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PMG Chapter 609: The Temple

PMG Chapter 609: The Temple 

After everybody jumped into the evil area, Xiao Ya found herself alone on a huge mountain. Now that everybody had left, she felt quite lonely there.

Jun Mo Xi and the others had already left. She was now looking down at the evil area.

In the crowd, there were two people talking. They looked extremely strange and were wearing ancient bronze masks. 

“Po Jun, can you see Lin Feng?” asked one of them who looked extremely strong and robust. A moment before, amongst the hundred and forty-four silhouettes, they hadn’t seen Lin Feng. They couldn’t have been mistaken, they were sure about that. 

However, Lin Feng’s rise in Xue Yue had been majestic. Po Jun and Han Man knew that he had left for Dragon Mountain. They had always paid attention to the news concerning Lin Feng. However, at this moment they couldn’t see Lin Feng. 

“No idea.” said Po Jun while frowning. He felt quite bad. If Lin Feng wasn’t at the Great Competition of Xue Yu, it meant that he had been in an accident or something else had happened to him. 

“With his temperament, he would have never missed the competition.” said Po Jun while looking at Han Man. They both looked extremely anxious.

“What you mean is that….” said Han Man, he didn’t dare think about it. 

“Are you looking for Lin Feng?” said a little and gentle voice at that moment. Han Man and Po Jun turned their heads and looked a little girl. 

“Indeed, do you know him? He’s like our brother.” said Han Man to Xiao Ya hastily.

“Maybe, what does your Lin Feng look like?” asked Xiao Ya. 

“Younger than twenty-years old, handsome, amazing natural abilities. He uses swords and fire, he likes to put on white clothes.” said Han Man hastily.

When Xiao Ya heard him, she smiled. Lin Feng’s faced had changed so they couldn’t recognize him anymore.

“My big brother is inside already, it’s just that you cannot recognize him right now.” said Xiao Ya while giggling.

“Big brother?” Han Man and Po Jun were stupefied looking at her in a strange way. 

“Yes.” nodded Xiao Ya, “My name is Xiao Ya, Lin Feng, the one you’re looking for became my big brother.”

“Why didn’t we see him then?”

“Hush!!!” whispered Xiao Ya in a low voice. “He offended too many people, so he has to hide.” 

“I see.” Han Man and Po Jun glanced at each other and took a deep breath. They were suddenly relieved, nothing had happened to Lin Feng. 

Xiao Ya was a little girl, she couldn’t lie to them about such serious things.

Besides the, everybody was speechless watching the cultivators down in the precipice. Everybody’s heart were palpitating. 

They saw the mysterious Qi down in the precipice dissipate and everything became clear. 

It was a vast area with rivers, mountains, and ancient temples. The hundred and forty-four geniuses in the precipice also appeared in various places. Suddenly, those who were immobile began turning around. 

The observers could clearly understand why the geniuses were acting that way. 

However, there was a wave of light down there and nobody knew what it was.

“Look, it’s my big brother there.” said Xiao Ya while showing Lin Feng to Po Jun and Han Man. There was a silhouette by a river down there. It was Lin Feng looking around. 

Lin Feng was stupefied. From the moment he had entered into the precipice he had sensed that his entire strength and pure Qi were absolutely oppressed, even the strength of the Herukas.

At that moment, Lin Feng only had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer. 

Down in the precipice, there was no exception. Everybody had their strength and pure Qi oppressed. 

Lin Feng raised his head and saw that apart from mountains and rivers, there were stars. He looked at them and realized that there were a hundred and forty-three of them. 

They were a hundred and Forty-four when they entered and Lin Feng could now only see a hundred and forty-three stars, it clearly meant that the star which was missing was himself.

“Huh?” At that moment, Lin Feng was speechless, a star disappeared! A star had disappeared without reason and Lin Feng had clearly seen it. 

“Again….!!!” thought Lin Feng. At that moment, there were only a hundred and forty-one starlights left. 

“Nobody killed them…. Those starlights didn’t collide with anything else…” Lin Feng thought that they couldn’t have gotten killed. They had only just arrived in the precipice. They couldn’t have gotten killed in less than one second, it would have been too quick. 

“Splash, splash, splash….” The splashing sounds of water were resonating in the atmosphere. Lin Feng frowned and looked at the river next to him. 

“Boom!” Water was splashing in a terrifying way, there were gigantic waves on the water that were moving towards him. 

Lin Feng was caught off-guard, he immediately jumped backwards. Even though his strength was restricted, he still had acute perceptions. 

“Boom boom!” A trunk was immediately destroyed by something. Lin Feng stopped and stared at the silhouette coming towards him. 

It was a ferocious wild beast… It looked like a fake flood dragon with fish scales all over its body. It looked really hideous. 

“In the evil area, apart from cultivators, there are ferocious wild beasts as well…” Thought Lin Feng while looking at it. He immediately turned around and left. Lin Feng could see that a star was getting near him too but he didn’t feel like fighting against other people so soon. 

His silhouette flickered and he appeared in another place. He looked around at the illusion and the stars. 

At that moment, not far from Lin Feng, a star suddenly disappeared without any reason. 

“Did a beast do that?” Lin Feng frowned and walked towards the place where the star had just disappeared. He wanted to find out why people were disappearing suddenly. 

Lin Feng arrived next to that place and was absolutely astonished.

There was an ancient temple in front of him, it seemed half-real, yet half-fake. Its doors were firmly closed. On the temple, written in huge letters: TEMPLE. 

“Temple?” Lin Feng was a bit surprised to see that such a place could be called a temple. 

A moment before, those people had disappeared because they had just entered a temple. 

Lin Feng assumed that there was something inside. It seemed like a sword, it was extremely strange. 

“What is that place?” thought Lin Feng. He decided to wait outside and wait for someone to come out. 

After a short time, the door of the temple opened itself and someone came out. Lin Feng was surprised, that person was Yu Jian. 

At the moment when they entered the evil area they had lost their comrades. Therefore, Yu Jian wasn’t with Yu Qin anymore. They couldn’t find each other. 

Yu Jian was also speechless when he saw Lin Feng, but he immediately narrowed his eyes and smiled coldly. 

“What a coincidence.” Yu Jian slowly walked towards Lin Feng. In his hand he had a sword and he was smiling in an ice-cold way. 

Lin Feng frowned but didn’t retreat. He was just looking at him and standing. 

In the evil area, everybody had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer, without any exception. 

“You piece of trash! You should have died earlier, now I’ll take care of you!” Yu Jian made a step forwards and released his deadly energies.That sword looked particularly sharp. Lin Feng’s heart started pounding. 
“It’s a sword skill!!!” Lin Feng was astonished. He finally had an idea of what was in that temple. There were skills and techniques!

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