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PMG Chapter 587: Strange Cultivation

PMG Chapter 587: Strange Cultivation

It was night, silence reigned supreme. 

In a pavilion courtyard, there was a silhouette sitting cross-legged around whom a dazzling light was illuminating the atmosphere, it seemed as if a fire was burning. 

That young man looked outstanding, handsome and smart. While practicing, his face was illuminated by the fire and it made him look particularly handsome. 

That person was obviously Lin Feng but at that moment he had taken off his mask! 

Even though his pure Qi was still restrained, it didn’t prevent him from practicing cultivation. His cosmos-burning sun skill was still rotating around him. 

Having drunk ten bottles of Hot Unit had particularly helped him retrieve some pure Qi, it kept attacking the dust the medicine had left on his energy making it gradually come back to normal. At that moment, his pure Qi was already about to regain its strength of the Xuan Qi layer. Very quickly, Lin Feng would return to his normal cultivation level. Of course, his corporeal body, in terms of physical strength, was something else, it wasn’t like normal cultivation. 

The flames were becoming denser and denser, on Lin Feng’s body, there was a sun pattern and it seemed like all the flames were condensing on that sun pattern. In the middle of the night, there was even a light beam coming from the sky and crashing onto the sun pattern. 

Lin Feng could attract sunlight whether it was day or night, it didn’t matter.

At that moment, Lin Feng was doing just that, attracting sunlight. 

His cosmos-burning sun skill was very mysterious, it wasn’t as easy to understand as its name sounded, when that skill reached its highest level, it could really destroy an entire planet and even more.

The sun on Lin Feng’s body was becoming more and more real each day, it became more real as his cultivation level increased. Outside of the courtyard, many people were raising their heads and looking at that strange light in the middle of the night, they were very surprised.

It seemed like someone was practicing a skill in there.

However, even though people could see it, they preferred ignoring it and got back to their own personal business, even if they were extremely curious and were wondering what it was. 

Sometimes, curiosity could be fatal and deadly. With such a light beam coming from the sky, the one practicing that skill was probably extremely strong, if they bothered him while he was practicing cultivation, they would probably regret it later or maybe even die, so of course, people preferred controlling their curiosity.

In Celestial Dragon, they had already seen cultivators borrow the strength of the earth and the sky, nobody dared to bother such people or despise them, unless they wanted to die. 

However, at that moment, it seemed like there was actually someone who didn’t care about living anymore.

Outside of the courtyard, there was a thin and short silhouette looking at the light beam, that silhouette kept flickering and moving towards the courtyard.

“What’s that? It must be here,” whispered that silhouette, it actually was Lan Jiao and she was surprised.

After looking pensive for a while, she gnashed her teeth and her silhouette started flickering again. She then arrived at the height of the courtyard and jumped onto the ground. Then she continued running towards the light beam. 

After a short moment, she stopped outside of a pavilion and saw a person’s back. That person was covered in dazzling flames and there was a sun pattern on his body. Besides, the light beam coming down from the sky was falling straight onto his body. That person was, indeed, practicing cultivation and attracting sunlight. 

“What a strong and powerful fire,” thought Lan Jiao surprised, when she saw that fire skill. That person could surprisingly attract sunlight. 

Who was that cultivator?

“Who is it?” said a cold and detached voice. Lin Feng sensed that someone was observing him, he immediately stopped practicing cultivation.

He stretched his hand and and put his mask back on, immediately, his silhouette flickered in the darkness of the night, he was as fast as the wind. In a flash, he arrived next to Lan Jiao and his fist bombarded the atmosphere.

Lan Jiao suddenly felt extremely tense, she wanted to move back but she had no time, that person’s speed was incredible. At the moment when the fist was about to reach her face she closed her eyes and waited to get punched.

A strong wind was brushing away on her face and her heart was pounding violently, was she going to die? 

But a short moment after, nobody had punched her so she opened her eyes and immediately looked the person in front of her. 

Just like Qing Meng Xin had said, that person looked sick but also looked angry because she had disturbed him.

“Is it him…?” thought Lan Jiao. From what Qing Meng Xin had told her, that person’s name was Lin Feng as well and she had hoped that that person would be the real Lin Feng. Qing Meng Xin had told her that it was a completely different but Lan Jiao had refused to believe such a thing. However, at that moment, she still had doubts, was he Lin Feng or not?

“I spied on you and disturbed you. Why don’t you kill me?” asked Lan Jiao, while fixedly staring at Lin Feng which made him frown. He had almost punched her but had suddenly stopped. 

“I don’t kill people. Let’s forget about what just happened. You can leave now,” said Feng while moving his fist back down. He was talking in a cold way. 

“If you don’t kill me, it means that you know me, otherwise, you would have killed me,” said Lan Jiao, while fixedly staring at him, like before. 

“Do you think that I could possibly know you? Where could we have met?” asked Lin Feng coldly and then continued, “before I change my mind, you should hurry up and leave.” 

“Lin Feng, you don’t need to lie to me. You released deadly energy, you wanted to kill me but then, when you saw my face, you immediately stopped. You perfectly know me, you are Lin Feng,” said Lan Jiao, while smiling which made Lin Feng frown even more. He hadn’t thought he would come across her. 

“Could it be that you don’t trust me? I know that you changed your face and that it has something to do with your disappearance but do you think I could ever betray you?” said Lan Jiao, whose feelings were hurt. Lin Feng didn’t trust her. 

Lin Feng stopped frowning and turned around while saying, “Hurry up and leave, otherwise, people will really guess who I am even if you don’t tell them anything. 

When Lan Jiao heard Lin Feng, she smiled and said, “I knew that nothing would happen to you, next time, don’t practice cultivation outside, everybody can see the light beam of your cosmos-burning sun… It looks too suspicious.” Lan Jiao had actually guessed that he was Lin Feng because of his sun skill, besides, at the Celestial Academy, she had already seen Lin Feng surrounded by fire and she had also seen his magnificent sun pattern, therefore, she had almost immediately been convinced that it was Lin Feng. 

When Lin Feng heard her, he stopped walking, a light beam? 

Lin Feng knew nothing about it, each time he was practicing, he couldn’t see what was happening outside of his body, he couldn’t see the oddities around his body. However, he could feel that, even though his pure Qi was restrained, his cosmos-burning sun skill was much stronger than before.

“Thanks,” said Lin Feng, while nodding and then immediately moved into a room. Tomorrow, he was going to leave for Mi Cheng. He had to stop practicing cultivation and go to sleep. He had to get ready to leave for that place which would be filled with godlike cultivators. 

In Mi Cheng, he would meet some extremely strong cultivators from the entire region of Xue Yu, from the thirteen countries composing that region. That was Lin Feng’s first real step outside of Xue Yue. 

Lan Jiao looked at Lin Feng enter the room and smiled. She knew that Lin Feng was alive so she was happy.

She turned around and her silhouette flickered as she left, disappearing in the darkness of the night. 
But after Lan Jiao left, under the moon in the courtyard, a silhouette appeared, it looked like a shadow, that person looked at Lan Jiao leave and then hid in the darkness again. 

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