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PMG Chapter 597: Ice-Cold Dagger

PMG Chapter 597: Ice-Cold Dagger

Lin Feng rose up in the air, he still had a few milliseconds to raise his hand and drink some Hot Unit, his pure Qi was becoming more and more violent.

The girl looked surprised, the beast she was riding roared and moved away. 

“Stay here.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He drank another mouthful of alcohol and a fireball moved towards the beast.

“Miss, escape!” shouted someone at that moment crying out in alarm. Fireballs rained down from the sky and the woman could sense the heat which made her heart palpitate. She immediately jumped off the back of the beast. 

“Miss, come here!” said someone at that moment, a beast immediately streaked through the sky and appeared under her and was able to catch her. The girl was shaking from head to foot. The beast which she was riding a moment before was burning and roaring violently.

“How terrifying…” thought the woman whose heart was still pounding. She looked at Lin Feng, a moment before, she had almost gotten killed.

“Nearly… I could have died here.” She couldn’t believe it. Some people surprisingly dared try to kill a member of the Da Shu Clan…. She had never thought such a thing would happen. She usually wanted to kill other people, but could they kill her…? 

“Let’s go back and bring back some even stronger cultivators to kill him. We must kill him.” The ferocious wild beast kept moving up and up in the sky. They didn’t dare let Lin Feng come close to the woman. At that moment, she was terrified. People of the fifth and sixth Xuan Qi layer couldn’t kill Lin Feng? No problem, they would bring some people not of the seventh Xuan Qi layer but of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. Would Lin Feng be able to defeat them? Impossible, he would die without a proper tomb. 

“The others, stay here and prevent him from escaping.” shouted the young woman furiously. Immediately after, the beast she was riding started flapping its wings and they disappeared in the horizon. The others looked glum, they couldn’t escape, they had to block Lin Feng… 

They had to obey orders…

“Miserable woman…” shouted Lin Feng while looking at the disappearing woman in the horizon. Giving such orders to those people… Maybe someday people would stop listening to her… 

In the air, there were ferocious wild beasts, the woman had given an order. They had to encircle Lin Feng and prevent him from leaving. 

Lin Feng looked at those ferocious wild beasts and then at Yun Fei Yang,. While grabbing Xiao Ya’s hand, “Yun Fei Yang, we’re off.” 

That woman wasn’t an ordinary person, who knew what kind of person she could bring… Staring there was too dangerous. Lin Feng had to leave.

Yun Fei Yang nodded and their silhouettes flickered.

“Where are you going?” shouted someone furiously. They tried to catch up with Lin Feng. 


That person only saw Lin Feng turn around and move like the wind. Lin Feng’s speed was unconceivable. They then collided. 

“Boom boom boom!” Huge rumbling sounds spread in the air. The one who had been chasing Lin Feng was completely stunned and just sensed a scorching hot Qi invading his arm. He was on fire. 

At that moment, the crowd could only see Lin Feng’s back. 

“If you’re not afraid to die, then come over here.” challenged Lin Feng to his pursuers in the distance. Those people suddenly felt extremely nervous, they glanced at each other and seemed to think the same, they all flew higher up in the sky. 

If they had left and abandoned Lin Feng, they would have ignored their orders. Flying higher up was a way not to lose track of Lin Feng while not confronting him, so when that lady came back they would be able to find him. 

“You really want to die.” Lin Feng’s pupils become even colder. He grabbed Xiao Ya’s hand and started flying up. Yun Fei Yang understood what Lin Feng wanted, he wanted the three of them to fly together. They were flying at the speed of sound.

A short moment after, they all landed in the middle of a palace where many people were gathered. 

When the pursuers saw them enter the palace in the horizon, they stoppedand said, “block all exits.” 

Their silhouettes then flickered one after the other. They were guarding the exits of that palace. Lin Feng wanted to escape from them but there was no chance… 

This vast palace was a market where one could use purity stones to buy things. There was an ocean of people in there.

At that moment, outside of the palace, people were surprised because they saw beasts flying above them. Those beasts and riders belonged to the Da Shu Clan… Incredible. 

They were wondering who could have infuriated the Da Shu Clan… Whoever they were would surely die in any case. 

Many people were outside and wanted to watch the spectacle, someone had dared provoked the da Shu Clan… One of the biggest spheres of influence of the city.

Time was passing slowly and eventually the crowd stopped looking at the city. 

Suddenly, a massive group of people appeared in the distance, they looked dignified riding their extremely strong, ferocious, wild beasts. On those beasts there were terrifyingly powerful cultivators… 

“Who infuriated the Da Shu Clan to this extent?? They sent a massive amount of strong cultivators to kill him…” 

The crowd was stupefied when they saw those people in brown clothes. They were high-ranking officials! They were all at least the seventh Xuan Qi layer, for the Da Shu Clan to dispatch such strong cultivators, someone had really offended them, but who? The crowd was extremely curious. 

“Where is he?” asked the girl to someone.

“He entered the palace. We already blocked all the exits. He hasn’t come out.” explained that person. The girl nodded and released some terrifying deadly energies. 

“You blocked the exits then the others can go in and kill him!” said someone at that moment. It was a high-ranking military person who was with the young girl. Those guards had been there and had obstructed all exits, so she was sure that Lin Feng was still inside. 

Four cultivators of the seventh Xuan Qi layer accompanied by a guard who had already seen Lin Feng before passed through the four exits of the place. Everybody in the palace was opening the way for the troops. That place was gigantic. How come Lin Feng and the others didn’t know they shouldn’t have offended the Da Shu Clan, especially the daughter. Her father and brother were insane and extremely aggressive, they could kill anyone who offended them.

After a short while, the people the woman had brought with her came out looking cold. 

“You said he was inside and that you had blocked the exits?” When that person heard the young woman, he was speechless and started shaking. The woman had realized that something was wrong.

“Indeed. Everybody can tell you that. He went in and never came back.” said that person extremely politely but his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

“Alright. Go in and find him! But if you can’t find him, you know what will happen to you.” said the woman coldly. That person was terrified but he immediately went into the palace. 

After a long time, that person came out again looking glum. Lin Feng and the two others had vanished without trace. They had looked everywhere in the palace but hadn’t found him.

“Miss… Let’s block every single opening, people shouldn’t be able to go in or out.” said that person while looking at people going in. The girl looked at him and said, “Do you really think he is in there? Is that even possible?” She was releasing deadly energy while talking, she raised her hand and her interlocutor became terrified, shaking violently.

On her left and right, there were high-ranking militaries, they were also fixedly staring at that person. 

“What is impossible?” said a voice at that moment. That voice sounded familiar, her face immediately changed.

But unfortunately, it was already too late, that person had already arrived next to the woman. He was so close, nobody had time to react.

Some sharp lights twinkled and a dagger appeared on the woman’s neck, it looked extremely cold. The whole scene was astonishing.
People looked at him, it was Lin Feng, who else could it be?

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