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PMG Chapter 601: Happily Fighting Together!

PMG Chapter 601: Happily Fighting Together!

Those from Tian Feng who were about to leave a moment before stopped, they were gloating over Lin Feng and his friends’ misfortune. They wanted to see them get crushed.

“You perfectly knew that they were here and you lied to us! Prepare to suffer from our flames of fury!” shouted one of them to Tang You You furiously. The Da Shu Clan was one of the four spheres of influence of Mi Cheng, they were obviously extremely aggressive.

Lin Feng glanced at Tang You You in a strange way, a moment before, she had protected him and now she was in trouble with him… 

Tang You You nodded at him, Lin Feng immediately understood what she meant. He then glanced at Yun Fei Yang. 

Those people were only vanguards, they had just been looking for Lin Feng so they could encircled him. Then they would signal for their stronger cultivators. If Lin Feng waited for those strong cultivators to arrive, he would be in trouble.

“Strength… Always strength…” thought Lin Feng. He was hoping that the effect of the potions he had drunk would quickly fade! He wanted to have his pure Qi back. The situation would be a lot better if he had all of his pure Qi at that moment. 

Lin Feng’s sleeve shook and his gourd appeared. He then raised his head and downed a gourd of Hot Unit.

“Gloogloogloo…..” Hot Unit kept flowing into his stomach. Lin Feng had downed it one gulp! His face instantly turned red.

The crowd was surprised, that guy was drinking Hot Unit as if he had been drinking tonic. 

He then threw the gourd away in his storage and started burping, that alcohol was delicious. Immediately after, he raised his head and looked at those who were circling above him, “I killed that girl because she wanted to kill me, now you want to kill me so I won’t be merciful.” In a flash, he opened his mouth widely and abruptly started spitting out some fireballs which dashed to the skies. 

“Boom boom boom!” Terrifying fireballs started invading the atmosphere. Those people in the sky were caught off guard. The ferocious wild beasts’ silhouettes kept fluttering but those fireballs were extremely fast and not easy to dodge. Some beasts were bound to be hit.

“Roaaarrrrr!” a fireball reached one of the beasts which roared violently. In a flash, its entire body was surrounded by flames. 

The strong cultivator on the beast then jumped in the air and stood there. The beast was roaring furiously as it was burnt to death. 

“What a terrifying fire.” thought that person while staring at his beast turning into ashes… He was shaking. If he had been too slow, he would have died as well! 

That fire was extraordinary. 

“Die.” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He then jumped off the ground and made the strength of the Herukas rotate five hundred times in his fist. He then immediately threw himself at another person with his fist leading.

That person groaned loudly and jumped off the beast he was riding. He was about to welcome Lin Feng with his spear. 

“Kacha!!!” The spear broke into pieces, without resistance, when it collided with the strength of the Herukas. Lin Feng’s fist didn’t stop moving forwards, a loud crashing sound spread in the air. When Lin Feng’s fist crashed onto that person’s body he immediately died. 

While Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang were fighting. He was condensing some pure Qi and flying through the air. He was going very slowly but it seemed like he was borrowing the strength of the earth and the sky for each step he made. His steps definitely contained a monstrous force. 

Apart from them, Tang You You was also fighting. She was moving swiftly through the air, just like a butterfly. Her fist was dancing in the sky, she looked neither slow nor fast, just agile. One of the victim’s she punched had their blood vessels visibly destroyed. He immediately died.

The members of the Da Shu Clan hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would attack first. Besides, Lin Feng and his two friends were all extremely strong, especially that beautiful woman. She was moving like a butterfly in the sky, but now at full speed. She had a monumental physical strength in her fist that was probably some insane skill. In any case, each time she punched someone, they died.

It was apocalyptic in the sky at that moment. It was a massacre.

People on the ground were all astonished. The Great Competition of Xue Yu hadn’t started yet and they were already fighting against monstrously strong cultivators. 

Jun Mo Xi wasn’t happy at all but he was happy to see those evil people get crushed. It would have been horrible for them to lose Lin Feng and the two others.

