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PMG Chapter 584: Alcohol As A Gift

PMG Chapter 584: Alcohol As A Gift

Those fire red bottles contained Hot Unit. 

“Two people.” said Tang You while pointing at Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang with her beautiful white hand and those bottles immediately moved towards them. 

Those bottles moved towards them at full speed, and yet, not a single drop of alcohol splashed. It was very intriguing. 

The crowd questioned how those bottles got there and how they were able to fly on their own? Tang You You had just called them?

“Thank you Miss Tang.” said Yun Fei Yang while watching the bottle spin in front of him. However, it wasn’t spinning as fast as before. They were spinning slower and slower until they stopped. Yun Fei Yang then grabbed it and put it in front of him skillfully.

Lin Feng didn’t do it in such a complex way, he just grabbed the bottle while it was still spinning at full speed in the air. Everybody was surprised at how strong he was! 

Lin Feng then opened his mouth widely and the alcohol started flowing into his mouth, it kept flowing like a waterfall. 

Lin Feng’s stomach was emitting gurgling sounds because he was drinking too quickly, it was burning in his stomach. 

“Ahhh so good!!”” Lin Feng licked his lips, he had downed his glass. 

Lin Feng’s hidden pure Qi was rolling in his body. It felt like it was burning but Lin Feng could clearly sense the pure Qi in his body and it was extremely comfortable. 

That’s why Lin Feng hadn’t chosen the alcohol from the eighth floor and had preferred to drink Hot Unit. Hot Unit could boil his pure Qi, it was a good way to make his pure Qi move a little, having been constricted by the potions he had drunk. They would accelerate the recovery process.

“Miss Tang, can you bring more? One bottle isn’t enough.” said Lin Feng looking as sick as before but this time his cheeks were a little bit red. 

“That guy is so strange…” Everybody blankly stared at Lin Feng. Hot Unit was really strong, it burnt pure Qi and the stomach. Normal people had to drink it slowly but Lin Feng downed it in one gulp. Those who could do that were rare. Those who hadn’t broken through to the Xuan Qi layer could burn to death if they tried that. 

Lin Feng surprisingly could drink several bottles…

They couldn’t know that Lin Feng had actually ordered the Hot Unit to stimulate his pure Qi. 

At that moment Di Long was still standing but he was frozen, how could Lin Feng waste alcohol like that? He was acting like a spoilt brat wasting good things. On top of that, Lin Feng was ignoring him, making Di Long feel even more furious. 

Tang You You looked at Lin Feng, smiled and said, “We don’t lack alcohol here.” 

Tang You then knocked on the table and said, “Ten bottles of Hot Unit.” 

Immediately, the doors opened themselves magically and bottles appeared on her table. Then Tang You You moved her hand and bottles started flying towards Lin Feng in rapid succession. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand and grabbed a bottle which immediately disintegrated into pieces. He then sucked in all the alcohol, which was suspended in the air, all of which penetrated into his stomach in a flash. The nine other bottles were in a perfect light, still suspended in the air. 

“Kacha, kacha!” People only saw those bottles break one after the other as the alcohol penetrated into this seemingly human organism. 

Lin Feng downed all the bottles in a flash, he downed each bottle in one gulp. 

Afterwards, Lin Feng’s face looked like it was on fire, he looked like he was going to burn. 

His throat kept undulating. A scorching-hot Qi was emerging out of his stomach. It was extremely hot. It seemed like a fire was burning in his blood and all his visceral organs.

That Hot Unit was extremely strong. Even Lin Feng with his extremely powerful corporeal body found it difficult to digest. 

The others were blankly staring at him, even a cultivator of the fourth Xuan Qi layer would have never survived. How was it possible?

Lin Feng was insane.

“He’s probably going to die now.” thought the crowd when they saw his face gradually change. He looked like he was burning. 

“He overestimated his own abilities.” said Di Long mockingly. He had already tried Hot Unit in the past and he would have never dared drink ten bottles at once. Lin Feng wanted to die.

When Lin Feng heard him, he raised his head, flames were twinkling in his eyes.

“What a great alcohol!” said Lin Feng, flames were emerging out of his mouth, huge flames. 

That mouthful of flames immediately moved towards Di Long. 

When he sensed Lin Feng’s flames move towards him, he immediately tried to move aside but the flames were too fast. In a flash, they crashed onto his body making him move back. His face was black and some of his clothes were even burnt. Di Long was furious, those flames smelt like alcohol! 

He blankly stared at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng hadn’t said anything to him and now was spitting fire at him??

Yun Fei Yang, against all expectations was smiling. He wasn’t surprised at all that Lin Feng had provoked Di Long, as if he had expected Lin Feng to do it. 

Di Long had only broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer and was at the bottom of the ranking list of Dragon Mountain. He had wanted to humiliate Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang as stepping stones, how could Lin Feng react like that?

“Miss Tang, that alcohol is amazing, do you have anything left?” asked Lin Feng with twinkling eyes and a beautiful smile. He looked a little shy and embarrassed which passed with his red face. He also looked quite drunk, it was funny.

Tang You You was stupefied, that guy was really funny. Even though that alcohol wasn’t as good as the one on the eighth floor it really was a rare and precious liquor. Besides, it was very good for fire cultivators by allowing their blood vessels to widen, so their blood and energies could circulate with less resistance. 

That alcohol was precious, and yet, Lin Feng had drunk ten bottles in a flash. That was already a lot so him being drunk and talking in a funny way was understandable. 

His face looked like it was burnt, though, he didn’t look like he was going to be an annoying drunk, he actually looked funny. 

“You still want to drink?” asked Di Long coldly. Lin Feng had spat fire at him, he was furious, and still Lin Feng wanted to drink?! 

Lin Feng glanced at him but ignored him. He turned to Tang You You. 

Tang You You was smiling in a radiant way and said, “That alcohol is extremely expensive but since you like it, have another round, ten bottles of Hot Unit!” 

“Ten bottles…?” whispered Lin Feng. People were astonished, Lin Feng could still drink? 

“I can exchange it against items?” asked Lin Feng to Tang You You. 

But Tang You You shook her head and said, “No need, the Tang Clan doesn’t make an infinite quantity of bottles, but twenty bottles is enough.” 

“Give him one hundred bottles, I will compensate the Tang Clan.” said someone at that moment. Everybody was astonished, it was Jun Mo Xi, he wanted to offer a present to Lin Feng? 

Besides… A hundred? 

Tang You You and Lin Feng were speechless looking at Jun Mo Xi. Tang You You nodded and said, “Alright. No problem.” 

“Prepare a hundred bottles of Hot Unit.” said Tang You You while knocking on the table. Lin Feng was stupefied. He was able to obtain a hundred bottles, that was great.
“Thank you.” said Lin Feng to Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng was happy to get them for free!

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