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PMG Chapter 602: Terrifying Fire

PMG Chapter 602: Terrifying Fire

The members of the Da Shu Clan were not resigned to let Lin Feng and his friends escape. Their ferocious, wild beasts were in hot pursuit. 

“You killed my people and think you will be able to escape?!” shouted someone furiously. That person’s voice rolled in the atmosphere, hurting their eardrums.

Lin Feng and the three others landed on the ground knowing that their pursuers had caught up with them. A cloud of dust arose around them as they landed. Lin Feng shouted, “Tang You You, kill that cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer first and then we will kill the others together!” 

“Alright!” said Tang You You nodding. The four of them were ready. 

Lin Feng took a gourd of Hot Unit and downed it to the last drop. His pure Qi seemed like it was boiling, it was flowing in his veins at full speed. While drinking and fighting, Lin Feng’s pure Qi was gradually coming back to normal. The Hot Unit was progressively making the effects of the potions vanish.

“Die!” shouted Tang You You when she saw someone riding a beast attack her by surprise. She transformed into an illusion and attacked that person with her fist. It seemed like a multitude of fists had appeared in the atmosphere.

That cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer was astonished, his pure Qi started whistling in the air but would it suffice against Tang You You’s fist? Of course not, his pure Qi was immediately destroyed and then vanished. Tang You You’s fist crashed onto that person’s chest, making him shake from head to foot. His blood vessels exploded, he groaned as he died with his eyes wide open. 

One attack… The beautiful Tang You You only needed one punch to kill a man of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, even though she was several years younger than him. She was fast as lightning, her punches deadly. With her incredible abilities she only needed one punch… 

Lin Feng admired Tang You You and felt safe with her. He made another step and moved like the wind, he raised his fist around which appeared a terrifying fire. This time, he wasn’t using his strength of the Herukas, he was using his scorching hot pure Qi sun fire. 

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His pure Qi sun fire also contained some killer energy. 

“Third Xuan Qi layer and you think you can fight against me with pure Qi…” said the opponent when he sensed Lin Feng’s pure Qi sun fire. That person also raised his fist towards Lin Feng. Their fists were about to collide.

Very subtly, Lin Feng’s fist changed course from his fist towards the man’s chest.

“Huh?” that person was surprised. Lin Feng didn’t mind receiving his punch just so he could punch him too? 

The man with the sixth Xuan Qi layer was convinced that he wouldn’t get hurt if Lin Feng punched him. He was willing to take Lin Feng’s challenge. There was no suspense about to it. 


“Boom boom!” Two muffled sounds spreads in the air consecutively. The enemy’s fist landed on Lin Feng’s body, but Lin Feng hadn’t died. He was, however, shaking violently. But immediately, a monstrous flame ignited on Lin Feng’s body. It didn’t seem like the opponent’s fist was attacking Lin Feng, it seemed like his fist was drowning in fire. 

“BOOM!” A terrifying fire followed Lin Feng’s arm and suddenly crashed onto that person’s body, he sensed a monstrous pain spread all over. He lowered his head and saw a hole in his chest where a fire had just started. Very quickly, his entire body was covered with flames. 

“Ahhhhh……..” A blood curdling shriek spread in the air and that person died. 

Lin Feng was standing there surrounded by flames. He was becoming stronger and stronger. His entire body was diffusing some fire-red lights, he looked like a fire deity.

“His pure Qi is back to normal.” thought Yun Fei Yang who was behind Lin Feng. A moment before, Lin Feng had gambled actually. He had bet that his pure Qi would get back the strength of the fourth Xuan Qi layer during the attack and it had worked. And yet, it seemed like it was still increasing….

Lin Feng moved and in a flash many bottles of Hot Unit appeared, they were those that Tang You You had just given to him. 

“Kacha kacha!” In a flash, all of them broke and a waterfall of Hot Unit liquor appeared in the air. Lin Feng opened his mouth and started inhaling with his mouth in an insane way. He was sucking in all the alcohol present in the air, he wasn’t wasting a single drop of it. His mouth looked like an endless black hole. 

“Boom boom boom!” When the alcohol landed in his stomach, his blood and pure Qi felt like they were burning. Everything was boiling in his body. 

“Stop him, kill him!” shouted one of the people of the Da Shu Clan when he saw that Lin Feng’s terrifying fire continued growing stronger and stronger. 

“Come!” said Lin Feng while taking a deep breath. Flames kept flickering all over his body. 

“Kill him, kill him, kill him!” All of those people were shouting while throwing themselves at Lin Feng. But at that moment, a monstrous energy spread in the air. 

All those flames turned into a monstrous fire dragon which started moving towards all those people riding their ferocious, wild beasts. Whether it be human beings or ferocious, wild beasts, they would all burn under that fire if it reached them. They couldn’t extinguish that fire, they were immediately turned into ashes. 

“How pleasant!” Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with sharp lights. His entire body was surrounded by a terrifying fire. The sun was shining upon his body and the sunlight was in fusion with him. 

Lin Feng’s Qi was becoming stronger and it felt extremely pleasant.

He had the feeling that his cultivation had been sealed for a while, as if he had been handicapped. At that moment he had entirely recovered, he felt alive again. 

The sun was shining upon his body, warm and comforting. The light he was diffusing were dazzling. 

“Kacha!” A sound spread in the atmosphere as if something had broken. Lin Feng was smiling resplendently. Initially, he couldn’t break through to the next Xuan Qi layer because his pure Qi had been constricted by the effects of the potions he had drunk. Now, his pure Qi had been stimulated a lot, breaking through to the next cultivation layer was absolutely normal.

Lin Feng could feel that this time he had broken through to the next cultivation differently than previous times. He had almost died recently and his pure Qi had been restrained in the mountains. He had then meditated and understood a lot of things. And now he had understood that his fire had changed too. In the past, he couldn’t use his fire to defeat cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, or at least, it wasn’t easy. But now he could kill them with ease using his fire. His cosmos-burning sun skill had changed…. His pure Qi sun fire had changed too…  

Lin Feng was overjoyed because his pure Qi had finally entirely recovered. It was such a wonderful thing. 

Behind him, there was Tang You You, she looked astonished. 
“It’s him!!!!!!!” she said. Tang You You had finally understood that this Lin Feng was the Lin Feng she had met originally! 

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