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PMG Chapter 59: Lin Feng, That Bastard!

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“I have already defeated you three times. Apologize to me and I might show mercy and let you off.” Liu Fei said in an ice cold tone.

“Defeated three times? Show mercy?” Lin Feng laughed, shook his head and said: “Just leave already before it becomes too embarrassing for you to stay.”

Liu Fei and Lin Feng had already met a few times. Lin Feng knew how proud and arrogant that girl was, so she would not accept others help and would use her own power. Therefore, when Yu Hao, an Elite Disciple wanted to help her to kill Lin Feng, she refused even though she just had nod once and Yu Hao would kill Lin Feng. She still didn’t do it.

Then, at the foot of the mountain, with these cavaliers on Chi Xue armored horses, Liu Fei had said in a cold voice that they were fellow disciples within the sect. She didn’t try to get her revenge with numbers.

Therefore, even though Lin Feng thought that that girl was quite detestable, he didn’t think that she was evil or malicious. Maybe during the first time Lin Feng had come to her place, she had really believed that he was a pervert and that it was no accident at all.

“Embarrassing?” Liu Fei was looking at Lin Feng looking horribly self confident now she had a breakthrough.

“You should go home. My father gave me a silver Xuan Bow. If you do not leave quickly then I will let you taste its arrows.”

Liu Fei grabbed the silver bow she was carrying on her back. It diffused a dazzling light and the sun was reflecting from every inch of the bow.

She put an arrow into the bow, made a small step and bent down… her movements looked smooth and agile. Her beautiful body, her clothes and her movements were in perfect harmony. She looked very attractive… but that beauty was hiding her dangerous power.


The sound of a bowstring vibrating could be heard as the arrow shot through the air at incredible speed. Its dazzling light made it look like it was on fire. It was heading directly towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was stupefied. The arrow was approaching so quickly that escaping seemed impossible.

He quickly moved from the path of the arrow and struck his sword against the incoming arrow. The arrow flew past Lin Feng and crashed into the side of a cave which was behind him.


Behind Lin Feng, rocks were falling from the cave and half of the rock face had been destroyed. It had been crushed by Liu Fei’s arrow. That attack was quite violent and contained a great deal of power.

“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised. He could feel the power from her Ling Qi layer… So Liu Fei had broken through to the Ling Qi layer, no wonder that she wanted to fight with him again.

Liu Fei was very young and had yet already broken through to the Ling Qi layer. She was a really outstanding talent. She was about as strong as Lin Qian and Na Lan Feng. Considering these things her arrogance would be inevitable, however she was not as vicious and petty as Lin Qian and did not look down on others like Na Lan Feng. Also her status was much higher than that of Lin Qian or Na Lan Feng. One could notice it from the moment she was seen with the cavalry troop which contained troops much stronger than the ones he had slaughtered during the night before the annual tournament.

“As expected, Sword skills are indeed very powerful.” Her arrows were much quicker than before. She had also become much stronger as well. Her arrows could even exceed the speed of sound as they ripped through the air. The whistling sound of the arrow could be heard only after the arrow had reached its target or maybe the sound would be heard after the arrow had already pierced its opponent. Killing people with these arrows would be extremely easy for her.

Bow and arrow techniques were terrifying and Cultivators who used them were extremely respected. Their attacks were fast and precise while carrying extremely powerful destructive force.

Unfortunately for her, Liu Fei’s strength was still not extremely developed. It was incomparable with that of some extremely advanced Cultivators who used bows and arrows.

“You’re lucky.” Liu Fei said to Lin Feng while looking at him. She put another arrow in the bow and said: “I’ll give you another chance.”

“No need. I am not guilty of anything. I don’t need to apologize or to beg you.” Lin Feng said while shaking his head. He started walking towards Liu Fei.

“You’re bringing about your own destruction.” shouted Liu Fei furiously. An arrow then pierced through the air.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation!”

Lin Feng raised his hand and thrust out three strikes which collided with the arrow and with each strike it gradually lost strength until it eventually fell helpless onto the ground.

“Eight Strikes of Desolation, Xuan level skill, Ling Qi layer…” Liu Fei thought while shivering in fear. When she saw that Lin Feng knew the skill Eight Strikes of Desolation, she understand that Lin Feng had also broken through to the Ling Qi layer. No wonder he had remained so insolent.

She had realized her mistake, she immediately turned around and started running at an incredible speed in the opposite direction.

Lin Feng was baffled and had no idea what she was doing. Then, he saw Liu Fei bending over, her body had a perfect arch shape. That beauty was still hiding her killing intent and she would not let go of her revenge so easily.


An arrow shot through the air with a whistling sound but this time it was even faster and stronger than a moment ago.

Lin Feng wasn’t scared. He was as confident as before. He started his Eight Strikes of Desolation attack again. This time, he used four strikes.