“Tang You You, you are the strongest between us. We must kill all these people, otherwise, when the strong cultivators arrive to support them we will be in serious trouble.” explained Yun Fei Yang to Tang You You. 

Tang You You obviously knew that, she then shouted furiously, “One Thousand Dream Clones!” 

In a flash, Tang You You’s clones appeared in the atmosphere and blotted out the sky. She was everywhere, just like in a dream. One thousand clones… Just like in a dream. 

“Boom boom boom!” Her clones kept punching everybody and horrible shrieks kept spreading everywhere in the air. The crowd on the ground could see cadavers unceasingly falling from the sky, it was a rain of corpses. They were astonished that Tang You You’s thousand dream clones skill was so incredible. It was one of the best skills of the Tang Clan. The clones all looked perfectly real, and the bodies were in fact real. They weren’t shadows or anything of that sort, they were real clones! 

“How strong….” thought Lin Feng. Tang You You was the third strongest cultivator of Dragon Mountain. When she was furious, a field could become littered with millions of corpses. Let alone the people she was killing now were extremely strong. 

“Be careful.” said Yun Fei Yang to Lin Feng. Several whistling sounds were approaching Lin Feng, but he didn’t panic. He only turned around and bombarded the atmosphere with his fist.

He wasn’t scared of fighting against those ferocious wild beasts with his strength of the Herukas.

“Boom boom boom!” 

A terrifying physical strength then attacked Lin Feng and crashed onto his body. Surprisingly, that attack made his pure Qi flow even faster through his meridians. Lin Feng didn’t find the attack painful, on the contrary, that pain was extremely pleasant! 

“Do it again!” said Lin Feng with a proud smile on his face. He then moved forwards with the wind, his fist bombarded the atmosphere once again. A ferocious, wild beast then roared violently. It was severely injured by Lin Feng’s punch. 

“Die.” The person on the beast then used his spear to attack Lin Feng which moved at full speed towards him. It contained some monstrously strong energies. Lin Feng didn’t dare resist this one with his bare fist. 

He inclined himself aside to dodge it, but his top got lacerated and his chest was suddenly exposed.

However, Lin Feng caught the spear while it was flying through the sky and firmly held onto it. He then looked at the one who had sent it and spat out another fireball. A terrifying and scorching hot fireball then immediately ignited the enemy’s body. 

“Ahhhh…….”! That fire was terrifying. His entire body was burning. He was releasing pure Qi to make the fire shrug off but it didn’t work, the pure Qi was getting burnt too. Quickly, his horrible shrieks became less and less as he burnt to death, turning into ashes.

“I wouldn’t have thought that Lin Feng had such mysterious skills. He can drink Hot Unit and then spit out  monstrous fireballs?” thought some people on the ground while watching the fight. With those fireballs, Lin Feng was a danger to them as well… Most of them wouldn’t be able to stop those fireballs…

In the distance, whistling sounds were spreading. Lin Feng narrowed his eyes in which cold lights were twinkling. 

Lin Feng took out another gourd filled with Hot Unit and downed it in a flash. He initially had a hundred Hot Unit bottles, but a gourd could contain more than a bottle. Having one gourd left meant that he only had maybe a dozen bottles left…” 

“What a greedy boy! I still have some, drink as much as you want.” said Tang You You while looking at Lin Feng drinking all that Hot Unit. It seemed like Lin Feng loved drinking that liquor. Tang You You threw her ring at Lin Feng, he caught it and looked inside. There were as expected, many bottles of alcohol, it was filled with alcohol actually. Tang You You seemingly didn’t leave her residence without alcohol. She had too much on her. 

“I only drink Hot Unit.” explained Lin Feng while laughing. He grabbed all the bottles of Hot Unit and put them in his own ring. He then returned the ring back to Tang You You. 

“We should leave now.” said Lin Feng while throwing away the gourd he had just downed. He then moved back down to where the ground fell, grabbed Xiao Ya, and flew away. 
Tang You You and Yun Fei Yang nodded in agreement and followed him!

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