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PMG Chapter 577: A Fist

PMG Chapter 577: A Fist

Yun Fei Yang had been able to defeat a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer in one punch. He had even made him fly away. That person who challenged him didn’t look so proud and arrogant anymore.

People were realizing that the cultivators on the stage weren’t so easy to defeat.

Several people’s eyes were still twinkling while looking at the geniuses on the stage, it was impossible that everybody was as strong as Yun Fei Yang. Not all of them could use the human earth fusion.

On the stage, amongst the cultivators of Dragon Mountain, there were only two cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. All the others had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer and were truly frightening. 

Besides, there were also the cultivators from Tian Feng on their right, the envoys. Rumors said that they had recently received the title of envoy in Tian Feng. The weakest were of the fifth Xuan Qi layer and three of them were missing on the stage. 

As far as the cultivators from Xue Yue were concerned, they were found on the left. Duan Wu Dao had immediately gone to Mi Cheng, Duan Wu Ya wasn’t going to participate and Lin Feng had disappeared. So two people were missing from their group, their group only consisted of seven. 

Amongst that group of seven, there were two of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. One of them was a high-official from Xue Yue, Yu Jian, the other was Yun Fei Yang who had already fought. The others had broken through to the fifth or sixth Xuan Qi layer. 

Therefore, many people were looking at Yu Jian which made him frown. So many people of the fifth Xuan Qi layer wanted to fight against him, he was surely upset. 

Of the many people walking towards the stage, none of them looked arrogant and proud like the first one. These challengers looked cold and glum. 

Someone arrived on the stage first, stopping all the others in their tracks. They all looked up at the one who had just stepped onto the stage.

That young man looked sick and pale. He looked dispirited and not courageous at all. However, his smile was beautiful, like a sunshine. 

He looked simple and optimistic. One could see that from his eyes.

“Huh?” Many people frowned as they were surprised, what was wrong with that person? 

They used their celestial eyes to look at him and discovered that his Qi was extremely weak. He hadn’t even broken through to the Xuan Qi layer… Why was he going onto the stage? He wanted to fight against a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer ..? 

Indeed, it wasn’t an illusion, that young man had really walked onto the stage. 

The ones down the stage were dumbfounded and those on the stage were astonished when they saw that young man walk onto the stage. That young man looked extremely strange. 

He looked extremely weak and sick but he still had that magnificent smile on his face.

The strangest thing about the young man was he wasn’t alone, there was a young girl with him who was wearing her hair in a ponytail…. They glanced to left and right looking extremely naive and innocently curious.

In short, he was so weird that he drew everybody’s attention. 

“Are you lost?” asked Yu Jian indifferently. He also felt relieved because everybody was staring at that strange person and not at him anymore.

Of course, Lin Feng was in the right place, he wasn’t lost.

Initially, he was supposed to be on that side of the stage with the group from Xue Yue but things had changed. 

He smiled and shook his head. He looked at Yu Jian in a warm and friendly way.

“My little sister wanted to go and watch the Great Competition of Xue Yu with me but today it’s even better, I have the opportunity to come onto the stage. I am so happy to be able to fight against someone who is going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Everybody was astonished. What a naive guy! His little sister wanted him to bring her and watch the Great Competition of Xue Yu so he had decided to go onto that stage, didn’t he know what it meant?! 

“Ok.” said Yu Jian while frowning, his eyebrows looked like swords and his eyes looked extremely sharp. Even though he was smiling, he still looked like he could stab people with his eyes.

“So which one of us do you want to fight?” asked Yu Jian mockingly. He wanted to regain the prestige he had lost a moment ago when people were making fun of him. That strange and weird guy was precisely a good way to do that.

“You, of course. Haven’t you noticed that everybody wants you to fight?” said Lin Feng with the same resplendent smile on his face. Yu Jian was speechless, his eyes looked sharper and sharper. 

At that moment, Yu Jian considered that strange guy as a infinite moron, but that moron… Surprisingly wanted to fight against him?

The celestial eyes skill was very common in Dragon Mountain, even though Yu Jian had never seen it in Xue Yue, he had of course, learnt it in Dragon Mountain. When he saw that the stranger’s cultivation was so low that he was extremely far from the Xuan Qi layer, he took pity on him. However, that strange guy did want to fight against him. 

“Do you know that you may die? I can kill you here.” expressed Yu Jian whose voice was even sharper. He was staring at Lin Feng and continued, “If you die, what will happen to your adorable little sister? Who will take care of her?” 

“I really dislike people who dare humiliate my little sister, I will slap you ten times today.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He already knew the outcome of the battle. He was going to slap Yu Jian ten times. 

“You little piece of trash, I don’t feel like talking shit with you anymore.” said Yu Jian, he had finally lost his temper. He made a step forward and then started running, his entire body was like a sword. He wanted to impale Lin Feng. 

Some sword energy moved towards Lin Feng as well and it was whistling in the air. 

Lin Feng’s clothes were ordinary clothes and in a flash got ragged. There were holes everywhere.

Lin Feng was still smiling in a resplendent way, he looked so miserable, pitiful, yet remained confident. 

“Crrr.. Crrr…..” The terrifying sword Qi was becoming sharper and sharper, Yu Jian wasn’t running fast but in a flash he had already arrived in front of Lin Feng. His sword energy was putting more and more pressure on Lin Feng’s body. 

“After you die, if your sister agrees, I can take care of her for a few years!” said Yu Jian coldly. Yu Jian raised his finger, it was as sharp as a sword and could surely stab Lin Feng to death.

“As expected, Yu Jian wants to kill him.” Thought the crowd while looking at Yu Jian’s finger, how cruel. That was normal though, anyone would have killed him. 

That strange guy wanted to die.

When they saw Lin Feng raise his fist, they found him even more pitiful. His fist contained no energy, it wasn’t diffusing any magnificent light, he looked too desperate. It was a simple and weak fist.

Did Lin Feng want to use his fist to block Yu Jian’s finger? He would surely die!

How could a fist collide with a sword? They could already imagine Lin Feng’s hand getting lacerated.

Finally, they saw the finger and the fist collide.

The finger didn’t impale the fist though, no blood appeared either. They only heard a subtle sound, the sound of cracking bones. Yu Jian’s phalanx had broken. 

“Ahhhhh………..” Yu Jian emitted a long and painful shout of agony, making everyone’s ears tremble.

Yu Jian kept giving bloodcurdling shrieks. His finger, which was like a sword, hadn’t impaled Lin Feng’s fist. Instead, it had broken when it collided with Lin Feng’s fist. 

The fist had won, surprisingly. Was that really a simple fist? 
“Slap!” A new sound spread in the air which astonished everybody.

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