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PMG Chapter 605: Shen Gong

PMG Chapter 605: Shen Gong

Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You and Jian Chen were running the fastest. They all guessed that he was the real Lin Feng after watching the battle. 

Although the events leading to Lin Feng’s disappearance were very mysterious, he had not died! He snuck his way back into the competition using another alias and some mysterious skill.
There was a group of people from dragon mountain following those three. They were surprised to see Jun Mo Xi, Tang You You and Jian Chen helping Lin Feng against the terrifying Da Shu Clan.

The group from the Da Shu Clan were also surprised they wanted to fight. But, they were more than willing to grant them their deaths.

“Would anyone else like to go against us?” asked the leader of the Da Shu Clan group. He was glancing at the people from Dragon Mountain coldly. 

Qing Meng Xin smiled resplendently and looked at Lin Feng. She found him funny, as well as interesting. She had known that this Lin Feng was the real Lin Feng since Lan Jiao had gone to see Lin Feng that night. 

What she didn’t know was that Lin Feng was so strong. He had broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer and could easily kill cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. 

“Even Jun Mo Xi is going to fight, could anything happen?” said Qing Meng Xin with a resplendent smile on her face. 

“We have come from Dragon Mountain to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. If you kill us who will bear the responsibility?”

“Huh?” The leader of the group of people from the Da Shu Clan frowned and his facial expression slightly changed. They had come from Dragon Mountain to participate to the Great Competition of Xue Yu?

Lin Feng was surprised to see their leader’s change in mood. What would he be responsible for?

Was there someone protecting the participants of the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Someone strong enough to discourage the Da Shu Clan?

“You may be participating at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, but you killed my sister.” said the leader of the group sounding glum. 

“She was rude and aggressive. If I hadn’t killed her she would have killed me. Should I accept such a thing?” said Lin Feng with a cold smile on his face.

“Hehe.” Qing Meng Xin smiled and said, “No matter what, you can sort the problem out after the competition. If you try to before Shen Gong will be furious. If something happens to the participants before the competition, no matter who you are, the Da Shu Clan or anyone else…” 

“Shen Gong?” Lin Feng was surprised along with several others. What or who was Shen Gong??

From Qing Meng Xin’s tone of speech, one could guess that Shen Gong was stronger than the Da Shu Clan. Even they were scared to offend Shen Gong!

When the leader of their group heard her his facial expression drastically changed. He didn’t seem as determined to kill as before. If they were all going to participate at the Great Competition, it meant that they were real heroes. The Da Shu Clan couldn’t afford killing them, otherwise, Shen Gong would be furious. 

“Even if we can’t kill you all, we can kill the one who murdered Miss Da Shu! Nothing will happen.” said a voice in the distance. That person’s voice came from very far away. The leader of the group of people from the Da Shu Clan was speechless.

“Who’s that?” Everybody was glancing right and left but couldn’t see anyone, there was no Qi either. There was a voice but nobody else…

“Distant Communication….” Jun Mo Xi frowned, someone was talking to them from a very far distance, more than fifty kilometers…. It meant that that person had broken through to the Tian Qi layer, it was a strong cultivator of the Da Shu Clan. 

The leader of the group smiled. Finally, he looked at Lin Feng and said, “You’re the one who killed my little sister, right?” 

“Indeed.” replied Lin Feng resolutely.

“I am the one who killed her! Why are you saying that you had?” said Yun Fei Yang at that moment. He just arrived on Jun Mo Xi’s side and handed Xiao Ya over to Jun Mo Xi. On their side, they could be sure that nothing would happen to Jun Mo Xi, especially since Shen Gong was there. They wouldn’t dare attack the strongest person from Dragon Mountain, a cultivator considered as one of the two strongest participants at the competition.

Lin Feng glanced at Yun Fei Yang surprised. Yun Fei Yang had quickly released some monstrous Qi. He was fearless! Even if Yun Fei Yang was in danger, he didn’t hesitate to kill those who threatened him. 

“Let’s say we both killed her.” said Lin Feng while smiling at Yun Fei Yang. Immediately after, they looked at the leader of the group. They didn’t look scared at all. Even though Lin Feng looked sick with his mask, there was a special aura around his face.

“Very good. You two will come back with me to the Da Shu Clan.” said the leader. He then transformed into a beam of light moving towards Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang.

“You will not take anyone from Dragon Mountain with you!” shouted Jun Mo Xi furiously He had turned into an illusion and collided with the leader of the group in the air.

“Boom!” A muffled sound spread in the air. Their fists had collided. Immediately after, the crowd saw two silhouettes flicker over and over again. They were both dashing through the sky. They were so fast that the crowd could barely follow them with their eyes.

So fast… They were so fast… People couldn’t even see them. 

“Boom boom boom!” The atmosphere kept vibrating and their silhouettes constantly looked like beams of light. As they fought, strong winds were forming in the air.

Lin Feng walked to Xiao Ya and grabbed her hand. He then raised his head and watched the two fighters. He felt touched, Jun Mo Xi was fighting for him… 

“Slash slash slash!” A black hand was moving towards Lin Feng. Tang You You jumped and raised her fist, destroying that black hand. 

“Give us those two!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. Tang You You looked solemn. Her clothes were fluttering in the wind and she looked particularly cold.

“No need.” said Qing Meng Xin. She then jumped into the air, she also wanted to protect Lin Feng. She even smiled at him and said, “I’m helping you again, you must remember me!” 

She then added a particularly seductive smile. Tang You You was on Lin Feng’s right and Qing Meng Xin was on his left. One was blazing hot like fire and the other was as cold as ice, but the Qi they started releasing was of the same level. 

A terribly oppressive force emerged in the air and all the cultivators of the Da Shu Clan immediately threw themselves at Lin Feng. They wanted to kidnap Lin Feng and Yun Fei Yang. 

“That’s enough!” said someone at that moment. Everybody stopped surprised. 

The atmosphere became quite apocalyptic and a terrifying Qi rolled in the air from the distance as a face appeared.

“That’s enough. The Da Shu Clan made a mistake first, Miss Da Shu offended people and respected no rules. She chased people from Dragon Mountain to kill them and had instead been killed. You can avenge her but not before the competition. I will not tolerate anything like that. Now all of you go back.” That person was talking darkly. He was giving everybody an order that nobody could argue. 

Jun Mo Xi and the leader of the group stopped fighting. They all understood something, that voice had to do something with Shen Gong. 

The members of the Da Shu Clan were stupefied. Even though they really wanted to kill those people they couldn’t, they didn’t dare say anything superfluous either. They only nodded and said, “We made a mistake, sorry. We’re going to leave immediately.”

The person who spoke turned around and glanced at Jun Mo Xi, “Very early tomorrow morning, go to Duo Tian Mountain Chain for the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” Then, the atmosphere vibrated as everything became normal again. That person left a lasting impression. 

“Early tomorrow morning… Duo Tian… For the Great Competition of Xue Yu.” In the entire region, that person’s voice was resonating. He had said it loud enough for everybody to hear him. The competition was finally going to start.
“What a terrifying soul Qi.” thought Lin Feng while looking at that person. What were the mysteries of Mi Cheng? How come there were so many strong cultivators here…? Besides, what or who was Shen Gong?

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