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PMG Chapter 596: Long Time Without Deadly Energies

PMG Chapter 596: Long Time Without Deadly Energies

Lin Feng hadn’t used his fire pure Qi for a long time. 

The alcohol was as strong as before. And the strength of the Herukas continued flowing in Lin Feng’s fist at full speed.

“Eeee… Eeee….” The ferocious beasts were blotting out the sky. Lin Feng’s fist turned black, but the bestial Qi of all the beasts kept enveloping his body.

Strong cultivators riding those beasts all had spears in their hands and were all moving towards Lin Feng. Their pure Qi turned into a long dragon that wanted to swallow Lin Feng. 

This time they came at Lin Feng with a large-scale attack.

“MMMmmhhhhhhh!!! How pleasant!!!!” Lin Feng was drinking out of his gourd. His face was very red and his entire body smelt like alcohol. His face looked like it was burning. 

“Piss off, all of you!!!!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, he began punching into the air,  explosions sounded through the air unceasingly. The atmosphere was suffocating. With Lin Feng’s strength of the Heruka, the pure Qi and the bestial Qi… The energies kept colliding and making the ground shake.

“Burn!!” shouted Lin Feng while spitting out some pure Qi which transformed into a fireball. An explosion sounded in the atmosphere as the fireball swallowed one beast and its rider. 

“Boom boom boom!” In a flash, the beast and its rider started burning, they were shouting in pain. That rider’s friends wanted to extinguish the fire but realized they couldn’t. With the sun shining, it seemed like the fire was growing.

“Ahhhhhhh….” Lin Feng continued to attack his pursuers with his fire, their screams filled the air. Lin Feng hadn’t moved since the first one was set on fire.

“How terrifying.” the crowd thought while staring at Lin Feng. He was terrifying with his fire, he had managed to burn all those beasts and people to death… How strong! They were fooled into believing he was only of the first Xuan Qi layer… To them it seemed like anybody could bully him, but in the end, he would strike back with deadly fire… 

“How strong…” Yun Fei Yang was also gasping with amazement. That was Lin Feng’s strength! No matter if it was his punch or his fire, a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer could never defeat him. 

Although his Lin Feng’s fire wasn’t as strong before, it was a lot more stable.

His cosmos-burning sun skill required pure sun Qi, it was borrowing the strength of the sun. If he managed to master the skill someday, Lin Feng would be able to create real suns for his attacks. They would be able to burn anything… Hence the name of the skill. Now, Lin Feng was already advancing to this level. 

In the air, the girl and the other strong cultivators she brought were speechless. Lin Feng’s Qi belonged to the bottom of the Xuan Qi layer…. Yun Fei Yang seemed much stronger than him, but in one attack, he had destroyed so many people. He was terrifying.

“Kill him damn!!!” shouted the girl even more furiously while pointing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was extremely aggressive, and he was humiliating her in front of everybody. He really wanted to die seeing how he humiliated the Da Shu Clan in front of everybody.

The girl looked glum. She slightly nodded and waved her hand. The beasts started flying in circles above Lin Feng and didn’t immediately attack him. 

Lin Feng didn’t seem easy to defeat so they better be careful. 

“Kill me? Come. What are you all doing?” asked Lin Feng while smiling coldly. He raised his head and looked at her mockingly, “You think that you’re a woman while treating other people with disrespect, as if they were insects. You are only a tramp.” 

Lin Feng then took out another gourd and continued drinking alcohol. He was only sipping it but it felt good.

Drinking Hot Unit enabled his pure Qi to flow so much so that he could have an explosive power while fighting. Lin Feng realized that it was alleviating the restricting effects of that medicine the old man gave him. It also felt extremely pleasant. That woman wanting to kill him was thrilling. Lin Feng hadn’t been so happy to fight in a long time. 

When the girl heard his insults, she looked sinister while pulling a long face. 

“Don’t worry, if you can’t kill him just go back, but if you manage to kill him you will receive an award. A Di level skill of medium quality.” said the girl, she was going insane. She was a beautiful woman who belonged to the Da Shu Clan, everybody usually respected her but Lin Feng was humiliating her, he had to die. 

When those people heard her, their eyes started twinkling. 

A Di level skill of medium quality was precious! They would be able to become much stronger with such a skill. 

“Boom!” In Lin Feng’s back appeared a terrifying Qi. A cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer released a beast which immediately started moving towards Lin Feng at the speed of light. 

However, was a surprise attack useful against Lin Feng? With his awareness, nothing in his surroundings could escape him. He was omniscient when it came to his surroundings. 

“Wind!” Then Lin Feng started moving like the wind and in a flash he moved back. Several explosion sounds spread in the air, that person immediately landed in the ground and a cloud of dust arose.

Lin Feng made another step and jumped with the wind. This time however, he moved forwards, and he was raising his fist in which the strength of the Herukas was rotating five thousand times…

That person abruptly turned around and released terrifying pure Qi which transformed into a spear and moved straight towards Lin Feng. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng in a low voice. He then bombarded the air with his fist, which rotated the strength of the Herukas. It collided with the pure Qi sword which immediately broke into pieces.

That person’s facial expression drastically changed, he was pulling a long face. His monstrous spear had surprisingly broke under Lin Feng’s fist. He had seldom seen such a terrifying sort of physical strength. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the man. He created another pure sword and threw it at Lin Feng while moved back.

He wanted to leave?

Lin Feng slightly inclined his body and dodged the spear, then he moved at the speed of lightning and arrived next to the man. His fist intended to collide with the man’s head. The cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer was extremely nervous, he had the feeling that he was going to explode if that fist reached him. But he could do nothing, the fist landed and it made his visceral organs implode.

Lin Feng grabbed that person’s head with his other hand and crushed his neck. The cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer’s corpse then collapsed.

Lin Feng could easily kill people of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. 

“His strength is terrifying, don’t fight in close-combat. You have to stay in the air.” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng’s fist was way too terrifying.

“What are you still waiting for? I told you you to kill him!” shouted the girl. Then she looked at Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang and Xiao Ya and said, “If you cannot kill him, then kill the young girl first and let’s see who will protect her.” 

Lin Feng raised his head and released some terrifying deadly energy, at that moment he was filled with murderous intent.

What that girl had said infuriated Lin Feng. She lowered her head and saw Lin Feng’s pupils becoming particularly cold, she couldn’t help but start shaking and feeling afraid.

“You’re a cunt, I’m going to destroy you.” said Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, he rose up to the girl in the air at the speed of lightning.
“Protect Xiao Ya!” demanded Lin Feng to Yun Fei Yang while rising up like a meteor.

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    man, there are some incredibly mistakes here
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    No, the worst mistakes are the writing. LF is dying to get stronger, but has he made and taken one of those blood pills that are intermediate Xuan level that helped Mr. Chi breakthrough from third to fourth Xuan qi level? Has he bothered to learn how to use his blood spirit celestial fangs perfectly from his Mom, or even level it up to nine heads? No, of course not. I guess the author wants to have lots of room to level him during the competition, but that’s no excuse for making an intelligent character act like a brainless retard. And the disguise? What for? It was literally good for a week of flying, that’s it. Any retard can see it’s him when he uses the wind to move and the sun qi to attack. Also, what’s the point of his strength levelling up? When he first got the skill and had 3000 revolutions he bashed in the head of the number two guy of the other country at the palace banquet with one punch, now hes at 5000 revolutions and guess what, he can still do that, amazing!

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