“Damn, how many strikes can that guy do using Eight Strikes of Desolation?!” Liu Fei whispered as she swore at Lin Feng in her heart. She suddenly released her spirit. A beautiful and resplendent Golden Arrow spirit appeared. It looked very different from the last time. This time, there were three arrows behind her back. Her spirit was emitting such a strong Qi that it made Lin Feng shake.

Besides, Liu Fei’s spirit had been awakened as expected.

Liu Fei’s arrow spirit flew up in the air and following it, Liu Fei also jumped in the air.

High up in the air, the arrows were accurately aiming at Lin Feng. At the same time, Liu Fei was holding her silver bow and had loaded it with three arrows as well. Three cruel and deadly arrows.

“Meteor Fall.”

Liu Fei looked serene and calm. Her body floated high up in the air as six arrows were shot and pierced through the air.

The arrow spirit definitely had great advantages. Not only was it able to automatically aim at somebody but it was also able to aim at a specific body part.

At that moment, Lin Feng had the feeling that the arrow spirit was aiming at his soul which made him feel like his very being was being suppressed by the arrows.

“These arrows are so powerful.”

Lin Feng was feeling gloomy and immediately he started his Eight Strikes of Desolation attack using both hands. Fourteen strikes had blotted out the Sky and covered up the Earth. moving straight towards the incoming arrows.


Explosion sounds filled the air and an extremely strong wind blew onto Lin Feng’s disciple robes.

After these apocalyptic attacks vanished, Liu Fei appeared again in a cloud of dust. She was crouching down and was breathing heavily.

“How can he be this strong?” Liu Fei was looking at Lin Feng and wondering how she would get her revenge. It seemed impossible. She was completely astonished. After she broke through to the Ling Qi layer, her father himself had assisted her in her training. She had been practicing everyday with no rest. She had greatly increased her breathing abilities and her combat skills. She had greatly increased her strength and her attacks now contained explosive power within each arrow. Thanks to her spirit she was now even able to shoot six arrows at the same time.

She was extremely talented as a disciple of the first Ling Qi layer and not many people could defeat her but Lin Feng was still able to block all of her attacks. She had lost once again and was unable to put up resistance.

He was a genius. He could use up to seven strikes of the Eight Strikes of Desolation skill and up to fourteen using both hands. He had managed to master it with both hands to such a level, such a thing was impossible. Was he really only at the first Ling Qi layer? How could his attacks be that horrifyingly powerful?

When Liu Fei saw that Lin Feng was moving nearer and nearer with a weird smile on his face, she could feel a shiver run down her spine and while remaining vigilant she asked him: “What are you planning to do?”

“Hmmm…” Lin Feng said nothing and just hummed as if he was thinking of what he would do. What kind of girl was she? She often used that delicate, charming and tender expression to fool others. She also looked very cute but he knew that deep down she was violent. If Lin Feng didn’t have a strong willpower and determination, he could have ended up falling for her too.

Lin Feng whose expression was barely discernible looked at Liu Fei with an evil smile on his face and asked: “What do you think that I am going to do…?”

“You……” Liu Fei had the blood rush from her face and she looked incredibly pale. She took an arrow from her back… and started pressing it against her own throat. She was extremely determined.

Lin Feng was joking on purpose and at that moment was astonished. He wouldn’t have thought that his joke would have such repercussions. He couldn’t help but be completely shocked.

“If I wanted to do anything to you, do you think I would have let you off last time?”

Lin Feng had no choice but to speak. Could it be that he really looked and sounded like a pervert?

Lin Feng’s words suddenly relieved Liu Fei. She also put down the arrow that she was holding.

“If you really want this place then I will leave it to you. From this point forward we won’t need to meet anymore, it’s too troublesome with you. You continue to shock me.” Lin Feng explained while walking towards Liu Fei. When he arrived next to her, he stopped.

Lin Feng bent over and looked at Liu Fei. He slowly sighed amazed by the beautiful skin of the girls in that world.

Lin Feng who was above Liu Fei looked closely and attentively at her delicate face. He looked startled. Then he smiled and whispered: “I have only just realized now that you are pretty cute after all.”

When he finished talking, Lin Feng left.

Liu Fei was astonished for a while but she soon came to her senses.

“Ah… that bastard….”

Lin Feng sensed the stones of the mountains around him were shaking and the sound of Liu Fei’s voice was echoing through the atmosphere into his ears. There was no need to react that way. Holding a grudge against somebody like this wasn’t a pleasant thing after all. It was even scary to a certain extent.

“I guess this settles things between us.”

Lin Feng had a resplendent and brilliant smile on his face. He looked like a happy and well rounded young man. Always taking things too seriously or always being too worried was pointless. Sometimes it felt good to relax and not worry.

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