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PMG Chapter 574: Visualizations

PMG Chapter 574: Visualizations

Lin Feng was still hugging Xiao Ya, he had tears on his sleeves. He didn’t know what to say to cheer her up so he continued gently caressing her hair.

“Bro, do you think grandpa will ever come back?” asked Xiao Ya, while moving a little bit. She moved away from Lin Feng’s arms, her face was still covered with tears.

Lin Feng raised his head, smiled and said, “He will definitely come back. Your grandpa loves you and will certainly miss you. He left so suddenly because he probably had some important things to do. Wait until he is done and then he will come back!” 

“Really?” asked Xiao Ya surprised. Lin Feng was probably just trying to cheer her up. 

“Of course.” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. “Xiao Ya, let’s go back and see what your grandfather left behind, he left us this message, maybe we will find another message.” 

“Grandpa left something?” 

“Yes, on the table.” answered Lin Feng, nodding. 

“Ok, let’s go and see.” said Xiao Ya. She immediately stood up and grabbed Lin Feng’s hand, she was impatient to see what her grandfather had left.

In the hut, as expected, there were things on the table.

There were actually three things left behind.

There was a thing made of fur, Lin Feng was surprised, it looked like a skin mask. The old man had surprisingly left a skin mask. It was probably for Lin Feng. Then, he was even more surprised, there were actually all sorts of different skin masks. 

“Why did the old man leave that behind..?” thought Lin Feng, frowning. He didn’t understand. What were those skin masks for?

He then looked to the right, there was a memory jade. 

“Xiao Ya, what is inside? Maybe it’s for you.” said Lin Feng, softly while smiling. Xiao Ya nodded and looked inside the memory jade, a moment later she turned to Lin Feng.

“Bro, it’s for you.” said Xiao Ya, while handing over the jade to him.

“Bro, have a look and you will understand.” said Xiao Ya, when she saw that Lin Feng was surprised. Lin Feng nodded and looked inside. Immediately after, everything became clear to Lin Feng, he understood why the old man had left the fur masks.

In that memory jade, there was an illusion technique that enabled a cultivator to hide his Qi and even change it. 

Every cultivator could hide their own face but they couldn’t hide their own Qi. If someone else had sharp senses, they could easily recognize someone who had altered their face. However, that technique enabled a cultivator to hide their own Qi to make it unrecognizable. Thus, used with those skin masks, that illusion technique was perfect. It enabled a cultivator to completely change his appearance and Qi. 

The old man had left the illusion technique and the skin masks for Lin Feng because he knew that Lin Feng had many enemies. The old man didn’t want Lin Feng to be harassed by them. He could become another person when using those things and his enemies would never be able to recognize him.

The old man had really thought of everything. 

Lin Feng then looked on the right and saw a small bowl, there wasn’t a potion inside, but many pills.

“What’s that?” Lin Feng was unsure. The old man had left pills, what kind of pills were they?

“Bro, those are Pure Healing Pills, people under the Tian Qi layer can recover their entire pure Qi when taking those pills, even if they don’t have any pure Qi left.” 

To Lin Feng’s delight, Xiao Ya knew what things her grandfather had.

“Pure Healing pills…” he was astonished. When a cultivator had no pure Qi left, he could recover it in its entirety when taking those pills… How incredible. 

If he had had those pills before, he wouldn’t have needed to use the evil swords after having used all of his pure Qi for the black lotus. He was lucky that the old man had saved him. 

The old man had prepared all those things for Lin Feng… 

“Grandpa left nothing for me…” whispered Xiao Ya, she looked incredibly disappointed. Those three things were all for Lin Feng.

“Silly girl.” said Lin Feng, while caressing her hand. He said in a gentle voice, “Your grandfather told me to take care of you and gave me these things, don’t you think that he did that for you too?” 

Xiao Ya raised her head and looked at him nodding. She obviously understood what he meant, but the old man had abandoned her and hadn’t left anything concrete for her, she still felt sad and disappointed.

Another member of her family had left her. Her grandfather had left her and might never come back. 

“Don’t worry, I will take care of you until your grandfather comes back.” said Lin Feng, while caressing the girl’s hair before walking forward.

“Hmm… Sniff sniff!!” Xiao Ya burst into tears once again. She had always been with her grandfather, it was the first time he wasn’t by her side.


At the top of the mountain, Xiao Ya was sitting on the ground, holding her chin with her hands. She was blankly staring at Lin Feng. 

It had already been three days since the old man had left, she was getting used to it. Lin Feng was always with her even while practicing cultivation. 

Xiao Ya would always stay next to Lin Feng and watch while he was practicing. She never bothered him. 

Lin Feng’s pure Qi was recovering slowly. He still needed a few days before entirely recovering. At that moment, he was sitting cross-legged and his eyes were firmly closed. He was doing some visualizations. 

Some strange threads of Qi appeared around him, it seemed like the Heruka statue was trying to come out of his body. Suddenly an illusion of the Heruka appeared. 

When Xiao Ya saw that, she was astonished, she was blankly staring at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng was doing image visualization…. He was visualizing a Heruka statue… It looked like a Buddha and a demon at the same time… 

“His pure Qi is still restrained… What is he practicing? It seems so powerful.” thought Xiao Ya, when she saw Lin Feng’s visualization. Her pure looking eyes were twinkling, it was the first time she saw someone practicing such a skill. That kind of visualization skill was extremely rare.

Lin Feng was visualizing the Heruka while black strength kept flowing in his body. It looked indestructible.

The strength of the Herukas kept rotating, there were both big and small cycles.

Lin Feng was concentrating on the statue in his brain, his entire consciousness was dedicated to the statue. The strength of the Heruka in his body was becoming much stronger. 

His pure Qi was too weak at that moment so it was a great opportunity to practice body cultivation. 

Lin Feng was realizing that since he had been injured, he was more open-minded, and he felt more natural. His state of mind had thoroughly changed. Besides, the rotation speed of the strength of the Herukas had also increased. 

Before, when he was visualizing the Heruka, the statue wouldn’t come out. But now, he was practicing skills normally and that special visualization skill came out as well. Lin Feng didn’t mind having Xiao Ya observe him by his side, he had nothing to hide from her, he had no secrets.
Lin Feng continued visualizing, he was in a trance. He wasn’t waking up. The strength of the Heruka in his body was becoming stronger and stronger. 

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