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PMG Chapter 590: The Genius

PMG Chapter 590: The Genius

Mi Cheng was a vast and ancient city, as well as extremely mysterious. 

It was said that the city was even older than Xue Yu. Before the name “Xue Yu” existed in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the name “Mi Cheng” already existed.

But for most Xue Yu people, Mi Cheng was considered as a shadow city, it was mysterious and unknown. All they knew was that every ten years, for the Great Competition of Xue Yu, people gathered there. Actually, in normal times, people were not allowed to go there. They were allowed to go there only for the Great Competition of Xue Yu, nobody could visit that city at any other time. Rumors said that the city was usually enveloped by a dense fog, as if it hadn’t been a part of Xue Yu at all. Many had tried to find the city in the past but were unable, curiously, they kept getting lost over and over.

Now, the Great Competition of Xue Yu was about to start as it had every ten years. And now Mi Cheng was visible again, the dense fog enveloping it had disappeared. That gigantic city was plain as day in the middle of Xue Yu. 

People were heading to Mi Cheng from all corners of the map and in huge quantities. Some people were coming because of the Great Competition of Xue Yu while others were actually just coming to visit the mysterious city. 

In order words, that holy land was being surrounded by people coming from all places of the region. Mi Cheng was so vast that there was no problem, it could accommodate all those people. Mi Cheng was larger than any Imperial City in the empires of Xue Yu. Some believed that Mi Cheng was bigger than the Imperial Cities of the four empires together. That sounded boundless.

At that moment, in an area at the corner of Mi Cheng, there were some dark dots. 

People were frozen as they saw many ferocious wild beasts flapping their wings in the sky, they were blotting out the sky and covering up the earth, looking like asteroids.

“It seems like one of the empires has arrived.” thought some people. They looked so majestic, so dignified, so incredible. They were obviously there for the Great Competition of Xue Yu. 

Many people’s silhouettes flickered, they were moving in the distance. They wanted to see which empire had arrived and to see how strong those people were.

During the competition, the atmosphere was going to be bustling and lively. 

At the same time, in another corner of Mi Cheng, the same thing was happening. Ferocious wild beasts were flying in the sky. 

Another empire had arrived. 

Lin Feng was on a black hawk looking down at the ground. That city was extremely vast and there was no fog around it. Everything appeared clearly in his field of vision. The architecture of Mi Cheng was absolutely different from that of the other cities he had been in. It didn’t look imposing and grand at all. There weren’t huge open spaces between the buildings… On the contrary, everything was as closely linked as flesh and blood. Buildings were not far from each other and on top of that, there was a dense and thick ancient Qi emerging out of that city. 

“Mi Cheng… We’re here.” thought Lin Feng. He felt exhausted, they had been traveling for seven days. Even though the wind hadn’t affected him much, seven consecutive days of flying in the sky wasn’t pleasant. 

At that moment, the oppressive sensation he had had in the air had disappeared, the ferocious wild beasts were all slowing down and Lin Feng felt much better.

Apart from that, he was excited! He had finally arrived in Mi Cheng, he had been craving to go there for a while, everybody was excited about it and the competition. 

They could all be proud of themselves, they were going to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu. They were looking forward to becoming incredibly strong cultivators.

The beasts were still flying, they didn’t stop. Ruo Lan Shan was in the front and he was staring at the crowd on the ground. 

They flew above Mi Cheng for a few hours and at some point, a gigantic field appeared, there was a fighting stage on it. 

It was a gigantic and boundless-looking fighting stage. Some people were around the stage and looking at them. 

“Is that where the Great Competition of Xue Yue is going to take place?” asked some people at that moment. It was gigantic. They were going to be on that stage? Billions and billions of people were going to watch them!

“Eeeeee ya!” In the distance, a beast emitted a sound, everybody raised their head and gazed into the distance. Immediately after, they saw another vast and boundless group of people, just like them, they were precisely the people who had come from the other direction. That group of people was composed of about a hundred people, just like them. All of them was releasing a monstrously strong Qi, they were obviously from another empire. 

The other empire and the countries under its jurisdiction had also brought a few influential people, just like Dragon Mountain with the Cosmic Pavilion or even some people from the Wan Xiang Sect and so on. 

After a short time, those people stopped in the air and faced each other. They didn’t land. 

“Dragon Mountain Empire!” said the leader of the other group while looking at them. 

Ruo Lan Shan also looked at them, remained silent for a moment and said, “Magnolia Empire!” 

When the other heard Ruo Lan Shan, he smiled and said, “It seems like you were right, I had thought that we would be the first ones to arrive but in the end you arrived first, you’re so fast!” 

“No, we arrived at the same time.” said Ruo Lan Shan while smiling. He kept glancing at all the young men from Magnolia, they were the protagonists this time. They were going to join the Great Competition of Xue Yu and threaten the outstanding young men from Dragon Mountain. 

The people whom Ruo Lan Shan was watching were also glancing at the people from Dragon Mountain, especially Jun Mo Xi, Tang You and Qing Meng Xin.

“There are some really impressive geniuses in Dragon Mountain.” said their leader while smiling. Even though he was making a compliment, he still looked relaxed. 

“I heard that on your side there were two incredible geniuses who were going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yue. I just saw Jun Mo Xi but where is Duan Wu Dao??” asked that person, leaving everyone speechless. He knew them very well… He knew what Jun Mo Xi and Duan Wu Dao looked like and he knew their names, they were famous even in the Magnolia Empire.

That simple sentence was full of meaning though, Jun Mo Xi and Duan Wu Dao were the most dazzling cultivators of the Dragon Mountain Empire and the countries under its jurisdiction. 

“Jun Mo Xi, Duan Wu Dao…!” The crowd knew that Jun Mo Xi was the best cultivator of Dragon Mountain, but how come Duan Wu Dao was so famous? He wasn’t talking about Tang You You or Qing Meng Xin… But about Duan Wu Dao… People from Dragon Mountain were astonished and a bit upset. Why was a person like Duan Wu Dao considered the same as Jun Mo Xi? 

“Duan Wu Dao will arrive soon.” said Ruo Lan Shan. He then looked at two silhouettes on the other side and said, “Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao and Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao are also here!” 

“Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao and Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao….!” On the side of the Dragon Mountain Empire, everybody was stupefied, they looked at those two people, a young woman and a young man. The young man looked like a hero, the girl was incredibly beautiful. They looked extraordinary. 

“How extraordinary…” People were astonished, those two people looked frightening, and their names were really special… 

“They’re here. Jun Mo Xi is there too. So now let’s get down. Let’s hope that Duan Wu Dao, Xue Sha, Ku Yao Tong Ku Mu, Xue Di Ling and Ba Gua Yan Yu Mo will not disappoint us!”

“Xue Sha, Ku Yao Tong The Dead Tree, Xue Di Ling and Ba Gua Yan Yu Mo.”

The crowd remembered those names, with Duan Wu Dao, Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao, Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao and Jun Mo Xi, those people were the most outstanding of the entire region! Everybody looked forward to seeing them! 

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