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PMG Chapter 607: Before The Start

PMG Chapter 607: Before The Start

The seven geniuses had all claimed their mountains. Jun Mo Xi was the only one who hadn’t arrived.

In the air, many silhouettes flickered. These cultivators wanted to go to the top of those mountains but since there were those scary geniuses there already they wouldn’t. They were at first surprised but immediately gave up the idea. Instead, they just sat upon on some stones.

Around the mountain chain, many silhouettes were coming. They were the people from Dragon Mountain. 

They were running in the air and looking at the mountains. 

Those mountains were like huge stone pillars. The gaps between them were like huge precipices. From those mountains one could enjoy magnificent sights. 

However, between those mountains the ground was extremely flat and extremely vast, it looked like a palace with a mysterious Qi. Even though that mountain chain was famous in Mi Cheng, people from Mi Cheng had never gone to the palace between the mountains. It seemed like a mysterious place. Perhaps that Shen Gong, whatever it was, could go there. That Shen Gong was something or someone too mysterious. 

“What a vast mountain chain.” thought Lin Feng. The sight was incredible looking up. It looked like another world. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the eight mountains and the seven people on them. Lin Feng turned to Jun Mo Xi and said, “There’s one mountain for you too.” 

Jun Mo Xi looked at the mountain, shook his head and said, “It’s fine if we go to any mountain.” 

He then jumped onto a normal mountain which looked like a stone pillar. 

Lin Feng smiled, held Xiao Ya’s hand and jumped on the same mountain as Jun Mo Xi. Then Yun Fei Yang, Jian Chen, Tang You You and Qing Meng Xin also followed them. 

People from Tian Feng chose another mountain, since they were in Duo Tian they didn’t need to stay with people from other countries. Even though they were under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain, they liked nobody else. 

As far as they were concerned everyone else were their enemies. They were too inclusive. The other people with them were just going to be a nuisance on their way during the Great Competition of Xue Yu. More people meant more competition, even people from Dragon Mountain were enemies in their eyes. Maybe during the Great Competition of Xue Yu they would even have to kill people from Dragon Mountain. 

There were more and more people in Duo Tian. Even though the Great Competition of Xue Yu was going to start the day after, people were still rushing there because they were impatient. Everyone wanted a good seat.

“There are eighty-one stone-pillar like mountains in total which are in a nine times nine formation. All the mountains will be so filled with people that some will have to go down to observe.” thought the crowd. There would be too many people. In less than one hour, there were already a few thousand there and mountain tops were being invaded. Except for where the mountain tops claimed by the strongest cultivators were. 

Concerning the seven huge mountains, nobody was going to try. There was still a free one too but nobody was stepping on it, who knew what the consequences would be after that?

“No, there will be fights. Because people can’t go down there.” said Jun Mo Xi to the person who had just said that if there wasn’t enough space on mountain tops, people would have to go down. However, they couldn’t go down into that mysterious valley so the only solution would be to fight to get some space.

“Get lost. What makes you think you can be here??” Jun Mo Xi had just finished talking when someone had begun fighting. 

The crowd turned around and saw some people arguing at the top of a mountain. Surprisingly, there were some familiar faces, the Yu Clan from Xue Yue. 

Yu Jian and Yu Qin were there too. 

“We’re here for the same thing right, we want to see great battles! Why couldn’t we watch the Great Competition of Xue Yu together, wouldn’t that be great and comfortable?” said that person while pulling a long face but not losing their temper. 

“Pffff, you came to watch the competition. We came because two people of our Yu clan are going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. Nothing gives you the right to sit with us! Piss off!” said Yu Liu Shui while making a step forwards and releasing a monstrous amount of Qi. 

“They’re going to join the Great Competition of Xue Yu?!” some people were wordless. They looked at the two young people of the Yu Clan. As expected, those two young men were extremely strong. Then, that person and the others who were with him left. 

Yu Liu Shui looked proud of himself. Two of the young men of their clan were going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu. What pride, what an honor, what glory! 

“Yu Jian, Yu Qin, there will be many strong cultivators at the competition so you have to stay together and fight against them together. You will have no problem if you fight that way. During the second round, give all you can and then you will be able to make it to the third round. If you manage to stand on the fighting stage during the third round, that is already amazing. When we go back to Xue Yue, you two will be the next most important people after the prince, Duan Wu Dao.” said Yu Liu Shui to motivate his two young juniors. Yu Jian and Yu Qin nodded. They knew that they weren’t that strong in comparison with other participants but they were two. If they were careful enough nothing would happen to them. They hoped that they would manage to survive the first round. 

“You really think too highly of them. They are a joke.” said Teng Wu Yao in a cold and detached way. He landed on their mountain and mocked them. Wu Qing was with him. 

“Don’t forget that Wu Qing is the third high-official, Yu Jian and Yu Qin only ranked fifth. That’s the end of the ranking of the list.”

“Hmph, since when does the ranking list mean anything? You will see after the competition.” said Yu Liu Shui coldly. 

“If they face Tian Ming they will have no chance.” said someone else which surprised Teng Wu Yao and Yu Liu Shui. They turned around and saw Yue Qing Shan looking extremely aggressive. 

Yue Tian Ming looked at them indifferently and said nodding, “If I face them, they will have no chance at all. They will never be able to win against me.”

“So arrogant.” said Wu Qing while groaning coldly like an animal. 

“Too bad Lin Feng has disappeared, I wanted to fight against him! He had sufficient strength to fight against me, but I’ve never thought highly of you guys. Lin Feng was going places.” said Yue Tian Ming. Lin Feng was surprised. Disappeared? He wasn’t going to disappoint neither Yue Tian Ming nor Yue Qing Shan. 

Back then, Yue Qing Shan had still hoped that Yue Tian Ming would fight against Lin Feng for Duan Xin Ye. 

Yue Tian Ming wasn’t going to participate at the Great Competition of Xue Yu with the hope of becoming famous in Xue Yue… He didn’t care about that. He wanted to become a monstrously strong cultivator in the entire empire, that was his goal. In the future, he would despise Xue Yue. 

Lin Feng was like that too. Besides, Lin Feng had to finish amongst the top nine cultivators of the competition… 

As if Yu Jian had sensed that Lin Feng was looking at them, he turned his head. 

“What are you looking at you weak piece of trash! You’re just extremely lucky to have made it so far and to be able to participate to the competition.” said Yu Jian, his eyes looked like swords. Yue Tian Ming and Wu Qing were humiliating him and he didn’t like it. Good thing Lin Feng was there so he could get angry back at them.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be as lucky.” said Lin Feng with a cold smile on his face.He then stopped looking at Yu Jian. Yu Jian was stupefied, but he released some deadly energy to show him his place… That Lin Feng really wanted to die.

“No need to argue with such people. Now, we need to rest and restore our vitality and energy. In one day, we will need it.” said Yun Fei Yang while smiling indifferently. He then immediately sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. 
“You’re right.” said Lin Feng while nodding. He also sat down cross-legged and entered into a trance. He ignored everything in his surroundings and his blood started flowing like a calm river.

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