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PMG Chapter 586: Unexpectedly Nice!

PMG Chapter 586: Unexpectedly Nice!

Xiao Ya’s eyes began to narrow once she finished the eight other bottles,  her face reddened, she looked like she was falling asleep.

She looked at Lin Feng and said, “Bro, I’m so tired!”

“………..” Lin Feng said nothing, just like everybody else. She was sleeping?

She had just drank nine bottles of liquor that were supposed to help her break through to the next cultivation layer and she wanted to sleep… What a waste.

Lin Feng knew the effects of that alcohol, she shouldn’t be sleepy though. They  felt painful and comfortable at the same time, that was the best way to break through to the next cultivation layer… However, Xiao Ya wanted to sleep…

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly. He  looked at Xiao Ya who was about to fall asleep and said, “If you’re tired just hop on my back and sleep. I will carry you.” 

“Alright, hee hee!” said Xiao Ya, she was happy and smiling. Immediately after she jumped onto Lin Feng’s back and closed her eyes. The crowd didn’t know what to say. Was it what happened when drinking the nine bottles of alcohol at the same time? 

“Lin Feng, your little sister is so strange! I remember the first time I drank those nine bottles I suffered like crazy, I was gnashing my teeth and struggling to practice cultivation but then I managed to break through to the next cultivation layer.” said Jun Mo Xi while shaking his head and smiling. The opposite was happening for Xiao Ya… 

“It’s probably because of her body.” said Lin Feng who obviously knew the effects of that alcohol so he knew what Jun Mo Xi meant, but he couldn’t tell anyone he knew the effects… Otherwise everybody would know he had already had nine bottles at once. Nobody would guess who he was actually except for Tang You You, she would of course know because she had given them to Lin Feng herself last time. 

When people heard Jun Mo Xi, they felt relieved. It didn’t mean that the alcohol had no effect, it was due to that little girl. Jun Mo Xi could even assure them that he had broken through to the next cultivation layer the last time he had drank those bottles, so they were convinced the same would happen for them. Then, at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, these drinks may make the difference. Sometimes being slightly stronger or weaker could play an essential role in one’s life, being a slightly weaker might lead them to their death… But being a little bit stronger could lead them to success.

At that moment, Xiao Ya had fallen asleep but a certain Qi kept emerging out of her body, everybody was astonished.

“Does it work like this too??” Everybody was surprised. At that moment, Xiao Ya’s pure Qi was flowing in her body, it was clearly the effect of the alcohol… But while it was flowing, she was sleeping like a log, and even in such circumstances, it seemed to have great effects on her body. 

Jun Mo Xi, Lin Feng and Tang You You were also astonished, what was happening?

That alcohol had been fabricated by the Tang Clan but Tang You You had never heard that it had effects on someone while they were sleeping. She didn’t know that pure Qi could flow in sleeping people’s bodies, that was extremely strange. 

“Perhaps she’s taken something in the past which enables her to benefit from the alcohol even while sleeping? Maybe she took some medicine which slowly dispersed in her body…?” said Jun Mo Xi. Lin Feng was unsure, had she ever used such a thing?

Her grandfather was an incredible doctor and could create potions which he might have used on her, his remedies enabled people to recover very slowly. Lin Feng didn’t doubt that Xiao Ya had taken something, and that potion had been created by the old man. Maybe his potions had modified her body though. Something was enabling her to benefit from the alcohol even while sleeping, which was usually impossible.

If the old man had really given her such a thing, it should actually be great and maybe even more precious that those liquors… 

“Who was the old man concretely…?” thought Lin Feng at that moment. He knew all sorts of herbs, could save people, and had even incredible pure healing pills… Then he had suddenly left without explaining why. 

The old man had always been singing a sad song but it sounded like a song for a fallen hero. From that song, Lin Feng could guess that Xiao Ya’s real brother was probably an incredible person as well.

“Jun Mo Xi is right. She took some potions which helped oppress the effects of the liquor and enabled it to spread slowly in her body.” said Tang You You while nodding. She had immediately understood, as it was the only possibility.

