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PMG Chapter 614: Killing Together!

PMG Chapter 614: Killing Together!

Tang You You remained silently staring at Lin Feng, he was asking her to help him. He was asking her to give up a part of her freedom. She would certainly miss out on some seeds if they worked together. 

“Why would I help you when I could instead take your seeds from you?” asked Tang You You surprised. Her cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng’s. If she could obtain some great skills, wouldn’t she be stronger than him?

“We are two different people, one of us must compromise. If it’s not you then it’s me, but in any case one of us must compromise otherwise we won’t progress. At this time I need strength more than you do. It is only because of this that you think that I am selfish which might be true to some extent. But if you help me I can give you two pure healing pills. I think that you would be happy to have them.” said Lin Feng looking determined. His cultivation level was indeed very low, if he missed the opportunities of the evil area he would be too weak to combat the other geniuses. In the evil area, some already had six or seven starlight seeds. They were probably the eight most outstanding geniuses.

Besides, the number of people who had only three or four seeds was reducing quickly. Lin Feng was convinced that those people were going to be killed by the others. 

Lin Feng had to become stronger otherwise everybody would rush to kill him. 

“Pure healing pills!” Tang You You was surprised. Lin Feng also had such treasures… Pure healing pills enabled cultivators to entirely refill their pure Qi reserves. That kind of pill was extremely useful, especially during the competition. If there was a cultivation difference between two cultivators, a pure healing pill could make the difference.

After remaining silent for a short while, Tang You You said, “Alright, what do you want me to do exactly?” 

When Lin Feng heard Tang You You, he smiled resplendently. Tang You You was accepting his request!

Lin Feng took out two pills and gave them to Tang You You, she looked pleasantly surprised.

“Are you not afraid that I’ll betray you now that you gave me these?”

“You just saved my life. Those two pills are nothing compared to what you have done for me, just see it as a sign of my gratitude. Even if you take them and leave me I will not blame you.” said Lin Feng with a warm smile on his face. Tang You You’s beautiful eyes were twinkling as she immediately put the pills away. 

Lin Feng was funny and interesting. 

“There are two people at the top of some dunes, one of them has three seeds and the other only has one. We should kill the one with three seeds first.” said Lin Feng. Tang You You nodded and they started walking through some dunes. 

In the evil area, even though everyone only had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer, they could still control pure Qi use it to fly through the sky. However, not many people dared to because they didn’t want to waste pure Qi, it was too dangerous. 

Lin Feng started running quickly at full speed. Somebody could sense that Lin Feng was coming towards him and he raised his head. He obviously didn’t want to fight because he had started running away. 

Lin Feng suddenly jumped closed in the space between that person. They all had the strength of the first Xuan Qi layer so chasing other cultivators wasn’t easy at all. Therefore, it was easier to escape. And in case it was impossible, you could always hide in temples and waste some time.

Lin Feng looked extremely resolute, he jumped forwards. His pure Qi emitted whistling sounds as he rose up in the air like an arrow.

He was flying in the air above a dune which seemed to increase his speed. Chasing people while flying was much easier! He then noticed a gray silhouette not far from him.

“Someone from Tiang Feng…” When Lin Feng saw that person, he smiled devilishly, that person was the one of the seven envoys! 

That person rose his head and saw Lin Feng, he was surprised. Not only had he found Lin Feng but Lin Feng had five starlight seeds already. 

“Didn’t you want to kill me in the first place? Why are you escaping now?” said Lin Feng before landing on the ground. He was looking at him in a cruel way. He despised him. 

That person shook his fist and it turned golden. It was particularly dazzling and his Qi was quite strong. 

Then he threw himself at Lin Feng, leading with his fist. That fist contained some Buddha Qi, unfortunately, it didn’t seem to be compatible with that person’s evil Qi. It was very strange. 

A cold light twinkled, Lin Feng unsheathed his sword and immediately attacked that person’s fist. His golden Buddha fist seemed extremely solid and indestructible.

“Clang!!!!” A metallic sound spread in the air. Lin Feng jumped backwards and smiled.

“You are so weak…” That person had just exchanged his three seeds for a skill, a golden Shakyamuni fist skill. Even though he hadn’t practiced it for a long time, he was already able to make his fist turn into a real golden Shakyamuni fist which meant that almost nothing could destroy him. Therefore, he had stopped chasing people. His sole purpose was to protect himself, that’s why he was hiding in the middle of some dunes. He had first killed two people, then he had acquired this skill and thought it was enough. 

He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was paying attention to him, and even less that he would waste his pure Qi to chase him and run in the air.

“You really are a coward. I used only one seed and you tried to run away from me. People from Tian Feng are all weaklings and cowards, you chicken. You have no guts at all. Just like the envoys I killed in Xue Yue, you are also a mere piece of trash.” said Lin Feng indifferently. That person was astonished, Lin Feng had killed some of the envoys in the past?

“You are… Lin Feng?!”

“Indeed I am. On that night, you sent so many people to kill me but I killed all of them and I am still alive.” said Lin Feng mockingly. The other looked furious. Surprisingly, this Lin Feng was the real one. They had all been fooled by his appearance. 

“You didn’t die then but now I will kill you!” said the envoy while jumping forwards. His two hands turned golden, they were dazzling while looking extremely solid. 

Lin Feng’s sword looked like a poisonous dragon incessantly attacking that person’s fist, but it was useless. His sword couldn’t cut through those fists. 

“No wonder you were just hiding here, that skill is only enough to protect yourself.” said Lin Feng. 

The envoy had just joined his hands and could protect himself. When he was blocking Lin Feng’s sword he had managed to grab it and hold onto it firmly. Lin Feng smiled coldly and tried to move his sword back. Before that man realized, Lin Feng had managed to pull his sword back and put it in front of the envoy’s throat.

“Golden Shakyamuni Body!” shouted that person whose facial expression drastically changed. His entire body was dazzling. He transformed into a golden statue, that skill looked particularly inappropriate and inharmonious on such a person. 


However, at that moment, the envoy was caught off guard. He turned his head and saw a beautiful silhouette run towards him. Immediately after, her fists broke through the golden statue. 

“Crrrr….” His entire body was breaking. Lin Feng’s sword then pierced through his throat. He was shaking violently, he looked astonished as he collapsed. 

“Die.” Lin Feng shook his sword in that person’s throat and in a flash, three starlight seeds appeared between Lin Feng’s eyebrows. Now Lin Feng had eight starlight seeds and could use seven of them. 

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng while smiling at Tang You You but she didn’t look so reassured. She pointed at a place down the hill and said, “Don’t talk too fast.” 

Lin Feng turned his head and immediately looked down the dune. There were many stars twinkling down there. Those people had been staring at them. At that moment, Lin Feng’s eight stars obviously attracted everybody. 
“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng when he saw that many people were running towards them. Tang You You started running with him at full speed.

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