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PMG Chapter 575: The Last Fight

PMG Chapter 575: The Last Fight

“The strength of the Heruka… I have to let it flow freely.” 

After two days Lin Feng opened his eyes, he looked enlightened.

Now, his perceptions were more acute. He felt more familiar with the strength of the Herukas, the statue could even emerge out of his body when he was visualizing it. Besides, while visualizing, Lin Feng was realizing that the strength of the Herukas had a part which belonged to the demons and a part which belonged to the Buddhas. But it was surely more holy than evil. 

“ARRGHHHh!” Lin Feng moved and his fist struck the atmosphere, a terrifying physical strength emerged, it was evil and devastating. 

His strength of the Herukas didn’t look incredible but it was extremely powerful. 

“This time I immediately managed to make it rotate a thousand times more than usual, now my Heruka strength can rotate five thousand times. Even if I don’t have pure Qi, I can now kill cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer.” whispered Lin Feng. His eyes were still closed and the wind was blowing on his body, gently. He looked perfectly relaxed. The wind brushing away on his body felt extremely comfortable and pleasant.

“Wind.” said Lin Feng and then he moved like the wind, he looked like an illusion. Xiao Ya was astonished, Lin Feng, in a flash, had landed a few hundred meters away. 

“How fast…” Thought Xiao Ya, she was astonished. Traveling over a few hundred meters in a flash was extraordinary. 

Lin Feng stopped and smiled. His pure Qi was still restrained, he couldn’t rely solely on his strength of the Herukas because without pure Qi he couldn’t fly through the air. If he lacked speed but had the necessary strength to kill extremely strong cultivators, it was useless. He needed to move fast.

“Bro.” said Xiao Ya. 

Lin Feng turned around and smiled at Xiao Ya in a soft way, “Xiao Ya, are you not bored? You’ve been looking at me for a few days.”

“No, I like to look at you when you practice cultivation.” explained Xiao Ya while shaking her head. “Bro, should we get ready to leave the mountain?” 

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya and nodded. He had been there for a few days already, he obviously had to leave at some point. He had to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“Oh, I will go and pack up our things then.” said Xiao Ya while standing up. She then ran over to the hut. Lin Feng sighed. Xiao Ya didn’t look happy to leave, she was still hoping that her grandfather would come back. 

Actually, Lin Feng was convinced that if her grandfather had given him those three things, it meant that the old man knew that Lin Feng was going to leave. The old man knew that Lin Feng couldn’t stay in the mountains forever. If the old man wanted to find them, he wouldn’t look for them there. 

But at least, Lin Feng and Xiao Ya could leave a small note for the old man. Then if he really came back, he would be able to find them. 

Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered, he followed Xiao Ya to the hut. Xiao Ya had had the same idea as Lin Feng, she was leaving a small note for him by carving a few words into the table. 

“Bro, what should I tell grandpa so that he can find us easily?” asked Xiao Ya when she saw that Lin Feng was there.

“Let me write it.” said Lin Feng. He then moved towards the table and started writing words in huge letters.


Yangzhou City was Lin Feng’s city, no matter what, everybody knew him there. If the old man found Yangzhou City, he would be able to find Lin Feng and Xiao Ya. 

Looking around for them in the Continent of the Nine Clouds would be too inconvenient. 

“Yangzhou City…” whispered Xiao Ya. Then she giggled while looking at Lin Feng. 

“Bro, I’m going to pack up.”

There weren’t so many things in that tiny hut, the most important things were the herbs of the old man. 

There were many priceless herbs, Lin Feng didn’t even know about some of them but he understood that the potions the old man had given him were priceless.

Xiao Ya took a long time to pack everything, she then smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Let’s go.”

“Alright.” said Lin Feng. After, the two of them slowly left the mountain. 

They were both walking on a small road, both of them turned around and looked at the hut one last time with profound expressions in their eyes. 

Xiao Ya looked irresolute and Lin Feng felt nostalgic too. In that hut, Lin Feng had recovered in peace and serenity, it was a synonym of peace for him. Far away from massacres, death and violence. He had only been staying with an old man who didn’t like to talk and an innocent young girl who was adorable. Lin Feng had been able to regain his peace of mind there. In the future, he would maybe rarely find such a place again. 

On a small rock, Lin Feng took out a skin mask and put it on his face. That mask fused with people’s faces perfectly, there wasn’t a single flaw, it really looked like a human face. The old man was a doctor, but he was also an expert at fabricating masks. 

“Bro, your face completely changed.” said Xiao Ya while giggling innocently. Lin Feng had another face. His skin was glossy like wax, he looked like he was sick. 

“If you can’t see that it’s a mask, other people won’t.” said Lin Feng while smiling. His Qi also gradually changed into an illusion. It was different from before. Even his closest friends and family members wouldn’t be able to recognize him. 

People from Tian Feng and several others wanted him dead, if he appeared as the real Lin Feng his life would still be in danger.

People from Tian Feng had sent a few dozen extremely strong cultivators to kill him, all of them of the sixth Xuan Qi layer and one of the seventh Xuan Qi layer… it proved their determination to kill him. Besides, seeing how he had killed them all, if he appeared again, people from Tian Feng would do anything to kill him. After what had happened, they would deploy their full strength. 

In fact, Lin Feng was guessing right, last time when the great tutor of Tian Feng and the first envoy Nie Yun had appeared at the lakeside, they had decided to kill him as soon as possible.

Lin Feng admired Xiao Wu Tian for his anticipations, he had carefully thought about everything. That’s why he had given him the skin masks and the illusion technique to change his Qi. If Lin Feng didn’t have those things, it would be difficult for him to appear in public.


In Celestial Dragon, outside of the vast and boundless white Imperial Palace, there was a gigantic crowd.

People were standing on a gigantic stage. All of them were releasing an extraordinary Qi, besides, they were all extremely young. 

Those people were from Dragon Mountain, Xue Yue and Tian Feng. They were the most outstanding disciples of those countries. Now, a last round of selections were commencing before the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Tomorrow they would start heading to Mi Cheng. 

Mi Cheng was a mysterious city in Xue Yu, it was extremely old. It was actually the oldest city of Xue Yu and is filled with many historic sites. There were always many dangers there, it was a great place to become a stronger cultivator.

The Great Competition of Xue Yu always took place in Mi Cheng, which was interesting because it didn’t belong to any of the countries of Xue Yu. 

Mi Cheng had never been invaded by anyone else, it was a gigantic and vast area. A very old city filled with monstrously strong cultivators, which made it even more mysterious. 

And now, Dragon Mountain and the two countries under its jurisdiction had to go through a last selection process. They were going to decide who was participating at the Great Competition of Xue Yu Everyone from the other three empires and the seven other countries were all going to travel to Mi Cheng after that. 

Around the fighting stage, there was a huge crowd that was looking up at the geniuses with admiration. Several had come to see if the initial candidates had changed or not, for example their cultivation level or if someone had been injured in the last few days.

Of course, some people only came to see amazing battles, those who had already been chosen probably hadn’t been stupid enough to fight and get injured or things like that. However, some rumors were spreading that said some candidates had already disappeared and that others had given up. 
Therefore, Dragon Mountain had decided to review the candidates one last time to establish a final version of the list of candidates. They had also increased the quota of participants, so more people would be able to give it a try if they were confident enough. 

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