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PMG Chapter 583: Drinking A Few Bottles of Alcohol

PMG Chapter 583: Drinking A Few Bottles of Alcohol

On the eighth floor of the Celestial Palace Restaurant, there were only ten people. 

Seven were from Dragon Mountain, Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You, Qing Meng Xin, Jian Chen, Cui Wu Ming. The two remaining were also quite prestigious in the empire, the Sanguinary Prince Leng Xue and the warlord Liang Di Long. 

Leng Xue was the same as his name (Translator’s note: Leng Xue means cold blood), he was cold and emotionless. Each time he used his sword blood would flow. He had killed a myriad of people in his life which was why he was called the Sanguinary Prince, he was ranked sixth in Dragon Mountain. 

Di Long had a spear which had made rivers of blood flow as well. He was a warlord that was extremely brutal and aggressive.

The three others were from Tian Feng and Xue Yue, two were from Tian Feng and only one was from Xue Yue. 

There was Nie Yun and the new second envoy called Yang Fan. 

The only person from Xue Yue was Yue Tian Ming. Since Yun Fei Yang had arrived, their were now two from Xue Yue. 

The fact that Yue Tian Ming had been invited, was in most people’s opinion, due to the fact that Duan Wu Dao wasn’t in Dragon Mountain. So, the second strongest person after Duan Wu Dao was Yue Tian Ming. 

However, Yun Fei Yang had been invited and everybody was surprised After all, he was unknown and had appeared from nowhere, he had very little fame. He was strong enough to be one of the high-officials of Xue Yue though.

A battle which had made him famous was against the cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. He  made that cultivator fly away, that had been an incredible fight. 

However, Yun Fei Yang was still too weak compared to all those people on the eighth floor who had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer or higher. Only Yun Fei Yang was of the fourth Xuan Qi layer.

What made people speechless was Yun Fei Yang making them wait. And on top of that, he had brought some people with him… Lin Feng and Lin Feng’s little sister….. 

Wasn’t that a humiliation for the Celestial Palace Restaurant? 

“I’m sorry, I’m late.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling in an apologetic way yet still looking natural and unrestrained.

“Everybody knows Lin Feng already, we’ve already become extremely good friends so I invited him to come. I hope that Miss Tang doesn’t mind.” 

Tang You You nodded and said nothing, since Lin Feng was there already she couldn’t ask him to leave. Besides, she was also curious and wanted to know more about him. 

In the entire empire, very few people practiced physical skills. Those skills existed in antiquity and had then disappeared. Now, those who practiced such skills couldn’t break through to high cultivation layers because after having mastered a skill, they couldn’t find other physical skills because of their rarity. 

For those reasons, people like Lin Feng were rare prodigies. 

But Tang You You had no choice but to admit that Lin Feng was extremely strong. If everybody only relied on physical strength, none of them could defeat Lin Feng. However, who would stupidly give up pure Qi when fighting against him?

In that room, everyone had broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer or more. If they used some of their most particular skills, they would easily destroy physical cultivators of the fifth and sixth Xuan Qi layers. However, even with their strongest skills, they couldn’t defeat physical cultivators of the seventh or eighth Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng’s physical cultivation was the same as a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, nothing more, so he was easy to defeat. 

Therefore, even though Lin Feng had astonished everyone during the battle, nobody paid attention to him. Skills and the cultivation level were the most important things for most cultivators.

“Please sit down.” said Tang You You, and then the three of them sat down. 

“Miss Tang, you are such a wonderful and generous person. I, Di Long, can’t bear the sight of how some behave here.” said Di Long at that moment while glancing at Yun Fei Yang. He then continued while looking at Yun Fei Yang, “Yun Fei Yang, Miss Tang invited you to come here even though you are extremely weak, she gave you face. You should feel honored! But in the end, you arrived late, and on top of that you brought two people who were not invited! Do you think that the two people you brought with you are qualified to be here? Especially on the eighth floor!” 

When Yun Fei Yang heard him, he didn’t look furious at all, he just smiled and said, “Are you the host of this place or is it Miss Tang?” 

Di Long was speechless when he heard him, he then glared at Yun Fei Yang. Yun Fei Yang was really audacious, did he think that because he had won one battle he could act that way? 

“I think that you are the only person who thinks that my good friend Lin Feng isn’t qualified to be here on the eighth floor. I’ve been invited by Miss Tang, of course, I feel honored. If she thinks that bringing Lin Feng was inappropriate and lets me know about it, we will immediately leave. I, Yun Fei Yang, am not that poor that I need to come here to beg for a drink, even if it is a glass of great liquor. However, you shouldn’t forget that you are a guest too, just like me. Or am I mistaken?” said Yun Fei Yang indifferently while smiling from the beginning to the end, he looked very friendly.

He had been invited, indeed, but if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have cared. He was desperate to get a drink of the alcohol served here.

Lin Feng could already kill cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer when he was in Xue Yue, and now he had broken through to the next cultivation level. With his cultivation stable, he was perfectly qualified to be with all those people. 

“Hmph.” Di Long was furious at Yun Fei Yang. In the world of cultivation, strength was the most important thing to earn respect but Yun Fei Yang wasn’t respecting him, how audacious. 

“I ask you, why should he be sitting here with us with such a weak Qi? He only has a good physical strength and good speed, that’s all.” said Di Long coldly. He sounded like a judge as he stared at Yun Fei Yang sharply. It seemed like swords were going to come out of his eyes. 

“Do I have to justify myself to you? What do you want?” asked Yun Fei Yang who wasn’t smiling anymore. He was a patient man but if Di Long didn’t stop, he would lose his temper.

“What do you want?” That sentence was resonating in the room which became particularly calm. The others were calmly looking at them. Di Long was a bit surprised, Yun Fei Yang was acting so courageously without flinching at all. He was brave! 

“What do I want? Do you want to try and fight against my spear? Or do you want to try together, you two against me alone?” asked Di Long coldly while standing up. He was not one of the best cultivators of Dragon Mountain, being provoked by Yun Fei Yang caused him even more anger. He was losing face! 

“Together?” Yun Fei Yang smiled and glanced at Lin Feng who was pouring some alcohol into glasses. Lin Feng looked at Tang You You, he still looked sick but still had a magnificent smile on his face. He looked extremely friendly.

“Miss Tang, I am not used to drinking, could you bring some bottles of Hot Unit so that I can try them?” asked Lin Feng slowly which confused Tang You You. Lin Feng knew about Hot Unit? How?? 

Besides, the alcohol that he was drinking at that moment was better than Hot Unit…. and yet Lin Feng was saying that he wasn’t used to drinking alcohol. Tang You You was speechless, she couldn’t believe it. 

“Lin Feng my friend, you’re so smart. I also wanted to ask Miss Tang for some Hot Unit.” said Yun Fei Yang boldly without restraint. Lin Feng with his new appearance had also become much nicer. In the past, he would have gotten furious at Di Long and would have attacked already. 

But at that moment, Lin Feng surprisingly wanted to drink some alcohol.” 

“Bro, I also want a bottle.” said Xiao Ya. Lin Feng pinched her cheeks and said, “You drink your glass and that’s enough.” 

“Oh.” Xiao Ya stuck her tongue out at Lin Feng. 

“Tang You You looked at those people with interest. She didn’t lack alcohol.
“Bring a few bottles of Hot Unit.” said Tang You You seemingly talking to the air. In a flash, two fire red bottles appeared.

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