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PMG Chapter 581: Struggling For The Winged Tiger

PMG Chapter 581: Struggling For The Winged Tiger

Two people had lost and only five were left.

This time, the list was finally complete. Lin Feng was probably the most astonishing fighter the crowd had seen. Apart from him, the four others were also extremely strong. In Celestial Dragon, they were all famous, only Lin Feng was unknown, because of his mysterious physical strength. 

He had fought twice and twice he had slapped his opponents. That was incredible. 

Lin Feng was the certainly the most mysterious person, people didn’t understand him at all. They were trying to guess who he really was. He was extremely strong and had a mysterious physical strength, yet nobody had ever seen him before.

The manager of the event walked towards those five people and nodded, “You five are selected to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, you will also go to Mi Cheng. I hope that you will dazzle there.” 

The five people nodded and Lin Feng smiled in a strange way. His status had changed but he was still going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

The four others were excited! They had thought that they wouldn’t be able to go to the Great Competition of Xue Yu, that they would only be able to go to Mi Cheng to watch the battles and not as participants. But now they were also going to participate, in a short time, they would be like all the other geniuses. They would be standing on the stage of the Great Competition of Xue Yu and fight in front of everyone!

“May I know your names?” asked the manager to the five people. The four others introduced themselves and finally the manager looked at Lin Feng. 

His facial expression was different though, he was wondering who that mysterious person was. 

Lin Feng looked at him with a radiant smile and replied, “My name is Lin Feng.” 

“Lin Feng.”

“Lin Feng…..” 

The crowd was left speechless when they heard that name, especially those from Xue Yue whose eyes narrowed. That person’s name was Lin Feng….

They looked at him, he was smiling in the same radiant way as before. They had no doubts though…

That sick looking man with a resplendent smile on his face was probably from the countryside and was lucky enough to have a monstrous physical strength as well as uncanny speed.

However, the real Lin Feng was outstanding, handsome, indifferent, frivolous, natural… Those two just had the same name, it had to be a coincidence.

They were completely different, even their smile was different! Besides, Lin Feng had a monstrous pure Qi, why would he have such a weak pure Qi at that moment if he was still alive?

That Lin Feng had to be a different one.

“Lin Feng is dead already.” Thought those who had wanted Lin Feng to die. Those who had sent the group of Tian Feng’s people to kill him didn’t believe that Lin Feng could have survived.

Many people from Tian Feng were looking at Lin Feng in a strange way, especially Nie Yun. His eyes were twinkling but in a flash, he calmed down again. 

He had already seen Lin Feng before, that person wasn’t the Lin Feng he knew. 

“Another Lin Feng, how funny.” thought Qing Meng Xin with a smile yet not a smile on her face. Lin Feng was monstrously strong and had suddenly disappeared. It had something to do with Tian Feng it seemed. Now there was a new Lin Feng who also seemed interesting. 

“Hello Lin Feng.” said the manager while nodding and then smiled at everybody, “Don’t forget to go to Mi Cheng.” He then turned around and left.

The list of participants to the competition was now complete, the selection battles were over. The crowd dispersed, some of them stayed to look at the selected participants with admiration and veneration. Those people were going to fight against cultivators from other countries. 

Lin Feng also left with Xiao Ya. 

On the road, Xiao Ya was just glancing around. As there was nobody, she asked Lin Feng, “Bro, how come you used your real name?” 

Even though Xiao Ya was very young, she wasn’t stupid. When Lin Feng had told his real name, she had noticed that everyone looked at him in a different way. Obviously, some people had recognized Lin Feng, maybe some of them were even his enemies… She hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would use his real name. 

“Do you think that anyone recognized me?” asked Lin Feng with an indifferent smile on his face. He gently stroked Xiao Ya’s hair. With his face and Qi, even people who were extremely close to him couldn’t recognize him. 

Lin Feng was walking slowly with Xiao Ya. They were walking towards the residence where people from Xue Yue were staying. 

His winged tiger was still in the residence, was it okay?

“Roaaarrrr!” In the distance, roaring sounds spread in the atmosphere. It was a ferocious wild beast.

“Huh?” When Lin Feng froze when he heard that beast. He raised his head and looked in the distance.

He didn’t need to go to the residence anymore.

“Roaaarrrrrrrrr!” Another roar spread in the air. It was a ferocious, gigantic wild beast with flames on its body. It was absolutely terrifying. Its Qi was very strong. Its wings were flapping extremely fast, and in a flash he arrived in front of Lin Feng. 

That was Lin Feng’s winged tiger, an ancient ferocious animal. 

“Bro, it looks like a ancient animal.” said Xiao Ya while grabbing Lin Feng’s sleeve. She surprisingly knew what it was.

“Indeed, it is an ancient ferocious animal.” said Lin Feng nodding. The winged tiger was halfway up in the air and staring at Lin Feng. It stopped there, surprisingly.

Lin Feng was speechless, on the winged tiger’s back, there was someone… Lin Feng recognized that person: Yun Fei Yang… 

Yun Fei Yang had seemingly gone back to the residence first and had brought the winged tiger back to Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng moved his hand and the winged tiger roared and moving forwards. 

“Yun Fei Yang, don’t you think you’ve gone too far???!” shouted someone at that moment. In the distance, many silhouettes were flickering and and shouting. Lin Feng was astonished. 

Wu Qing was chasing after Yun Fei Yang. 

“I never doubted that you would attack me, but that winged tiger is not yours! I like it just as much as you,but I was never allowed to play with it!” said Yun Fei Yang which made Lin Feng frown. 

Wu Qing had tried to steal the winged tiger?

Yun Fei Yang stopped high up in the air, he was standing on the winged tiger looking majestic. 

“Play? You want to play with that winged tiger? Say that again. Even though it wasn’t mine before, from now on, it is mine and it will only remain mine.” declared Wu Qing coldly. He was a member of the Wan Shou Sect, of course he wished he had an ancient ferocious animal. 

Coldness invaded Lin Feng’s heart when he heard them. That Wu Qing wanted to steal his winged tiger.

Lin Feng hadn’t died and Wu Qing wanted to steal his Qiong Qi…. 

Wu Qing was also one of those who had sent Tian Feng people to kill him. Now that Lin Feng had disappeared he wanted to steal his ancient ferocious animal… 

“He wants to kill me and on top of that he wants to steal my animal…” thought Lin Feng. His heart was filled with coldness but his face was still ornamented with a smile. He was fixedly staring at those silhouettes in the sky. A majority of those people were from Xue Yue.
The Great Competition of Xue Yu hadn’t started yet but they were still gathering. Wu Qing sensed that Lin Feng was looking at him so he lowered his head and immediately looked somewhere else. Even though Lin Feng had astonished everybody, that was only once, nothing more.

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