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PMG Chapter 603: One Sword killer Attack!

PMG Chapter 603: One Sword killer Attack! 

When Tang You You saw Lin Feng’s incredible fire, she knew that it was Lin Feng’s skill because it could attract sunlight. That skill was probably a Tian level skill… 

“It seems like I’m not the only one who underestimated him, his country did the same while he was rising.” thought Tang You You. All the members of the Da Shu Clan were fixedly staring at Lin Feng. How come he was becoming stronger and stronger?

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng loudly. Even though fire was still burning around his body, he didn’t want to keep fighting. He moved back to Xiao Ya and grabbed her. 

Tang You You and Yun Fei Yang were a bit surprised but understood why Lin Feng wanted to leave things that way. Even though they were strong, staying there would still be too dangerous. 

The opponents were only of the sixth and seventh Xuan Qi layer but there were stronger ones to come. Besides, Tang You You had heard a lot about the Da Shu Clan of Mi Cheng. She knew that they had some cultivators of the Tian Qi layer. The cultivators they had just defeated were only the tip of the iceberg… Those people were just vanguards sent to find them, the really strong ones were sure to follow. 

Lin Feng used his pure Qi to rise up in the air, he was surrounded by the light of his pure Qi. Lin Feng was moving very fast even though he was carrying Xiao Ya. Those ferocious, wild beasts couldn’t catch up to him that easily. 

Tang You You was just as fast, actually faster than Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang but she didn’t want to leave without waiting for them so she kept their pace. Even while escaping they weren’t too worried, they appeared to be moving gracefully.

The people of the Da Shu Clan moved back to gather with the other strong cultivators. They didn’t feel like separating their group.

Those from Dragon Mountain had been extremely far from the battle. They caught up to see fireballs and hear several horrible shrieks ensue. After that, the people from the Da Shu Clan moved back. They were probably informing the stronger cultivators of their clan of what had just happened. 

Jun Mo Xi frowned. Lin Feng had killed Miss Da Shu, he hadn’t anticipated that. Besides, now those people were leaving to inform their superiors. Lin Feng was going to be in a great deal of danger.

“Maybe I should help them…” thought Jun Mo Xi. He thought about it some more and then he began running. His body turned into an arrow which streaked through the sky. He looked like a beam of light. 

Three cultivators of the Da Shu Clan looked relieved, they were also riding ferocious, wild beasts. They were about to fly back to their companions when a beam of light appeared in front of them along with terrifying deadly energy.

“Stay here.” said Jun Mo Xi indifferently. He punched towards that person and his fist crashed onto his chest. The opponent shook violently from head to foot, his internal organs and bones had all broken into pieces.

“Boom!” Jun Mo Xi then used that person as a step and jumped on the beast’s back, which roared violently. He then continued moving forwards at full speed.

“How audacious!” thought the other two when they saw that someone else was attacking them. Their facial expressions looked ice-cold and were filled with murder. 

“You two stay here as well.” said Jun Mo Xi, again indifferently. He raised both his hands and released a monstrous pure Qi in a flash. A terrifying Qi of earth and sky suddenly mixed with his pure Qi and attacked the two beasts they were riding. Their entire bodies were ripped apart and their wings cut off.

“Air-Cut Kill!” People from Dragon Mountain were all astonished, that air-cut kill was monstrously powerful. 

“Slash!” As expected, those two air-cut kill attacks immediately lacerated the air, it seemed like the atmosphere had separated the sky from the ground. Those two beasts had no chance to survive. 

“How strong.” thought everybody shivering. Jun Mo Xi was the best cultivator of Dragon Mountain. Of course he was extremely strong. 

According to the rumors, Jun Mo Xi had never used his spirit during battles. He didn’t need to use it because he was too strong. Nobody knew what his spirit was. 

Jun Mo Xi killed those three and then gazed into the distance. He began  flying again towards Lin Feng and the others.

Those from Dragon Mountain started moving as well, their silhouettes were flickering one after the other. There was now a crowd following the action, all of them were wondering what was going to happen this time. Maybe one of the participants of the competition would die before it even began…. 

If someone was watching from overhead, they would see a large line from Lin Feng back to the Dragon Mountain people. There was a succession of cultivators running one after the other. The wind was picking up with all the cultivators’ influence.

The distance Lin Feng and company and ran was vast, but then…

“You can’t escape.”

Behind Lin Feng some people from the Da Shu Clan were shouting They hadn’t been chasing them at full speed because Lin Feng and his friends’ pure Qi couldn’t be infinite. Eventually they could wear them down.

They didn’t have to hurry, they just had to keep an eye on them, that was enough. It had been a long time since someone had dared infuriate the Da Shu Clan in Mi Cheng. But this time, they surprisingly had killed Miss Da Shu…. They really wanted to die. 

“Who said we were escaping??” said Lin Feng while releasing his terrifying fire again. With the wind, his fire became even more intense and dazzling. The sunlight was shining upon his body, it was incredible.

“Crrr… Crrr….” Everybody stopped flying in the sky. It seemed like Tang You You, Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang’s hearts were all interconnected, they stopped at exactly the same time. They also turned around at the same time and confronted those who had been running after them. 

“Tang You You, Yun Fei Yang, we don’t have time so don’t blame for being rude. Tang You You take him. Yun Fei Yang help me protect Xiao Ya.” said Lin Feng surrounded by flames. Tang You You was going to fight against their leader, that’s what Lin Feng was asking. He was monstrously strong, he had broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer. Lin Feng couldn’t defeat him, however, Tang You You had also broken through to the eighth Xuan Qi layer.

The others were composed of one cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer and a bunch of cultivators of the fifth and sixth Xuan Qi layers. 

“No problem.” said Yun Fei Yang. 

Tang You You made a step forwards releasing some terrifying battle energy. The cultivator of the eighth Xuan Qi layer groaned coldly as he moved to challenge her. He was going to fight against Tang You You. 

“You’ve been running after us for a while, it’s now time to end this all!” said Lin Feng coldly. He moved and a roaring sound spread through air, it was his purple spirit. It then turned into a boundless lake and blotted out the sky, swallowing everybody. 

“Nine Palace Dragon Formation!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. In a flash, the purple light invaded the whole region and the illusion imprisoned the beasts and the cultivators on their backs. They were all in different rooms. 

“Let’s crush it together!” said someone in the illusion. A terrifying Qi emerged in the illusion. Lin Feng couldn’t imprison so many strong cultivators in his illusion. 

“Sword!” shouted Lin Feng. A fire-sword appeared in his hand, the flames coming off it were just as resplendent as Lin Feng’s.

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying Qi invaded the entire atmosphere. Those who had just been imprisoned in the illusion rose up in the air. 

“Die!” When they came out of the illusion they saw Lin Feng waiting for them. Their hearts started pounding. Lin Feng’s sword was so dazzling that they couldn’t open their eyes. 

It was a mixture of a deadly sword and a great radiant sword. It was also filled with sword intent! 

When he raised the sword they all died! Those who had been too fast and had thrown themselves at Lin Feng were first! They couldn’t stop such a terrifying sword.

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