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PMG Chapter 610: How To Use The Seeds

PMG Chapter 610: How To Use The Seeds

“What a fast sword!” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng trampled his feet on the ground and moved backwards.

“Slash!” The cold light of the sword moved in the air and a starlight appeared in front of Lin Feng. His sword then moved obliquely in the air towards Lin Feng and had reached him. 

His top was lacerated, the move had been too subtle and quick. Then Lin Feng saw blood appear on his chest where his clothes had been torn apart.

“As expected, the strength of my corporeal body is also constricted. His corporeal body also only has the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer.” guessed Lin Feng. That evil area was really terrifying. Its only rule was to constrict everybody. 

The only strength which existed in there was the one provided by the evil area.

“You still want to try me?” said Yu Jian while smiling. His sword appeared again, twinkled and started shaking uninterruptedly. Yu Jian seemed like he was very far from Lin Feng but had in a flash appeared near him. 

Lin Feng was fixedly staring at him. He wanted to understand the angle at which the sword was coming to him. 

“Hmph.” Yu Jian moved his sword and in a flash, it was about to reach him. 

Yu Jian and Lin Feng had the same level at that moment, they were both of the first Xuan Qi layer. The problem was that Yu Jian had a skill and Lin Fen didn’t. 

Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling and kept staring at the sword. He condensed a tiny amount of pure Qi into his hand. He then slapped that sword aside and then stretched his right hand, condensed pure Qi again and grabbed the sword. He held it firmly.

Blood started flowing in Lin Feng’s hand and Yu Jian’s sword kept shaking violently. Lin Feng’s facial muscles kept twisting and he was shouting violently.

“Get lost!” He moved his right hand back. In a flash, the sword moved as well as Yu Jian’s body. He looked like he was going to fall. 

Lin Feng didn’t knit his eyebrows at all, instead, he took advantage of the fact that Yu Jian looked like he was going to fall down and immediately attacked him.

“Get lost!” Lin Feng then immediately punched him violently and blood splashed out of Yu Jian’s mouth. His punch had even managed to project him backwards. However, Yu Jian’s fighting abilities weren’t affected. 

Lin Feng didn’t wait for him to strike back though, he immediately moved in the direction of the temple. By the time Yu Jian understood what was going on the door of the temple was closing itself and Lin Feng was already inside. 

Yu Jian looked glum while fixedly staring at the temple. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to escape from him. Yu Jian obviously knew that if he just had a wonderful opportunity to kill Lin Feng.

Outside of the evil area, the people of the Yu Clan were looking at that move in an ice-cold way. He hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng. Xiao Ya, Han Man and Po Jun however, felt extremely relieved. Under such circumstances where their strength was constricted, courage, insight and willpower were the most important factor. And it seemed that when it came to those qualities, Lin Feng was much stronger than Yu Jian. 

In the temple, Lin Feng’s pure Qi was flowing and his hand was slowly healing. He was carefully observing his surroundings. 

In front of Lin Feng, in the air there was a sword in suspension. There were several swords and there were stars twinkling on those swords. They looked like the seeds Xue Wu Chang had sealed between their eyebrows, they were exactly the same. 

“Those small swords hide something… Probably some sword skills…” thought Lin Feng. Yu Jian had gone in without anything and had come back out with a sword skill. It was probably the first sword that he had obtained. There were six other small swords, the first sword Lin Feng could see had one starlight twinkling on it while the last one had seven starlights twinkling on it, that confirmed Lin Feng’s theory. 

“Come down.” Xue Wu Chang had said that those seeds would give everyone a great opportunity. Relying on those seeds they would be able to choose skills which would provide them with unconceivable advantages. They just had to remain brave and courageous and the effects of the seeds would be incredible, they would be astonished.

Xue Wu Chang’s words were resonating in Lin Feng’s head which surprised him. Those seeds could provide them with unimaginable advantages. 

“Could it be that the seeds and the swords have to be of the same level in order to get them…?” thought Lin Feng. He had many different thoughts. Indeed, it had to be that way. Xue Wu Chang had given everybody one seed before entering the evil area, there were one hundred and forty-four seeds, possibly, those cultivators had to kill other geniuses to obtain seeds and obtain better skills and magical powers.

“So you have to kill other people to get the best things… What an evil rule.” thought Lin Feng whose pupils shrank. He had to kill people to steal seeds to obtain better skills. Everybody would try to hunt him to obtain his seed. (editor’s note: no pun intended :O 

Lin Feng could guess that he was in one temple of many, maybe the others would have more techniques. Seeds could actually drive these geniuses insane, they would be ready to do anything to get seeds.

“What a cruel game.” thought Lin Feng whose eyes were twinkling. No wonder that Yu Jian’s deadly energies were so thick, he wanted to kill people to obtain seeds and then obtain better skills. Lin Feng needed to learn a skill very quickly and then steal seeds from other people as quickly as possible as well. 

“Even though I can obtain treasures by using seeds, it’s only the first seed right now. And it is an unavoidable step, otherwise I will never be able to go and kill other people. On the contrary, they will chase me down with their new skills.” thought Lin Feng without hesitation. In a flash, the seed he had between his eyebrows twinkled as well as the starlight of the first sword.

Between Lin Feng’s seed and the sword then appeared a bridge. In his brain also appeared a sword, it was appeared slowly. It seemed to be coming from far away and abruptly it appeared in front of him and then penetrated into his brain. Lin Feng’s forehead was there covered with cold sweat.

“What a powerful sword…” thought Lin Feng surprised. It was similar to the sword that Yu Jian had just used. As expected, he had taken the first sword. However, Yu Jian hadn’t understood the fundamental essence of that sword. He couldn’t control it that well. 

“With one seed, I could get only that sword.” whispered Lin Feng but that sword was already very good. 

A green sword slowly descended in front of Lin Feng, he stretched his head and put it in his back. Then he sat down cross-legged and visualized that sword.

He had already used the seed to get the sword, he could go out if he wanted just like Yu Jian had done. But instead he preferred staying inside and learning first. If Yu Jian managed to properly understand the sword, he would be able to kill Lin Feng very easily. The best thing Lin Feng could do was to stay in the temple in the temple and understand the sword. 

Sharpening the sword wouldn’t interfere with the cutting of firewood. He needed to practice the skill before using it. Meanwhile, others outside could become much stronger while he took his time. 

That sword kept revolving in Lin Feng’s brain, his understanding of that sword skill was becoming deeper and deeper, as if it had been carved into Lin Feng’s brain. 

After a long time, Lin Feng opened his eyes and between his eyebrows, the sword was brighter than before. 

Lin Feng abruptly stood up and stretched one finger which was as sharp as a sword. It seemed extremely slow but it actually crashed onto a wall of the temple in a flash and a hole appeared.

“One day…. surprisingly, it took me one day to learn that skill. No wonder that Yu Jian hadn’t managed to understand it all that well.” whispered Lin Feng. Suddenly, a light beam spread in the temple. Lin Feng turned around and discovered that the door of the temple was open. He was stupefied.

As expected, the door had just opened itself, one could practice cultivation in the temple for only one day, otherwise people could have hidden in it indefinitely. 

One day was the limit!

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