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PMG Chapter 588: En route for Mi Cheng

PMG Chapter 588: En route for Mi Cheng

Early morning, a gentle breeze swept through the streets. That day was a peaceful day in Celestial Dragon, there were few people on the streets.

The reason was that there was a crowd already outside, many strong cultivators had come with their own beasts, some beasts were flapping their wings in the sky. 

Apart from that, there was also a cloud of dust around a myriad of horses. It seemed like there was an infinity of horses and ferocious wild beasts.

Actually, that wasn’t the first day, they had been there for a few days already, most people were going to leave and go to Mi Cheng. 

The Great Competition of Xue Yu only happened every ten years, missing it was horrible for most people, they all wanted to watch it or even participate in it.

Of course, that group of people was only composed of people who were extremely strong, weaklings couldn’t go to Mi Cheng, it was too dangerous. Fish and dragons couldn’t mix together otherwise the situation would be chaotic. There were all kinds of people but it was recommended for those who were not able to protect themselves not to go there.

Apart from people from Dragon Mountain, there would be people from the other empires in Mi Cheng. Everybody had started leaving for Mi Cheng, which was an extremely fast and mysterious city. 

Outside of Celestial Dragon, there were many ferocious wild beasts lining up. Those ferocious wild beasts could fly, they were black wind hawks, but there were also some thunder hawks and some lion-vultures, all of them were Xuan level beasts and could travel huge distances. 

Those who had been selected to participate to the competition would all represent the power of their empire, Dragon Mountain, they almost all looked proud. 

They were about to leave, they couldn’t wait to start fighting at the great Competition of Xue Yu. They were finally leaving. 

The Great Competition of Xue Yu had always been their dream and finally, it was happening.

They were supposed to be thirty-six geniuses but at that moment, there were only thirty-five, one was missing: Duan Wu Dao. 

“Everybody is here and ready,” said someone at that moment, it was Ruo Lan Shan who had, in the past, brought people from Tian Feng and Dragon Mountain to Xue Yue. Everybody had already seen Ruo Lan Shan at least once, Ruo Lan Shan was the one who had chosen most of them. Of course, many people had secretly helped him choose the fighters. This time, they were going to Mi Cheng, the Great Competition of Xue Yu was a way for geniuses to fight against each other but it was also a way for the different empires to measure their strength. 

At first glance, one could see how powerful an entire empire was. 

“Everyone seems to be here except for some Xue Yue people!” Said someone at that moment, that person sounded discontent, it was someone from Tian Feng. 

Last time, Feng Chen from Tian Feng had gone to Xue Yue with some envoys and they had never come back so now they were furious. Tian Feng and Xue Yue were both countries under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain but their relations were independent, on the fighting stage of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, maybe they wouldn’t even hesitate to kill each other if they had the opportunity! They would probably be merciless! 

When people from Xue Yue heard that person, they coldly glared at those people from Tian Feng. Because there weren’t enough people, Dragon Mountain had had to organize another round of selection to recruit five more people but at that moment, nobody was missing, it was just that Duan Wu Dao wasn’t there because he was going to Mi Cheng alone! 

“Indeed, Duan Wu Dao is arrogant and unfriendly. Everybody is here, we are traveling together and he is an exception. I guess people from Xue Yue are unfriendly and aggressive.” Said someone else in a cold way. The two people in black from Xue Yue coldly glanced at him and said: “We will see if you dare talk that way in front of him, if you don’t, it means that people from Tian Feng are all cowards and weaklings.” 

When those people from Tian Feng heard him, they just groaned coldly. They knew how Duan Wu Dao was, it was said that he was unruly, aggressive, brutal and violently. If anyone dared provoke him, he would immediately kill them, he was extremely impulsive.

If they had said that in front of Duan Wu Dao, they would have already been dead.

“Alright. No need to fight. You need to concentrate on the Great Competition of Xue Yu now, if anything happened to you, then it would be such a pity.” Said Ruo Lan Shan. He then continued: “You are extremely strong which is why you’ve been selected to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu so now don’t fight against each other. You need to think about what you’re going to do after the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” 

When the crowd heard Ruo Lan Shan, they remained silent. They all looked impatient, the Great Competition of Xue Yu was going to be a great opportunity for them.

“Alright, is everybody ready?” Asked Ruo Lan Shan. Everybody nodded, they had been waiting for that day for such a long time and it was finally happening! 

A gigantic crowd was surrounding those geniuses. They were people with different backgrounds, some of them belonged to the oldest and wealthiest family of the Imperial City of Dragon Mountain, the Tang Clan, others were from the Cosmic Pavilion, and some belonged to smaller spheres of influence. There were also many people from Tian Feng, Imperial Tutors and people from the Wan Xiang Sect. 

But they were just following the crowd, the real heroes were the thirty-six young men who were going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

Besides, the crowd also knew that people from the entire region of Xue Yu was going to Mi Cheng. Everybody would be there and all those young men would be observed by everybody. 

“If you’re ready, let’s go. Two people can ride those beasts.” Said Ruo Lan Shan. Those people then slowly started getting onto the beasts. 

“Xiao Ya, let’s go.” Said Lin Feng, both of them rode a black hawk together.

Yun Fei Yang glanced left and right and finally jumped onto the same beast as Jun Mo Xi. He was alone, with such a social status, Jun Mo Xi was maybe very lonely.

Yun Fei Yang smiled and stayed with him. 

Apart from Jun Mo Xi, people were also looking at two other people riding the same beast, a thunder hawk, those two people were Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin. 

Lin Feng glanced around and saw Wu Qing, who wasn’t riding a black hawk… Because he was riding the bestial occultist.

Lin Feng was stupefied to see that Di Long was alone on a beast, he didn’t need to borrow anyone else’s beast.

Di Long glared at Lin Feng, he hadn’t forgotten the humiliations from the day before, besides, he had drunk all the nine bottles of liquor and his cultivation seemed much better than the day before, however, he hadn’t broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, he had reached the peak of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. He would probably break through to the next Xuan Qi layer during the Great Competition of Xue Yu though, he would thus be at the top of the Xuan Qi layer. He wouldn’t need a long time to break through to the Tian Qi layer. 

Lin Feng glanced at Di Long and thought: “It’s best for him to not provoke me.” 

Lin Feng obviously knew that Di Long’s cultivation level had progressed and he wasn’t the only one. Those who had been invited by Tang You You to the Celestial Palace Restaurant had all become stronger, but oddly enough, the only one who had broken through to the next cultivation layer was Yun Fei Yang. Even though the liquors were precious, it seemed like they didn’t suffice to make a cultivator break through to the next cultivation layer… A cultivator’s heart and state of mind was also very important to become stronger. 

Ruo Lan Shan then jumped on his own black wind hawk and he shouted: “Let’s go!” 

All the beasts then rose up in the air and started flying towards Mi Cheng. A short moment after, everybody was above the clouds, blotting out the sky and covering up the earth. The sky was filled with ferocious wild beasts. They were releasing a monstrously strong Qi. 

The people on the ground were looking at those beasts in the sky with admiration. 

They had left! They were going to Mi Cheng! 

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