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PMG Chapter 604: Willing To Fight!

PMG Chapter 604: Willing To Fight!

“Sword intent, fire intent… They all became much stronger… I wonder what level they are now.” thought Lin Feng when he realized his intent was so powerful. With one sword attack filled with fire and deadly energy, he had been able to kill all those people. Including a cultivator of the seventh Xuan Qi layer.

“Back.” Lin Feng moved his hand and recalled his purple spirit back into his body. Then the formation disappeared and the few people of Da Shu Clan reappeared. 

“You want me to die so I return the favor.” Lin Feng made a step forward and raised his sword towards the sky. The sunshine shone upon it and his body. All around him people could sense that the temperature had increased.

“Oh no…” some people’s facial expressions drastically changed. That sword also contained deadly energy. 


Lin Feng jumped into the middle of their group, the sun was reflecting red off of his sword.

“Die!” someone attacked Lin Feng from behind, his speed was incredible. Lin Feng immediately felt oppressed. Although he was surprised, he made the strength of the Herukas rotate five thousand times in his back. Then a muffled sound spread in the air, that person’s hand crashed onto Lin Feng’s back but Lin Feng was still standing steadily. A black physical strength was flowing in his back. 

He turned around to see the person attacking him had eyes filled with murder, his heart continued pounding. 

“Die!” Lin Feng imbued fire Qu into his left fist and punched that person’s chest. That person’s chest quickly burnt and a black hole appeared. That person was terrified. 

“Go.” Lin Feng shook his hand, and in a flash, that person burnt down to ashes. 

Lin Feng was still holding his fire sword as he turned around., He moved like the wind, raising his sword to the west and created a setting sun sword. It didn’t look as resplendent and hot as a radiant sword but it was as red as blood, it was filled with death. 

Yun Fei Yang was watching Lin Feng, alone with his sword. He was lacerating everything and everyone around him. With each step someone else died. 

All those cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer were getting slaughtered and had no way to block him. Lin Feng knew how to fuse with the earth for a long time already, and now that he could use sword intent, he was indomitable. 

Apart from that power, he also had his terrifying pure Qi fire which was next-to impossible to extinguish. 

“So that’s your real strength…” said Yun Fei Yang in a low voice while watching Lin Feng. That Lin Feng was the same as as he was before. Natural, free, unrestrained, proud, his sword was annihilating everything and everyone. If anyone dared offend him, he would kill them and he nobody would be let off! 

In that cold and cruel world, Lin Feng had to be a real killer.

In this world he learnt and practiced cultivation with a passion, his heart was becoming wider as he became more open-minded. He was understanding the world in which he was living better through each experience. Even though he was becoming a better person, when facing such people he had to be an altruist. He had to be cruel and cold to murder them. 

“Let’s go!” 

Lin Feng was terrifying as he slaughtered cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. He only had the strength of the fifth Xuan Qi layer but he could slaughter those cultivators with ease, one attack sufficed. They couldn’t escape from him and they couldn’t stop him. They didn’t realize they had challenged a death god!… those people were dying one after the other without the hope to escape.

“Go? Go where?” said Lin Feng smiling coldly. They had been chasing him but now they wanted to escape. It was too late. 

Lin Feng made a step and pure Qi whistled in the air. He was quick, the strength of the Herukas and his fire were mixing together. His fist crashed onto the one who had just said he wanted to leave. Like the others, he immediately burnt along with the ferocious wild beast he was riding.

“Stop!!” shouted someone loudly and furiously in the distance. That voice made Lin Feng’s head shake, he looked into the distance and saw a group of people surfing in the air. He froze.

Those people were extremely fast. It was only a second but they were next to him. 

Lin Feng hadn’t been escaping before, he was just trying to find another place to fight and kill all those people. 

Unfortunately, in this short time, he hadn’t killed all of them. One of them was left and the strong cultivators of the Da Shu Clan had already arrived which put Lin Feng in a difficult situation.

“The strong cultivators of my clan are here now. They will definitely kill you.” said the one Lin Feng was about to kill. He was sneering at Lin Feng. He and his companions had come to encircle Lin Feng but all the others had died. Now, he was the last one left.

His silhouette flickered, his ferocious wild beast beat its wings and moved away. 

“Even if I’m going to die, I can promise you that you will die before me!” said Lin Feng raising his sword which he hold with both hands. His sword was pointing to the sky, all around it, the atmosphere completely changed. It was suddenly filled with sword Qi, sword energy and sword intent.

“Die!” both of his hands descended, his sword twinkled and a magnificent bright trail appeared behind his sword.

The one who was trying to run towards his companions raised his head and hopelessness invaded his eyes. The sword descended swiftly and that person died.

Lin Feng had cut that person and his beast into two. 

“Bastard!” shouted someone furiously. A shadow was moving towards Lin Feng at full speed.

“Boom!” That shadow was emitting rumbling sounds, it was annihilating everything in the air on its way to Lin Feng. That person wasn’t far from Lin Feng at all. 

That person wasn’t the only one, many other silhouettes were following. They were all riding ferocious, wild beasts but these guys’ Qi was much stronger than those Lin Feng had just fought against…. 

The weakest people in that group had broken through to the sixth and seventh Xuan Qi layers and there were a few dozen of them. There were a few cultivators of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. As far as the leader of the group was concerned, he had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. He was looking at Lin Feng in a despising way. However young that person was he looked enigmatic and unfathomable. He must have only been about thirty years old. 

The people of the Da Shu Clan really had amazing cultivators. Because Lin Feng had killed Miss Da Shu, they had to kill Lin Feng and his friends.

The leader looked at all the corpses and then stared at Lin Feng, “Very well, it’s been a long time since anyone dared offend the Da Shu Clan. You are brave and audacious.” 

That person’s eyes looked ice-cold. He wasn’t going to let Lin Feng off. 

Lin Feng, Tang You You and Yun Fei Yang were standing together waiting for them to act. How horrible. How were they going to cope with all those strong cultivators?

In the distance several silhouettes were flickering. Jun Mo Xi and some others were rushing over.

When they saw the cultivators in the sky, they were speechless. What a monstrous group of people.

“You three, cripple your own cultivation. I don’t need to attack you myself. Of course, if you don’t cripple your own cultivation I will attack you. I won’t just cripple your cultivation, the result will be much scarier.” said that person. He despised Lin Feng and his friends. He wanted them to cripple their own cultivation and then he would bring them back to the Da Shu Clan as he had been told. 

Lin Feng was holding sword obliquely and he raised his head.

“We will never cripple our cultivation but if you want to fight, let’s fight.” said Lin Feng resolutely. If he had nowhere to go then he could only fight to the death. He hadn’t thought that such a thing would happen to him in Mi Cheng but nothing could be changed. He remained fearless and without regret. If he fought and died during a battle, he didn’t care.

Tang You You looked absolutely emotionless as well but it was clear that she wasn’t going to cripple her own cultivation either. She would never do such a thing.

“You are all pretty good, I see.” said the thirty-year old man while releasing some terrifying Qi which oppressed Lin Feng and his friends.

Some of the people from Dragon Mountain got excited while some others frowned. Jun Mo Xi looked calm and solemn as he walked forwards slowly. Then, he rose up in the air.

“If you want to fight, don’t forget me.” said Jun Mo Xi. 
“And me.” said Jian Chen whose body, rose up in the air like a sword.

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