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PMG Chapter 579: Seven Winners!

PMG Chapter 579: Seven Winners! 

In Xue Yue, Duan Wu Dao was extremely aggressive and violent. If anyone offended him, he killed them. But, he was good to those good to him. He was absolutely fearless.

However, Jun Mo Xi was different. He wasn’t violent or aggressive. He was smiling, he looked ordinary, but his Qi was proof that he was strong. 

Who was stronger between Duan Wu Dao and Jun Mo Xi though?

Lin Feng understood that with his current strength, he couldn’t defeat those two people, he couldn’t even defeat Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin. 

Lin Feng walked on the side of the stage, the crowd calmed down. When they calmed down they realized they now had another problem.

Yun Fei Yang and Yu Jian were two cultivators with the lowest cultivation level onstage. Yun Fei Yang had proved how strong he was during the first battle. Yu Jian had appeared as a weak one but no one was able to challenge Yu Jian because Lin Feng had been too quick… Now they couldn’t challenge him again because he was injured. 

The only people left were cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer and fighting against them might prove too difficult.

There were five open spots for potential candidates but they wouldn’t be so easy to obtain. Putting one’s life at stake in such conditions was too scary. 

“I’ll give it a try.” said someone at that moment. He looked cold and detached. With his finger, he pointed at a cultivator from Xue Yue, at one of the two cultivators in black clothes.

Those two had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, they had appeared from nowhere in Xue Yue and Lin Feng didn’t know who they were or what their social status was.

The one who was pointing at them looked evil and cold. He slowly walked onto the stage and released a monstrously violent energy, his facial expression looked colder and colder.

“What a cold energy.” thought the crowd. That person gave them a very cold impression. He looked brutal and violent, as if he was going to implode or explode. 

But those on the stage weren’t weak either, they all had a terrifying battle energy.

“I know you and I are the same, we are blade cultivators. Take yours out.” said the challenger coldly. He then slowly unsheathed the blade he was carrying on his back, it was a simple yet sharp blade. Some azure dragon lights were twinkling on that blade. 

“It’s a good blade.” said the one in black coldly with his hands on his waists. He then added, “When I unsheathe my blade, blood always flows. So, just before killing you, I will unsheathe my blade.” 

“You’re too self-confident.” said the cold-looking young man with the azure blade. His blade energy became even more intense and strong winds appeared around it. He was surrounded by blade energy flowing around him. 

The one in black suddenly was surrounded by strong winds as well, his black clothes were fluttering in the wind. He was releasing deadly energy. 

“Let’s fight.” said the cold-looking young man. In a flash, he threw himself at his opponent without hesitation.

“Roaaarrr….” A dragon roar spread in the atmosphere. It seemed like the azure dragon carven onto that blade was alive and transforming into a shadow. The one in black looked furious, he wanted to destroy the challenger.

“Lacerate!” shouted the one in black clothes. His hands turned into twinkling blades and moved towards the azure dragon blade shadow and destroyed it.

However, the cold-looking young man jumped towards the one in black clothes. His blade was high up in the air and he was moving it fiercely. This time, five azure dragons appeared and roared, they opened their mouths showing their teeth and threw themselves at the one in black. They wanted to devour him. 

The one in black trampled onto the ground and moved back at full speed while releasing some monstrous pure Qi filled with blade energy. 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying pure Qi blade emerged out of his body and moved towards the azure dragons at full speed. The two fighters were moving at full speed.

“Die!” A cold voice emerged in the air. The one in black surprisingly stopped moving backwards, instead, he started running forwards into the challenger again. 

He was getting closer to him. 

The challenger’s blade was violent and brutal while the skills of the one in black was agile and light. 

Maybe the one in black wanted to unsheathe his blade, which was why he was getting near the challenger.

The azure dragon blade skill, as expected, didn’t block the skill of the one in black. The one in black was extremely close to the challenger, finally, a gloomy cold light appeared. Being fast and skillful, many people only saw a light and didn’t see any blade. 

That blade was exceptionally fatal.

The challenger’s face drastically changed, he released some pure Qi and some terrifying blade energy. His azure dragon blade moved back and then moved towards the one in black. Suddenly, a metallic sound emerged in the air, and some sparks appeared in the atmosphere. The two blades had collided! 

The challenger didn’t look panic-struck anymore, he smiled evilly. 

“Lacerate!” he shouted furiously. In a flash, his azure blue blade broke into several smaller blades which moved towards the one in black clothes. They were extremely close to each other, and the small blades were moving to the neck of the one in the black clothes. If those blades reached his throat, he would certainly die.

The one in black clothes had to make a decision in a flash, he was pulling a long face. He immediately lied down on the stage and the blades passed above his head but at the same time he could sense that another blade was moving towards him. His blade was pushed away and suddenly the edge of a blade was pressing against his throat. 

He looked at the challenger who was smiling at him darkly. 

“You lost.” said the challenger to the man in black, his voice was ice-cold. The one in black said in an evil way, “Surprisingly, you did it that way…”

“That’s only a part of the battle. You were extremely confident and arrogant today. If it had been a battle to death, you would be dead already. Who would care about the way I did it?” said the challenger coldly with the same evil smile, the one in black was puzzled. 

“I lost.” said the one in black feeling ashamed. Three people from Xue Yue had fought, two had lost, including him. 

The challenger moved his blade away and immediately walked towards Lin Feng. He was the second winner. If he managed to remain until the end, he would be able to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

“Two people.” thought the crowd. Lin Feng and the cold-looking challenger had won. In a flash, the crowd was getting excited. There were many cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, if Lin Feng had won his battle why wouldn’t they?

There were still a few cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer amongst the people from Xue Yue, and Tian Feng had a few cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. They were all potential targets for challengers.

Those who had already fought couldn’t be challenged again, they had to recover. Therefore, people were trying to find other targets. In many people’s opinions, the cultivators onstage were actually prey for those in the crowd.

Alternatively, the challengers were prey for those cultivators on the stage..

At high noon, eight people had died during battles and six had been injured, all of them were challengers. Of course, a few had won too. After Lin Feng and the cold-looking young man, another five challengers had won. Perhaps they were  going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, they had proved that they deserved to be with those strong cultivators on the stage. 

After the seven won  nobody else challenged the strong cultivators on the stage. Too many had been killed or severely injured so no one dared challenge anymore.
Amongst those seven people, five had to be chosen,. Those five people would also represent Dragon Mountain at the Great Competition of Xue Yu! 

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