Lin Feng and the girl weren’t ordinary people. They also had treasures in their bodies which enabled them to control effects of external stimulants.

When Lin Feng saw Tang You You and Jun Mo Xi smile, he said, “Our grandfather knows all sorts of herbs and grass.” 

“So that’s how it is, your grandfather is indubitably an incredible person.” said Jun Mo Xi while nodding. If he had given such herbs and potions to the girl, he was definitely extremely skilled.

Tang You You nodded, only Yun Fei Yang’s eyes were twinkling… 

An old man who knew all sorts of grass…

Yun Fei Yang was surprised. Maybe Lin Feng wasn’t lying but Yun Fei Yang knew that there wasn’t that girl on his side before. After he had disappeared that girl had appeared on his side, Lin Feng had changed and his Qi had changed. A young girl, Xiao Ya, had appeared on his side. Was Lin Feng possessed? Had he really turned into someone else?

Xiao Ya’s Qi was still flowing in a tranquil way, it wasn’t flowing too fast nor too slowly, just perfectly. She wasn’t going to feel any pain during the process so there were only advantages for her.

“Miss Tang, my sister already fell asleep so I shouldn’t stay. I would like to thank you for everything though. It was a great time.” said Lin Feng while smiling at Tang You You. She nodded and replied, “Wait for a moment.” 

“Hundred bottles.” she said in the air. A moment after, someone brought a hundred bottles of Hot Unit and gave them to Lin Feng. 

“Thank you so much.” said Lin Feng while smiling and putting them in his ring. Lin Feng nodded at Jun Mo Xi once again, he had a good impression. He was the first person of Dragon Mountain and seemed to be generous and tenacious. Lin Feng had seen him twice and both times, he had been very polite to Lin Feng. The first time was when Lin Feng was exchanging some sanguine soul grass and Lin Feng had a conflict with Li Hen. 

“I’m off too. Thanks for the bottles.” said Yun Fei Yang while standing up and nodding at Tang You You. 

Tang You You wasn’t going to prevent them from leaving, she had invited those people with a simple goal. The Tang Clan used to do this every ten years, right before the competition. 

No clan could remain prosperous and safe forever, nobody had such a good karma, especially when they had power and influence. Therefore, obtaining other people’s gratitude was a good way to secure one’s prosperity for a few years and maybe even a few thousand years. In case of danger, one sentence could save a clan. The Tang Clan was used to doing that. They had started doing that a few hundred years ago before something terrible had happened to them in the past.

At that time, some people wanted to destroy the Tang Clan, but because a few dozen years before they had invited a talented young man who had become a monstrously strong cultivator. The Tang Clan had told those people about him and in a flash, the danger had disappeared. They had always been prosperous. 

Words were extremely important and not infuriating those young men was thus extremely important. Nobody knew if, a few dozen years later, they wouldn’t become extremely strong. Maybe in a few dozen years, they would leave Dragon Mountain and become the strongest cultivators of the Continent of the Nine Clouds… Then they would be able to destroy Dragon Mountain Easily…

On the path of cultivation, there were millions of possibilities, nobody could predict the future.

Lin Feng was carrying Xiao Ya on his back, her face was so hot, she didn’t look like she was going to wake up. Her cheeks were very red.

Yun Fei Yang left with Lin Feng, they could sense that someone was coldly glaring at them at that moment, it was Di Long. 

But Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang ignored him. They were walking on a big road and the wind was gently blowing on their faces. It felt very pleasant as they were sobering up. 

Yun Fei Yang smiled and said, “Lin Feng, what do you think of those people?” 

“They were unexpectedly nice.” said Lin Feng. 

“Haha.” Yun Fei Yang laughed and said, “You’re thinking the same as me, you’re surprised too. Those geniuses from Dragon Mountain are surprisingly very nice. The Tang Clan is thinking on the long-term, surely anything could happen at the competition!” 

“So many people want to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu in Dragon Mountain, not only for glory, but also to experience dangerous situations. It is a rare opportunity to become stronger.”

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