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PMG Chapter 578: Humiliating Slaps!

PMG Chapter 578: Humiliating Slaps!

That clear and bright sound was the sound of Lin Feng’s hand on Yu Jian’s face. He was slapping him. 

He wasn’t slapping him violently, which was even more humiliating. And it wasn’t over, Lin Feng had said he would slap him ten times!

“Slap slap slap!” Lin Feng was slapping him extremely fast, nobody could see his hand because he was moving at the speed of light. Lin Feng was slapping Yu Jian’s face but for him, it felt as if his heart and pride were being slapped. 

Lin Feng stopped slapping him after the tenth time. Yu Jian looked like he couldn’t believe it with his own eyes. Lin Feng was still smiling at him in a resplendent way, but in a way, that smile looked somewhat evil. 

Until that moment, nobody understood why Lin Feng’s Qi was so weak and why Yu Jian, who had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, was being slapped by him. 

They obviously didn’t know that Lin Feng had the strength of the Herukas and that it could rotate five thousand times in his body. Lin Feng’s physical strength was the same as a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. 

It meant that his punches were as strong as the attacks of cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. In front of Lin Feng, Yu Jian couldn’t do anything, and especially not with a finger.

Trying to resist Lin Feng was useless. 

“At the beginning, I wanted to slap you ten times but after what you said, I will slap you ten more times.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yu Jian was speechless and blankly stared at him, to the point that he had forgotten to resist.

Lin Feng was saying that he was going to slap him ten more times as if it were a normal thing. Lin Feng wanted to slap him and he could do as he wished. 

“Crrr.. Crrr…” A terrifying sword energy appeared. Yu Jian suddenly turned into a sharp sword.


“Boom!” Suddenly, Lin Feng’s fist landed on Yu Jian’s chest, it felt like a bomb had exploded in his chest. His sword energy immediately disappeared as well. 

“People like you shouldn’t be standing on that stage, you’re a disgrace.” said Lin Feng. Immediately after, he slapped Yu Jian ten times again. He wasn’t using much strength but it sufficed to destroy Yu Jian’s pride. 

Lin Feng was destroying his vitality, crushing his determination and his willpower on the path of cultivation.

Everything Lin Feng said, every slap, all those things were profoundly wounding his heart. Words couldn’t describe the way Yu Jian felt. Even though Lin Feng wasn’t killing him or injuring him, he was crushing his vitality.

Yu Jian was only the first one. Yu Qin, Wu Qing and the two people in black clothes… Lin Feng remembered them deep in his heart. He had to get his revenge.

Those people wanted Lin Feng to die. He wouldn’t disappoint them, he would turn into a death god and annihilate them. 

“Disgrace! Get lost!” Lin Feng punched Yu Jian and made him fly away, he heavily landed onto the ground. 

Yu Jian, cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, hadn’t withstood a single attack, how miserable.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Feng had had a monstrous advantage over him. Everybody’s eyes were wide open as if they were trying to see how strong Lin Feng was. 

However, they were disappointed because Lin Feng hadn’t used any magical power or skill, he had just punched Yu Jian. It hadn’t looked beautiful or magnificent, it had looked plain, he had simply slapped him. 

It was because Lin Feng hadn’t used any skill, that made him even more outstanding and strong. 

“Strength, it’s a kind of physical strength.” thought some people. Lin Feng’s Qi was extremely weak, it seemed that he hadn’t even broken through to the Xuan Qi layer… But he had defeated his opponent in one strike… Everybody had thought that it would be the opposite and that Yu Jian would kill him. 

But Lin Feng had astonished them and taught them a good lesson. Apart from Qi, cultivators could use other things, such as physical strength, which everybody had. 

The problem was that some people hadn’t see cultivators use physical strength for a very long time, some of them had even never seen anyone use physical strength. Lin Feng was a special cultivator.

Physical skills had slowly disappeared from the world of cultivation. Modern cultivators preferred learning magical skills, or practice sword and blade cultivation. They liked to learn how to master the elements, wind, fire, thunders… They liked technical skills. Very few people knew what physical skills were.

However, today, they had seen a strong cultivator who didn’t use magical skills but physical skills. In a flash, he had been able to crush an extremely strong cultivator with a plain and simple punch, he had broken Yu Jian’s finger. He hadn’t used pure Qi or anything. Then, he had slapped Yu Jian, who had been absolutely unable to resist. 

“That is a very rare skill…” thought a young man on the stage at that moment.

Lin Feng looked sick and his skin looked glossy but his smile was magnificent. 

People could see that his smile was filled with confidence, he was extremely confident. Even though he looked sick, he didn’t doubt himself. Everybody had despised him because of his smile and weak-looking appearance, but he hadn’t paid attention to them. In his heart, he knew that he was extremely strong. He didn’t care about people’s expressions of surprise, actually, it proved everything. 

“Interesting.” Thought Yun Fei Yang while looking at Lin Feng. Yun Fei Yang had surprised everybody but Lin Feng had as well. 

People initially thought that the second battle would be uninteresting because the first one was so good, but in the end, people were astonished watching the second. They had discovered another sort of cultivator, a physical cultivator. 

Lin Feng stopped looking at Yu Jian. Yu Jian and Yu Qing weren’t his main targets. He would crush them sooner or later, they were losers in Lin Feng’s eyes. Maybe they were extremely happy about the fact that Lin Feng had disappeared, they thought that he was dead already having been killed on that night. They didn’t know that they would die sooner or later, they were beyond redemption. 

Lin Feng looked at all the people on the stage. He of course knew them all. The seven envoys were all familiar to him. 

Even the people from Dragon Mountain were there and could be challenged. Lin Feng could even recognize a few people amongst them. 

There was Tang You You who belonged to the oldest and wealthiest family of Celestial Dragon, she looked just as cold as before. She looked like a crane amongst chicken, people didn’t dare look at her in the eyes. 

On her right, there was another beautiful woman, she was stunning. It was Qing Meng Xin. She had a resplendent smile on her face. Her cleavage was as deep as usual, how many men were falling in love with her? How many would dare attack them?

Lin Feng had also astonished a man who was standing between those two beauties. Between them he almost seemed invisible! 

When Lin Feng saw him, he realized that he was wrong to think that the man regarded so little attention between those two women. He indeed, looked ordinary, but in fact his Qi was incredible. With him between those two beauties, aesthetic criteria were respected, the scene looked harmonious. 

Besides, Lin Feng had already seen that person. 

In the Palace of the Cosmic Market, he had seen Li Hen. That young man between Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin was the one who was with Li Hen in the Cosmic Market. Lin Feng didn’t believe that Li Hen was his sister.

The old man with whom Lin Feng had exchanged the sanguine soul grass had told him that some people could break some rules there, that young man was one of them. 

At that moment, Lin Feng obviously thought of a name.
“Dragon Mountain’s Imperial City, Jun Mo Xi!” 

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