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PMG Chapter 599: The Rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu

PMG Chapter 599: The Rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu

The Da Shu Clan was one of the biggest clans in Mi Cheng, they controlled one part of the city.

At a lakeside just after that force left the palace, an old man with a bamboo hat was leaning against the trunk of a tree, angling for fish. 

Even though he was fishing, his eyes were closed. He looked carefree and content. If anyone had been there, they would have found out that that old man wasn’t releasing any Qi. He was in perfect fusion with the earth and the sky. 

“Splash!” The old man raised his rod and a fish immediately landed into his bamboo basket… But surprisingly, that rod didn’t have a hook, it was perfectly straight. 

“It’s not easy to fish with that.” spoke another old man. He then opened his eyes and smiled. He slowly turned around and saw the other old man looking extremely upset. The one with the bamboo hat asked him, “Mister An, what’s wrong?” 

Mister An was shaking with anger. The old man frowned, he had known Mister An for decades, so it was simple to claim that he knew him completely. Even in terrible circumstances, Mister An never lost his temper like this.

“Mister An, what happened?” repeated the old man. Mister An lowered his head, he was shaking when he said, “She…. She was kidnapped. Her soul pearl was broken…” 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying Qi suddenly invaded the atmosphere. The tree behind the old man suddenly broke into pieces and then turned into powder. The water of the lake started boiling and a strong wind started blowing carrying along drops of water from the lake. 

Her soul pearl was broken… That was the same as being dead…

Mister An was lowering his head more and more, as if it was going to fall down onto the ground. The Qi pressure of a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was terrifying… Even he who had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer felt like he was suffocating… 

That terrible pressure lasted for a while but then gradually started becoming weaker and weaker again. However, the old man’s face was still filled with murder. 

“Who did it?”

“It is said that she was riding her horse and then someone attacked her. So she came back to find some high-ranking officials to help her. However, he still managed to cripple her cultivation.” said Mister An in a serious and solemn way. The old man’s eyes were twinkling with ice-cold lights as he said, “Send Tian Qi to capture him, don’t kill him though.” 

“Roger.” said Mister An as solemnly as before. He then immediately started walking backwards, only after being far enough from the old man, he dared turn around. 

The old man’s eyes were filled with murder. Surprisingly, someone had dared attack the precious daughter of the Da Shu Clan. That young woman would never have believed such a thing would happen, no member of the Clan could have believed such a thing. They had never thought such a thing was possible.


Lin Feng obviously didn’t know what was happening at the Da Shu Clan. In fact, he didn’t even know what a soul pearl was… Otherwise, Yun Fei Yang probably wouldn’t have killed her. 

Yun Fei Yang and Lin Feng hadn’t thought that if the girl died, the soul pearl would immediately break and all the members of the Da Shu Clan would know about it. They would definitely come and slaughter them now. 

But the Da Shu Clan still needed to find Lin Feng. Actually, Jian Chen just now ran into Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang.

He jumped towards them, smiled and said, “Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang, I finally found you.” 

Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang were surprised when they heard him. Why was he looking for them?

Jian Chen didn’t know that Lin Feng was the real Lin Feng, so he wasn’t supposed to know anything about him.

“What do you want from us?” asked Yun Fei Yang. 

“People from Dragon Mountain have come to discuss the Great Competition of Xue Yu, so you must attend the meeting too.” said Jian Chen. Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang nodded, since it dealt with the competition they would to attend.

Jian Chen brought Lin Feng and the two others to a vast space, everybody from Dragon Mountain was there. 

Some other geniuses were as well.

“We found Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang but we didn’t find Duan Wu Dao…” said Jian Chen. 

Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang and Xiao Ya found a free spot to sit down. 

“Jian Chen, explain the rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu to everybody. They need to see things more clearly.” said Jun Mo Xi to Jian Chen. Jian Chen nodded and looked at everybody. 

“Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang, a moment ago, we already explained the rules to everybody but maybe you don’t know them yourselves. The Great Competition of Xue Yu implies a few things which you really need to understand. Geniuses from the thirteen countries of Xue Yu can participate at the competition, which means your opponents are from four different empires and the nine countries under their jurisdiction. But on a more personal scale, the competition is a wonderful experience for each individual. During each round, there will be wonderful opportunities. If the geniuses greatly benefit from it, their respective countries will also benefit from those great things, there is no doubt about that.”

Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling, that wasn’t the first time that he heard of the personal benefits so now he believed it. The Great Competition of Xue Yu would have many wonderful things to offer. 

“Concerning the rules of the Great Competition of Xue Yu, there are three rounds, the first round will allow us all to fight as we wish. Nobody knows how the round ends, and nobody knows the rules of the first round either. But we have understood from previous competitions that only after a myriad of people have died, the round can end. The only thing you have to do is kill, kill, kill. At the same time, you have to protect yourself and not die (Editor’s Note: OBVIOUSLY).” 

Lin Feng was astonished, what a cruel rule… The first round was a free-for-all fight… Everybody had to kill in order not to be killed, and only then would they move on to the second round.

“We hope that during the first round our people can work together and won’t kill each other… Instead, it would be better for you to kill others from different Countries… That way, we will have more chances to move on to the next round. In the same way, people from the other empires might work together to kill you.” explained Jian Chen, everybody was calmly listening to him. All in all, individuals themselves were not what mattered the most, the empire was the most important thing. 

“The second round of the Great Competition of Xue Yu is about getting ranked. Ten years ago, everybody was brought to a cave and the first to enter the cave were ranked first, those who entered after the others were eliminated. Because they don’t want the strongest cultivators to fight first, the battles became imbalanced. Those ranked first fight against the weaker opponents and vice-versa, those who are weak fight against stronger opponents.” 

“Of course, if you want to be amongst the top cultivators of the competition, you will have to fight against most of everyone. 

Lin Feng understood all those rules. Those who weren’t successful or unlucky might face extremely strong cultivators early on. In order to avoid fighting the strongest ones until the end you had to win early on. And then, in the end, you might finish as a hero.

“Lin Feng, Yun Fei Yang, you probably understand the rules now?” asked Jian Chen. Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang nodded, Jian Chen had explained everything very clearly, Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang weren’t stupid.
“Since you understood the rules, I wish all of you success. You have to remember that every battle will be dangerous. Apart from the many dangers and perils, there will also be a myriad of chances and opportunities. You will have the chance to improved all along the evolution of the competition. You will understand what I am saying better during the competition.” added Jun Mo Xi. Apart from being a participant, Jun Mo Xi was also a member of the Imperial Family of the Dragon Mountain Empire. He, of course, wanted his empire to win. He hoped that they would finish first!

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