to toe and could see that Lin Feng’s smile was authentic and sincere, he wasn’t hiding anything. The old man was very surprised.

“What a strong vitality and power of understanding.” Thought the old man. He then nodded at Lin Feng, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would recover from the evil energies that quickly. He had become his own self again and even looked like he had understood himself more than before, how rare! 

Lin Feng and the young girl arrived next to the old man, Lin Feng bowed in front of him in a grateful manner. 

“Grandpa, I have a new big brother.” announced the young girl which astonished the old man. He then looked at Lin Feng. 

The old man lowered his head and continued picking up herbs, he didn’t say anything but nodded indifferently. 

“What’s wrong, grandpa? Are you not happy?” asked Xiao Ya. The old man slowly raised his head, he looked extremely sad. He then smiled at Lin Feng and said, “At first, I didn’t intend to save you, you perfectly understand the situation you were in when we found you. However, Little Ya convinced me to save you because you resembled her dead brother, therefore I agreed to save you, but I still had my worries about what would you be like after waking up. It seems like I thought too much, I hope that you will always be the way you are now, I also hope that you will never use an external strength again, unless you are strong enough to control it.” 

“I understand.” said Lin Feng while nodding and bowing once again. 
“Alright. Now leave me alone, don’t disturb me.” said the old man, while waving. He then lowered his head and continued picking up herbs.

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