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PMG Chapter 582: Increased Respect For Him!

PMG Chapter 582: Increased Respect For Him!

“Hehe, you’re wrong. the winged tiger belongs to Lin Feng. Everybody knows that in Xue Yue. You never called it yours when Lin Feng was still here. And now that he has disappeared, you think it’s yours… Could it be that you’re responsible for Lin Feng’s disappearance? Could you tell me where he is now?” asked Yun Fei Yang while looking at Wu Qing, Wu Qing was becoming increasingly furious. Yun Fei Yang wanted to cause him trouble. 

“Yun Fei Yang, you’ve only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, you can easily defeat cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer and you say that you are from the countryside of Xue Yue… I don’t want to harm you so mind your own business. I, Wu Qing, could easily kill a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.” threatened Wu Qing while staring at Yun Fei Yang, “I am giving you one last chance, give me the winged tiger.” 

“I never said that you couldn’t kill me. Alright, the Wan Shou Sect likes ferocious wild beasts the most. So if you want it, just take it. When Lin Feng comes back, explain everything to him.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling and jumping off the back of the winged tiger and landing on the ground 

“You know how to behave in difficult situations. Hehe.” said Wu Qing while smiling coldly and staring at the winged tiger, “Come here!”

“Roaaarrrr!” The winged tiger was flapping his wings in the sky and staring at Wu Qing, but he didn’t move of an iota. He didn’t want to stay with Wu Qing, apparently.

“Stupid animal!” shouted Wu Qing coldly. He then moved at full speed and a gigantic animal-head knocker appeared in his arm.

“If you don’t come here, I will get very angry, stupid animal!” shouted Wu Qing, his silhouette flickered and he threw himself at the winged tiger. His eyes looked ice-cold. Everybody liked the winged tiger. Wu Qing was a member of the Wan Shou Sect and had seen many ancient ferocious animals, however, he never thought he would obtain one. If he trained him properly, the winged tiger would help him during battles and become extremely strong. Who would dare fight against him then?

“”Roaaarrr…” The winged tiger looked extremely ferocious and cruel. It didn’t want to submit.

“Animal, I won’t be mean to you, just be a good boy and come to me.” said Wu Qing while smiling coldly. He then made a step forwards and started moving his gigantic animal-head knocker. He was about to attack the winged tiger. This time, the winged tiger gave in, it couldn’t do anything and Wu Qing would be cruel to him. It really didn’t want to submit to a human being though.

It suddenly roared in a low voice, it was lowering its huge head looking sad. He was going to submit itself… 

“So you’re scared…” said Wu Qing smiling coldly. In a flash, he threw an object at the beast and it calmed down. He was going to ride the winged tiger. 

“Come with me.” shouted Wu Qing furiously. He made a step forwards and jumped on the winged tiger’s back. The winged tiger roared as it left very quickly. While leaving, it looked at Lin Feng in a deep and meaningful way. 

Wu Qing was riding the winged tiger, all the others from Xue Yue left too. Only Yun Fei Yang stayed there. 

After everybody left, Yun Fei Yang walked towards Lin Feng, surprising him. He just smiled back. 

“Lin Feng.” said Yun Fei Yang smiling. Lin Feng smiled and nodded but didn’t say anything. He couldn’t call him Yun Fei Yang, he wasn’t supposed to know his name. 

“Lin Feng, you’re really good at controlling yourself… He stole your beast but you didn’t react at all, impressive.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling. Lin Feng was astonished, he lowered his head and smiled in a sharp way.

“My beast?” said Lin Feng while raising his head, he looked surprised.

“You don’t need to hide the truth from me. If I had wanted to say anything, I would have done it a moment ago.” said Yun Fei Yang still smiling. “During the selection battles, I had doubts. But when they stole the winged tiger, I saw something. People can fool people, but beasts can’t. The winged tiger looked at you in a strange way. It was acting differently next to you. When the problems arose, it tried to avoid looking friendly at you.” 

“You’re smart.” said Lin Feng surprised. Yun Fei Yang was indeed very smart. Then Lin Feng looked normal again with his radiant smile, like the sun. 

“No need to say anything. I understand.” said Yun Fei Yang when he saw that Lin Feng wanted to say something. He then added, “Lin Feng, let’s go, I will bring you to a place.” 

“What place?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“A place where Wu Qing cannot go.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling. They walked together with Xiao Ya as well. They were walking very quickly, Lin Feng was too curious. A place where Wu Qing couldn’t go… 

The three of them were moving neither too slow nor too fast.

“I’m so curious. How come you recognized me before during the selection battles? Did I do anything? If you say that you just guessed, I won’t believe you.” inquired Lin Feng. He didn’t understand how Yun Fei Yang had guessed that he was Lin Feng…

“Very easily, even though your Qi and your face changed, you have some habits which haven’t left you. For example, when you frown, your eyebrows have the shape of an arch. I already had doubts when I saw your facial expressions. 

Yun Fei Yang continued, “Then you said your name was Lin Feng in a very calm way. You’re good, nobody thought that you were the real Lin Feng. If they did they couldn’t believe it. However, I already had doubts and at that moment they grew even more intense. With the winged tiger, I had no doubts, I was sure. He was waiting for you, his behavior could not fool me. When it saw you, It looked at you differently than it looks at others.” 

Lin Feng calmly listened to Yun Fei Yang, he was looking at him with increased respect, he was smart and talented! 

He was the only one who had discovered Lin Feng’s secret. 

“Since you are different now, you must be wearing a skin mask and you probably learned a skill to hide your Qi… But your weak Qi doesn’t look fake, I really don’t know how you changed it.” said Yun Fei Yang while frowning, finally there was something he didn’t know. 

“You will understand soon.” said Lin Feng smiling. They continued moving forwards. Lin Feng had already been to the place where Yun Fei Yang brought him. 

It was the Celestial Palace Restaurant which belonged to the Tang Clan, they could drink alcohol there.

Lin Feng was surprised, why had Yun Fei Yang brought him there?

“Today, after the battles, I was invited by Tang You You to come. She invited us to come here, I mean the geniuses. A piece of trash like myself was surprisingly invited by Tang You You to come so I decided to bring you here too.” explained Yun Fei Yang. Originally, Tang You You had invited him and the geniuses… 

Yun Fei Yang said that Wu Qing shouldn’t go there which meant he hadn’t been invited by Tang You You… She hadn’t found him interesting… 

Lin Feng was curious to see why she had invited people over this time.
Yun Fei Yang’s cultivation level was lower than that of Wu Qing by two cultivation layers, and yet, he had been invited!

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